Between Meals Podcast. Episode 21: Should I Eat More Fat? Am I Eating Enough Protein?

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Should I Eat More Fat? Am I Eating Enough Protein?

Let’s do some troubleshooting!!! This latest episode of the Between Meals Podcast we are answering some of the questions I hear most often with my clients – especially when they find they aren’t getting the results they are after with their nutrition. With our culture being so extreme, often misconception is, if too many carbs isn’t great and lowering my carb intake is better – I should probably have no carbs ever OR fat is good for me, more fat is helpful for getting into deeper ketosis, so if I am not getting the results I want I should just eat even more fat!! DONE. It doesn’t exactly work like that. These are both  over simplifications that really won’t help people who stall in reaching the goals that first set for themselves and honestly, may even cause more problems down the line.

Yes, we have talked about fat alone doesn’t make you fat. The fear of fat is total bullshit and all of the amazing thing that fat can do for us, but we also cannot deny the fact that it is still TOTALLY possible to over-consume it. Additionally, the extreme removal and fear of carbs, can lead to an avoidance of important nutrient-dense, fiber rich vegetables that I think should be include in your diet.

As well, there seems to be some confusion and misconception surrounding protein. There is an unsubstantiated fear surrounding gluconeogenesis that often manifests as an underconsumption of protein, which can have deleterious affects of it’s own.

Topics Covered and Questions Answered in Episode 21:

  • Can you have TOO much fat?
  • If fat helps to create ketone bodies and ketones are good, can’t we just eat more fat to get higher ketones and get into a deeper state of ketosis?
  • If you over eat protein does it get turned into glucose?
  • The benefits of protein
  • How to calculate the right amount of protein
  • Do you need to weigh your meat?
  • What are macronutrients and what are micronutrients?
  • How does energy production actually work? Is it calories only or is there more too it?
  • Which macros does the body prefer in ATP production?
  • How protein can be self regulating and why overconsumption isn’t a concern
  • Other areas to investigate if you hit a wall, are stalling or not hitting the heath goals you had for yourself
  • Are you overreacting or experiencing cravings because you are under-eating fat or protein, having too many carbs or are they related to something else altogether?




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  1. Haley says:

    As always, I’d like to tell you, your last podcast was amazing. Could you talk about any diet plan you would recommend to gain fatless weight?

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