Sacred Self Care Guide for September 2018

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Rising River Wisdom SchoolSacred Self Care Guide for August 2018 from Rising River Wisdom School

In all the worlds’ mythology and culture, there have been wisdom keepers, those who looked to the natural and the hidden worlds as a guide for life on earth. Within these seekers are stargazers, who ascribe meaning to the “stars” and their movements through the solar system.

 Though Earth’s Moon is no star, it reflects the brightest light we can see in the night sky. Its phases are a part of human consciousness, and its movements affect systems on earth and sea. When we align our activities to the Moon’s cycles we find a greater connection to both our bodies and intuitive wisdom. Read on for some self care wisdom inspired by the new moon. 

Rising River Wisdom School is an immersive program for those looking to step into their own power and carry wisdom for themselves and the world around them. Below you will find some Sacred Self Care insight for September from Rising River Wisdom School’s incredible teachers – we’ve got you covered for setting intentions with the upcoming new moon, to seeking insight from animal guides to plant medicine, plus lots of guidance for mindfully navigating the world with your vibrant well-being in focus.

Sacred Self Care Guide for September 2018

New Moon in Virgo Sunday 9.9.18 11:01 am PDT- By Michelle Prentiss

“Invention of the Future”
Happy New Moon!

We are in Virgo season, a time to sort through our experiences, review, discriminate and improve ourselves. This New Moon compels us to organize, to ground ourselves in the details, to create lists and to form our next plan. This energy is very helpful and positive for laying some foundations to both envision and create the future you. The cosmic weather includes transiting Jupiter expanding Pluto’s power for transforming lives, Mercury in Virgo and Mars and Saturn now direct further fueling the urgent need for rebirths personally and collectively.

However, Before we all jump into getting busy with our external self improvement, Neptune opposing the Moon asks us to integrate the amorphous and add in time to balance duties and tasks with rest, meditation and prayer.

As many have experienced already, true wellness lies in the wholeness of balancing our active and receptive selves, which is really a dance between stillness and movement, inspiration and application. We can only fly when we mix desire, belief AND magical pixie dust!

This wishing Moon, take the time to sketch your desires, and take steps to improvement, but do remember that the extra magical ingredient in manifestation is imagination, that special spark that comes from our connection to the mystery of life and truly is the invention of all our future.

Sacred Self Care Guide for September 2018

New Moon in Virgo Plant Spirit Advice by Jacqueline Zajdman

The energy of summer is beginning to wind down. The call for going back to school, organization, and picking ourselves up after a season chock full of eclipses and retrogrades. It all feels very Virgo to manage our time wisely, problem-solve, goal set, and meticulously look at the task at hand. Summer was a time for dreaming, and with Virgo ruled by Mercury, our communication planet, it’s time to put those dreams into action, very methodically.

As a big picture person myself, the details can feel a bit daunting. However, I LOVE creating and putting the puzzle pieces together. Each fragment is a beautiful shard of information, knowledge, advice and direction, slowly leading you to the bigger path; the whole puzzle. This focus and coordinating of thought processes, both in the conscious and unconscious mind, can be extremely inspiring with this illuminated new moon. Virgo energy can be a perfectionist, but why not embrace every piece that is coming together to make up a grander concept for yourself.

Don’t let the linear fatigue of checklists and moving forward overwhelm you through this transit! Virgo energy is still very sensitive and emotional. The movement out of our slow, dream like state back into “ordinary reality” is crucial and brings awareness to our breath; to breathe deeply and slow down. For this, I call onto the guidance of our sacred MULLEIN plant to open up the throat, bronchioles, and lubricate our windpipe. Rolling Mullein in an herbal smoke as a base or letting it sit as an infusion over night, creates a demulcent to lubricate our throats, dilate the bronchioles, and open up the lungs. This plant is highly effective for those with a summer cold, asthmatics and lung issues. The soft fluffy leaves of the mullein plant have little hairs, which speak to the lungs in plant identification. Make sure you use a sieve when serving your infusion to keep these out of your teacup. If smoking mullein in a blend, feel into every inhalation and puff. Our plant ally reminds us to breathe it all in, slow down, take it one step at a time. Open yourself up to this new calibration and drink up!


Sacred Self Care Guide for September 2018

New Moon in Virgo Animal Guide by Brook Albrigo

“Baby, you’re changing!”

Last month you hopefully embraced the Moth guide by turning inward to find your light house and guidance, avoiding false and inauthentic forms of light that keep you dazed and confused. This Moon cycle we get another winged creature that symbolizes transformation (as if you haven’t had enough of that this year!), the Dragonfly.

The Dragonfly starts out on the water and as they grow and evolve – they move to the air to fly in rather impressive flight patterns. They also change colors as they mature. These guys are basically pros at change and adaptability. They even make it look magical!

When I first connected to Dragonfly in meditation, I could feel the humming of his long kaleidoscope wings buzzing in my ears. It felt like my whole head was vibrating! That was when I heard it – “Baby, you’re changing!” in the most joyous voice. Our vibrations are rising and we are shaking off what keeps us dense on so many levels.

Going between water and air forces us to find balance between our emotions and our minds.

Where are you at in your evolution? Are you giving yourself space to really change? Dragonfly can show us how to navigate these questions by staying light on our feet and being emotionally flexible. While Moth forced us to sit in the dark – Dragonfly beckons us to emerge into the light and show off what we can really do with the growth that has been cultivated over the past month. Stay open to the unfoldment of your path as it expands before your very eyes, shifting and morphing into different colors and shapes, taking new twists and turns. Nothing is permanent. Let the Dragonfly show you that transformation isn’t always heavy and difficult- it can also be bright and inspire colorful new visions and projects.

We will be in this Dragonfly energy for a one-month cycle until the next New Moon in October. If you would like to connect with Dragonfly on a more personal level, feel free to do a meditation inviting it in and ask what specific medicine it brings you at this time. You can also keep an image or get outside and pay attention to how they move and act.

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