Sacred Self Care Guide for August 2018

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Rising River Wisdom SchoolSacred Self Care Guide for August 2018 from Rising River Wisdom School

In all the worlds’ mythology and culture, there have been wisdom keepers, those who looked to the natural and the hidden worlds as a guide for life on earth. Within these seekers are stargazers, who ascribe meaning to the “stars” and their movements through the solar system.

 Though Earth’s Moon is no star, it reflects the brightest light we can see in the night sky. Its phases are a part of human consciousness, and its movements affect systems on earth and sea. When we align our activities to the Moon’s cycles we find a greater connection to both our bodies and intuitive wisdom. Read on for some self care wisdom inspired by the new moon. 

Rising River Wisdom School is an immersive program for those looking to step into their own power and carry wisdom for themselves and the world around them. Below you will find some Sacred Self Care insight for August from Rising River Wisdom School’s incredible teachers – we’ve got you covered for setting intentions with the upcoming new moon, to seeking insight from animal guides, plant medicine to oracle readings, plus lots of guidance for mindfully navigating the world with your vibrant well-being in focus.

Sacred Self Care Guide for August 2018

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo August 11th 2018 2:57am PDT- By Michelle Prentiss

“ Eclipse of The Heart”

Recently I had a vivid dream that I was dreaming- and I was speaking aloud in the dream about all the planetary retrogrades- and how they are a necessary part of the magical mix of expanded self-awareness, which can be accessed now, at the portal that is the Solar Eclipse in Leo. 

We have had a very bumpy ride energetically this eclipse season and though, there is one more Eclipse left in the Leo/Aquarius cycle (in January 2019), this Saturday is very much a culmination of the themes started last year. 

The Leo/ Aquarius polarity has given us much of their shadow recently. We have seen mis-use of power, arrogance and rampant egoism as well as alienation in groups and communities, chaos, fear and lack of empathy. Experiencing these themes in our lives personally and collectively has given us pause, asking us to heal ourselves and our world by illuminating that which needs to be brought into balance and integrated with love.

This Leo New Moon is conjunct Retrograde Mercury asking us to re-consider the connections we have made recently – Is there a way to review our thoughts or beliefs about themes in our lives? Can we bring heart into Judgment?  Can we see how our thoughts and communication can hurt both others and ourselves?

Can we give ourselves the love and acceptance we need?  

Jupiter squaring the lunation compels us by stating, “ Expand your Awareness and find your TRUTH” 

Asteroid Pallas Athena is also conjunct this New Moon. Considered to have rulership over feminine wisdom, strategy, the ability to perceive over-arching patterns and creative intelligence, her energy bridges the Leo/ Aquarius polarity with a wholistic view and observes the parts of it that do not fit. 

This New Moon there is a tremendous sense of us all on an energetic, internal plateau, which exists in a space between the past and future – as issues/memories/ situations rise up from our personal and collective unconscious and need to be processed.  As you experience this, The KEY to healing/integrating is first bringing your awareness to the present moment and holding space for your heart’s intelligence combined with a wholistic view and flexible mindset. If we don’t see that which we DO NOT want in our lives, we won’t know how/ where to eliminate it from our structures.

The Solar Eclipse is partial and functions a bit like a re-boot on a computer. As we see, through the friction of opposition that we which we do and do not want in our lives, we can have the opportunity for a new start which becomes much more integrated and compassionate, inclusive rather than exclusive, creative and loving – embodying the most evolved aspects of our Leo Archetype.

Here is a Ritual to do this Saturday from

Purpose:  This simple healing ritual is for people who are blocked by fear, loneliness, grief and pain, and who have low self-worth and self-love.  The ritual gradually peels away layers of trapped and negative vibration, and allows a flood of healing light to rebalance and cleanse this chakra.  The treatment is gentle, and can be used over time to allow deeper and deeper levels of trauma to be easily released.  It can also be used for linear (this lifetime) and past life issues clouding your present direction and happiness.

Tools:  An unused white candle, a rose quartz and an amethyst crystal, some carrier oil (such as sweet almond oil) in china or glass bowl, and a few drops of bergamot oil.

Method:  Leave yourself at least half an hour, and some quiet time afterwards for integration.  Place your candle and the bowl of oil with the two crystals on either side.  Quiet yourself, then light the candle and say the following,  “I release all fear.  I release all pain.  I am Joy.  I am Love.  I now embrace my Sacred Self.”  Sit quietly in front of the candle and close your eyes.  Visualize white Light surrounding your body and streaming into your heart. Feel the presence of Higher Energy, God, Guides or Angels around you.  You may also want to offer up a Prayer for healing at this time.

When you are ready, take the oil, and rub it into the skin around your heart chakra in a circular anti-clockwise motion.  As you do this, breathe slowly and calmly and recite the following “I invite Love into my Heart.  I invite Love into my Life.  I am worthy and deserving of this Love.  Love is my nature.”  Say this as many times as feels right for you.  Feel your heart chakra gently softening, opening, and releasing the trapped energy.  Visualize Golden Light pouring into your Heart.  When you are finished, say a simple prayer of Thanks.  Sit or lie quietly and allow your body to become accustomed to its new, clearer vibration.

Sacred Self Care Guide for August 2018

New Moon in Leo – Plant Spirit Medicine with Jacqueline Zajdman 

As we enter the portal of our final eclipse, the energy feels like a wide-open space where time stands still. “Something” action oriented is just around the bend, so why not take the time to dream, wish and review your hopes and desires while we are swimming in this Vortex!

The new moon in Leo is all about the heart. With the help of our plant spirit allies, we can work on igniting the energetic space that lines us up with our true North Star. Where do you truly see yourself? What have you been wanting to create? You are the master of your own destiny- anything is possible.

When I desire to channel deeply and drop into my deeper wants and needs, I look to ceremonial medicine like KAVA. This beautiful root has been celebrated traditionally by the South Pacific islands and Polynesian culture to commemorate milestones and connect with spirit. Kava was used to deepen social contact through gatherings of chiefs and nobles, as well as preparation for long journeys and invoking awareness into communion with ancestors. The root would be chewed or ground up and mixed with water to release its medicine. In Hawaii, all religious and spiritual ceremonies involve drinking kava. The rituals are held to seek favor from the Gods, from farming to marriages. 

As an antispasmodic and anti anxiety plant, drinking in this nervine has been used spiritually to ease the physical body while experiencing mental clarity and reaching enlightened conclusions. Kava root can be infused in cold water for a few hours and blended with your favorite milk and honey, warm or cold.  If a powder version is more accessible, you can use that too. Don’t worry if you feel a slight numbing tingle on the tongue. Let every sip of its pearlescent milky medicine relax your body and melt away the future worry of the unknown.

Sacred Self Care Guide for August 2018

New Moon Animal Guide By Brook Albrigo

I hope you were all able to embrace our Dove guide last month. I know I found myself calling on her many times during deeply intense moments, I was joking with a group of healers how I never get nervous when I see the intimidating animals like Badger and Vulture – it’s the sweet and cute animals that worry me! Sometimes I feel the Universe is like “Here’s this really soft and comforting animal to get you through this next cycle of craziness!” ha-ha. Well, here we are! Last eclipse of the summer, more retrogrades than I can wrap my head around and my source of wisdom is to always to turn to the animals. 

When I meditated on this next monthly cycle I was shown dozens of Moth’s fluttering around an outdoor light bulb. Frantic and fighting their way to it – only to bounce back confused and disorientated.

As I have brought up before, the actions I see the animals performing are always of great importance to the message, but first let’s talk about the Moth. The Moth is like the butterflies shadow, a nighttime butterfly cloaked in fur and displaying mysterious and often skeletal patterns on its wings and body. Like the butterfly, Moth’s go through the same metamorphosis so anytime one comes around I know it signifies huge transformation- a death and rebirth phase. You may find yourself going through huge changes this month! Changes on a level so deep you can’t really describe it. While these changes occur, avoid over complicating things. See where you can simplify, it will make for a smoother transition and keep you from getting too overwhelmed.

The moth is a nocturnal creature, representing that which is hidden or veiled. It is also “photo tactic” which means they automatically move towards light and use the Moon to navigate. Now from an Astrological view, we know the moon represents our inner world, hidden emotions, dreams and desires.

Keeping all of this information in mind, lets get back to what the Moths were doing in my vision. When we feel lost in the dark, our first instinct is to flock to light. Our inner compass almost aches for it and sometimes instead of finding that guiding moonlight; we settle for that artificial porch light and frantically throw ourselves at it causing confusion and disorientation. We have all heard the term “like a moth to a flame”! Where are you searching for your guiding light? Is it outside of yourself? Is it authentic? The Moon is our mirror and if she is the guiding light- the lighthouse, which you seek, is YOU. It is within you. Allow the Moth guide to show you how it has been hidden or veiled and how you can you use your sensitivities to lead you to the real thing instead of getting caught in a flame or artificial light source. And be ok with being in the dark on your quest, for without it- how will you see that moonlight?

We will be in this Moth energy for a one-month cycle until the next New Moon in September. If you would like to connect with Moth on a more personal level, feel free to do a meditation inviting it in and ask what specific medicine it brings you at this time. You can also keep an image or get outside and pay attention to how they move and act.

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