Between Meals Podcast. Episode 01: Making Intros, Telling Stories.

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Between Meals Podcast. Episode 01: Making Intros, Telling Stories.

Well, I have talked about it for sometime and we finally made it happen! We have a podcast. Welcome to the Between Meals Podcast.

Click the player below to listen to the very first episode of Between Meals, right here on the website, you can also easily download it to your device. (no app needed)

The Between Meals Podcast:

Food and nutrition, this is JUST ONE piece of a much larger puzzle. Movement, stress, sleep, emotions, spirit, community, play – these are just as crucial to our wellness and vitality. And should too, be investigated as both potential causes and as cures. What happens between meals is equally as important to our health.

We are complex machines. Our system is a delicate symphony of so many beautiful, moving parts. We owe it to ourselves to care for all of them, equally, so I am really excited to have a space where we can get more in-depth, chat with guests and experts and dig deeper into all facets of wellness, the mindset work, the points where we get stuck, the wins and the losses.


Episode 01 Show Notes:

On the pilot episode of Between Meals, meet me, Beth, and dive straight into my healing journey, my health history and a few of the most major turning points along the way on my path toward wellness. We kick it all off an embarrassing story, that has never before been told publicly, setting the tone for what was years of health struggles and consequently making major moves towards self-love and prioritizing self-care.

Join us as we will continue to dive into all the juicy stuff that affects our well being, the stuff that happens Between Meals (and of course, we’ll be talking about the meals, too)!

After a few episodes the Between Meals podcast will be updated to it’s own feed on iTunes, Spotify and all those other podcastin’ places, so you’ll be able to subscribe and review. Stay tuned for that.

Please feel free to comment below and let me know what resonated for you in this episode or if you have any questions or topics you’d like covered in future episodes. I would love to hear from you!


Big Thanks:

To my producer, Mark Brickey (AKA my hubby)! As full time host/producer of the Adventures in Design Podcast, I am beyond fortunate to have him assisting me on this project and I am super honored and excited for Between Meals to be the first independent show on the AID Network. You’ll often hear Mark in the wrap up portion of the show and I am excited to have his voice representing those that may not be deeply rooted in the world of health and wellness and of course, to have his podcasting expertise overseeing the final edits that grace your ear holes!





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