Between Meals Podcast. Episode 51: How to Deal with Your Stress + Get Anxiety Proof

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No. 51 | How to Deal with Your Stress + Get Anxiety Proof with Michelle Shapiro

In this episode I am joined by my friend Michelle Shapiro and we are digging into dealing with stress and getting anxiety proof. In this episode we dig into navigating this stressful time, how to allow yourself the grace and space to feel your feelings but not totally crippled from anxiety and fear. We discuss both perceived and physiological stressors, Michelle shares tips for kicking anxiety’s ass and so much more.

Covered in this episode:

  • why rapid weight loss and extreme dieting can lead to anxiety
  • how to recognize the whispers from your body before they become screams
  • the stress bucket
  • identifying threats to your safety
  • recognizing when healthful choices become the breaking point
  • tips for getting started with managing stress and anxiety
  • knowledge isn’t power, intuition is power
  • how to make meditation to work for you
  • balancing effort with ease plus inviting and allowing vs. controlling
  • navigating food and body fear or anxiety along with emotional eating
  • and so much more.


About Michelle Shapiro

Michelle Shapiro is an Integrative/ Functional Registered Dietitian in NYC specializing in body-neutral weight changes, and the holistic healing of stomach issues and anxiety. It is her joy and passion to serve her clients in living fulfilling lives in all aspects.

Any condition that Michelle works with is something that she has proudly battled herself. After a weight loss of 90 pounds as a teen, Michelle thought all of her problems would be solved!  But what came as a result from rapid weight loss and disordered eating was chronic illness and a LOT of body judgment. And even more than that, she had crippling panic attacks which deprived her of so much of her joy. It took years of research, growth and self work for her to proudly say she is in a healthy, anxiety free- body that she now loves.

She works to bring the lessons she learned, both academically and personally to all of her clients. And more than that, she aims to provide a safe space to share for each and every one of them. Her goal is to “hear” each person who feels like they haven’t been heard before. Listening is her real passion. It is now her life’s mission to prevent her clients from making the same mistakes she did. She works to give her clients tangible tools to reverse anxiety and digestive issues while still ditching restriction and negative thoughts about food and their bodies and finally learn to eat more authentically and intentionally.

She works with clients one on one in her private practice both in person and virtually, as well as in her 8 week online program, “Anxiety Proof.

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