Between Meals Podcast. Episode 12: The Business of Blogging and Beyond

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The Business of Blogging and Beyond

While we tend to bounce around a bit on Between Meals, from nutrition and wellness, to mindset and business – it’s all truly just a reflection of my own journey and what I have learned along the way, obviously, but it’s also a curated reflection of the topics I am asked most about by all of you. I love that I have this platform to reach all of you, in a unique way so I can share my story and the stories of the many amazing people I am blessed to have in my life.

In todays episode I am joined by my very very good friend Alison and we are sharing our perspectives on the business of blogging and beyond.

First up, I wanna remind you, if you are looking to learn more about getting started in the world of blogging, online content creation or building a social media precsence, please check out the Business Mastermind Bites Podcast Series from early 2018 they are bites episodes 1, 2 and 3. These three episodes will cover a lot of your questions.

While Alison and I check in nearly daily, we are using this episode to follow up with Alison after she was my guest on episode 02 of the Business Mastermind Series,  and we check in with some of the big changes she has made since we last spoke with her, including leaving her full-time career to focus on her nutrition business and wellness recipe focused website,

Alison and I also share a lot about our own experiences over the years with blogging and the businesses we have built through blogging and we are sharing more about our upcoming Mastermind workshop in Portland OR, at the NTA Conference.


> If you are unable to attend this year’s NTA conference, we invite you to sign up to be added to our waitlist for the online version of this Business Focused Program, which will be releasing later this year. By signing up, you will be notified FIRST when registration has opened for the course. We cannot wait to make this available to more of you. <<



READ MORE about the NTA Conference Business Workshop in Portland, OR February, 28, 2019 and you can also read more of the details about our workshop. Remember, you don’t have to be an NTP, NTC alumni or student to attend and you don’t have to be attending the conference to join us. When you are ready to purchase conference or workshop tickets, if you use this link, I will get credit / a slight affiliate payout, for your purchase. (thanks in advance)


In this Episode :


  • leaving your long-standing full time gig to pursue your nutrition and wellness-focused career and how to know when it’s time
  • the importance of owning your personal story and knowing how it shapes your brand story
  • being clear in who “your person” is so you can have clarity in how to create content
  • when you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one
  • how you build an authentic virtual community
  • when and how to use analytics and when to let it go
  • honing in on your authentic power and the unique solutions you offer
  • the benefits of leaning on mentors and community
  • how to know when to ask for help
  • using your online platforms to your advantage

Be sure to peruse the article archives and grab delicious real food recipes and more over at


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