Between Meals Podcast. Episode 08: How to Find Your Happy Weight + Unlock Your Body Confidence

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“When we focus on a number on the scale, we are never going to find happiness and we are never going to find balance in our life”

In episode 08 of the Between Meals Podcast, I am joined by my friend and co-host Daniele Della Valle as we talk about how to find your happy weight and unlock your confidence.

In this episode learn how to show up for yourself and do the hard work, discover how to deconstruct toxic environments and relationships and most of all, learn how to be open to rebuilding, as needed, to live the life you were destined to live!!! 

As we unpack this topic and dive into exploring what this has meant for both of us personally and in working with clients, I am not going to pretend that this is an easy shift or something that you just flip a switch on and suddenly boom, congrats girl, you are confident, proud and accepting of every bit of your body. This is an ongoing journey and hot damn spoiler alert –– it isn’t linear – there are ups and downs, there are set backs and there are tough lessons. It’s not about the end game or reaching some goal where you never struggle again, but rather it’s about honoring the work and the lessons we learn along the way.

But like so many things in life, this is also your reminder that this is a practice. It’s a practice that requires work, it requires you to show up and sometimes it requires you to dig deep into the shadowy parts of yourself that you may not be quite ready to face just yet – but like the work you put into your health, this too has incredible rewards!

Stay tuned to the end of the podcast, where I am sharing a beautiful practice that has been so powerful for me, to support you in your self love and body confidence journey and to remind you that you are perfect, exactly the way that you are, RIGHT NOW!


Between Meals Podcast. Episode 08: How to Find Your Happy Weight + Unlock Your Body Confidence

In This Episode of Between Meals Podcast, We Talk About:

  • dealing with hurtful negative comments
  • are you really in a relationship with your food?
  • the problem with “cheat days”, treats, indulgences, foods that are “good” and “bad”
  • the danger in our culture’s perpetuation of “you aren’t good enough – you need to change”
  • exercise as a tool to feel good, not to obsessively fix “a problem”
  • unpacking the narrative of “You Aren’t Enough”
  • learning to love your body and find your happy weight
  • where do you get started when you feel there are a million things in front of you
  • trusting in and honoring your individual journey
  • navigating change when not everyone is on board
  • resistance and leaving toxic relationships – cling to those who are supportive and believe in who you are trying to become
  • the importance of community
  • what is your WHY? What are you trying to achieve?
  • what can you do about self sabotage?
  • unpacking the narrative and the external expectations of what “should” be
  • society’s construct ideals of unattainable goals, “nirvana” “bliss” “perfection” and how it benefits from us constantly seeking to want to be “better”
  • loving your body, without shame and apologies
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • mission over metrics
  • first steps as you start your journey of finding your happy weight
  • managing the expectations of others and setting boundaries
  • SAY YES!



As always, we finish the show with a fun game of Would You Rather? and please be sure to stick around for the wrap-up portion where I share a beautiful practice to support you in your body confidence journey. I invite you to incorporate this super powerful, intentional exercise as part of your daily self-care routine. It’s an amazing opportunity to give yourself the space to shut out the noise of the world and to really listen to what your inner voice is saying.

Remember: you are perfect, exactly the way that you are. RIGHT NOW!


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