Between Meals Podcast. Episode 02: Eyes on the Whys.

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Between Meals Podcast. Episode 02: Eyes on the Whys.

Between Meals Podcast Episode 02 Show Notes: 

When it comes to health, I am often hit with loaded questions like: “How Can I Be Healthy?”, “Where Do I Start?” or “How Should I Eat?”

Nutrition and the world of health and wellness can be wildly overwhelming and contradicting. There are so many paths, directions and goals. My answers to these questions will probably surprise you.

In episode two of Between Meals we spend time getting back to basics, we talk about where to start and most importantly the mindset work that I believe is required before you ever even start with changing habits and implementing new approaches to your health.

For now Episode 02 of Between Meals is available here on Soundcloud, you can stream or download. The Between Meals podcast will be on iTunes, Spotify and other podcast feeds and players VERY soon. 

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I would love to hear from you. What is your why? What do you struggle most with in getting started? Do you have any tips that worked for you as you began your health journey?


You can listen to Episode One of Between Meals here.


{Cover photo by Natasha of The Feisty Kitchen}

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