Between Meals Podcast. Episode 05: Keto Confusion, Myths & Dropping the Dogma

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When it comes to keto, I hear the same questions time and time again from so many of you, from my clients and family members, as well I am constantly observing a general overabundance of rumors and myths. The keto confusion is SO REAL! Keto is a super trendy nutritional approach right now, with very good reason, and while I find there is lots of misinformation and misconceptions, I truly believe the benefits and potential, for so many, is getting lost in the dogma, the rules, the unimportant details and straight-up myths.

Between Meals Podcast. Episode 05: Keto Confusion, Myths & Dropping the Dogma

In episode 5 of the Between Meals Podcast, I am joined by Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit and we take on the most common keto rumors, we answer a few questions from my readers, we chat about the keto misconceptions we encounter most often, Leanne shares her thoughts on carb-ups, plus how to know when to do it and so much more!



  • Download Keep it Simple Keto, my brand new FREE 7 Day Quick Start Guide to Keto.
  • fat loss isn’t the only purpose of the keto diet
  • keto isn’t ALWAYS about changing our bodies
  • health isn’t a static definition or a destination
  • we discuss common keto myths like: don’t have to eat fat to burn fat, protein kicks you out of ketosis, a calorie is a calorie, etc.
  • do you need to follow specific macros or static percentages?
  • when tracking ketones is helpful and why it may actually be working against you.
  • do you have to eat dairy?
  • carb ups – how to know when it might be a good idea and some suggestions on how to approach it – timing and not fearing, using to your benefit
  • the potential risks with getting lost in the rules
  • practical tips for making keto work for YOU and learning how to customize your approach for your goals


And of course, as always, we finish the interview portion of the show with a fun game of Would You Rather?





Be sure to stick around for the wrap up portion of the show where we talk briefly about: 

  • intermittent fasting
  • keto for those struggling with imbalanced hormones deficiencies, PCOS, Hashimoto’s Disease and more
  • + we give you some tips on how to answer ‘is this food keto?’


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