Between Meals Podcast. Episode 24: Healing with Food and Eating What You Love with Danielle Walker

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No. 24 | Healing with Food and Eating What You Love with Danielle Walker

In episode 24 of the Between Meals Podcast Beth is joined by Danielle Walker of popular website Danielle is also the beloved author of three New York Timesbest-selling cookbooks Against All Grain, Meals Made Simple and Celebrations, as well as the recently released Eat What You Love. She is a self-trained cook whose innovative and accessible grain-free recipes appeal to a range of appetites. Her recipes are not only healthy and delicious but also can be credited with saving her life after she received a diagnosis of a serious autoimmune disease.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and suffering for many years, Danielle healed herself through dietary changes. With her honest and open nature, Danielle has become a prominent voice in the grain-free and real foods community and she is a true testament to how food can nourish and heal our bodies.

Danielle shares her story of healing with food while also discovering ways to still enjoy the foods that she loves.

In this episode:

  • Danielle shares how she first discovered the paleo diet and where her mindset was and what she had tried prior to this, when she decided to implement this approach.
  • Danielle shares her tips for getting started on a healing protocol or dietary intervention when you have autoimmune disease and she shares the tough-love advice she wish someone would have shared with her, early on.
  • Why “cheat days” with healing interventions may not work
  • We talk about shifting your perspective and what to do when you feel like “I can’t have THIS food anymore” or “It’s not fair I have to eat this way”. Getting out of the poor me trap.
  • Finding new ways to enjoy the classic foods you grew up with, to still celebrate and not feel left out or deprived.
  • Our thoughts on emotional eating and how it sometimes gets a bad rep.
  • Tips for finding a sustainable, long-term lifestyle vs. forever feeling restricted or locked into a diet.

You can find Danielle Walker at

or follow her on Instagram @DanielleWalker


Check out Danielle’s Best Selling Books:

Against All Grain

Meals Made Simple


and her brand new book: Eat What You Love










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