Between Meals Podcast. Episode 23: Blip Days. Bouncing Back When You “Fall Off Track”.

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No. 23 | Blip Days. Bouncing Back When You Fall “Off Track”.


In today’s shorter format BITES episode we are chatting all about getting up when you fall down, what to do when you have an “off day” and you feel yourself slipping into a downward spiral.

I am sharing some of my favorite tips and tools for how to handle the “misses” and how we can reframe our old narratives and the dangerously ineffective dialogue around this idea that we are either “on-track” or “off-track”.



2) Misses are just that – MISSES.

3) How not to attach significance or judgment to a choice, a day, a meal or a miss.



I also share some incredible research to support my deep belief that mindset matters, with two studies that prove our body hears what our mind says and that we are always the one driver’s seat when it comes to our choices and how we respond, react and “bounce back”.


And finally, I offer two simple questions you can ask yourself, right after a miss or an off choice or in the moment when you are faced with a choice that has previously been known to send you “off the rails”.


I really hope you enjoy this shorter format episode.


Referenced in this episode:

Episode 09 of the Between Meals Podcast with James Clear – How to Make Tiny Changes

James Clear’s book Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Study: Learning one’s genetic risk changes physiology independent of actual genetic risk

Study: Mind-set matters: exercise and the placebo effect









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