Between Meals Podcast // Bites Episode 06: How Do You Make Time for It?

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Between Meals // Bites Episode 06 is the second in a three-part series where we are chatting all about Motivation, Priorities and Small Steps.  Based on your feedback and requests on these topics, we pulled together this series that I am so excited to share with you all.

In the first episode we talked specifically about motivation, what exactly that means and some ideas on how to critically investigate what you are doing that IS working and what you are doing that IS NOT working, so you can have some clarity in the process of getting to whatever it is that you seek for yourself and have an understanding of what exactly is acting as a barrier.

In this second part, I am excited to be sharing a tool that I recently implemented into my own life for prioritizing the things that I want to accomplish and felt I never had time for. Plus, we talk about getting systems in place for finding the time to develop new habits that will become as effortless as the ones that are just part of every day life. No negotiations or motivations needed. Again, I think it’s important to remember when we look to create habits and focus on the small steps of forward momentum, it really becomes so much less about a reliance on motivation and it isn’t about looking for the magical super powers needed to reach huge, unrealistic goals. Ultimately you have the freedom to worry less that you are ON or OFF track and it simply becomes about living the life you’ve cultivated for yourself by prioritizing what is most important to you RIGHT NOW.

Stay tuned for next weeks final episode in this three-part series, where we will talk all about small steps and getting started!

Ultimately, I have to say that think the idea of willpower, self control and relying on motivations are kinda B.S., because to me when we rely on these as the means to get to where we want to go, it seems as if you are placing all hope in the idea that these strike right when you need them to and ultimately you aren’t taking responsibility for the process or for creating systems that will make the life you want to be living sustainable, effortless and simply just that, living. Not on track, not on the wagon, not on a diet. 

I think just like your health, we really need to get to the root cause of what is stopping you from developing the new habits in the first place, as those are the true catalysts of making lasting change. In my opinion, also like your health, when it comes to your behaviors you need to be approaching things on a foundational level, rather than symptomatically. You just need to get systems in place that work for YOU, rather than beating yourself up for not reaching a goal or reverting to old habits because of a lack of future plans, when you finally do hit a goal. Because it then leaves it to either you did it or you didn’t, “you win” or “you lose”. Black and white. Right or wrong. When you don’t meet the goal, what is almost never acknowledged is that the problem actually isn’t you, the problem is the process (or the lack there of).

Some of what we investigate in this episode was actually quite hard for me to wrap my brain around as I began to implement them, myself. As a true Rebel (see Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies), at least when it comes to my work, I always hated the idea of systems, habits and time blocking – the idea of it all always felt restricting and like I would lose my freedom to go with the flow in the process, but I have come to realize that in developing the habits and the systems, I finally have clarity in what I am doing. By creating daily habits and systems it has opened up my life and given me more freedoms than I ever knew, because I know what I am doing and I know when I have the space to just exist without flailing and feeling like I should be doing more. When I looked at my health journey and how I prioritize my wellness and vibrancy, those systems and those habits are exactly what has allowed me to be so successful, so it’s no different.





Stay tuned for next weeks final episode in the series, all about small steps and getting started!

Don’t forget, be sure to listed to the first part in this series How Do You Stay Motivated? and head back to the archives, for more conversations similar to this, like Episode 02 we talk about finding our WHY, Bites Episode 04 we talk about Shoulding All over Yourself and even within the bites business mastermind series we have plenty of discussions surrounding perfectionism and comparison that pertains to this conversation, too.



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