Apple Pie Smoothie – Gluten-free, Vegan + Refined Sugar-free

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Apple Pie Smoothie - Gluten-free, Vegan + Refined Sugar-free

I honestly think I love fresh local apples this time of year just as much as pumpkins and I feel like they don’t get nearly the same amount of love! We finally got out this weekend apple picking at Blackman Homestead farm in Lockport. I didn’t realize it until it was too late that most all of the local farms that normally offer u-pick options started the u-pick earlier this year due to the unseasonably warm winter we had that started the trees blossoming early. That plus some late spring frosts and lots of rain and an extremely hot and dry summer – crops all across the region were definitely affected in lots of different ways. Thankfully most apple farms were affected by all of this only by having early harvests, otherwise no worse for the ware. (Most local apple farms may not have u-pick options, but almost all of them do have their apple harvest already picked and ready for purchase, so please make sure to continue to support your local farms whenever possible)

Apple picking

We were lucky that as of Friday at Blackman Homestead the Crispins were ready for picking so we were able to make the trip out on Saturday morning, grab some bags and pick some of the beautiful brightly hued apples! Most of the apples that were left were at the way tops of the trees, but we didn’t mind, we climbed up the ladders and grabbed as many as we could. It was the perfect crisp cool fall weather and the sun was even out for most of our time there. I didn’t want to bombard this post with photos so look for more pics from our trip in this week’s upcoming Friday Photo Fun Day post.

Apple picking

Apple picking

I plan to make lots of fun baked goods and also some fun savory dishes,Β with the Crispin apples we picked so look for more apple recipes in the coming weeks!Β I of course also grabbed a bag of my very favorite apple there is, the honey crisp. I seriously am in love with honey crisps, they are so amazing just on their own, sliced up. YUM!

Apple picking

While we were at the farm, I of course grabbed a gallon of their delicious fresh pressed cider. Made from their apples and with no other junk added, it is so delicious. I love apple cider just on it’s own, but I also really love it hot and spiced (and sometimes spiked), it is great in baked goods and now, smoothies! This smoothie is so simple to throw together and it is like fall in liquid form. The comforting apple pie aromas from the spices and the crisp apple cider, plus a little bit of creaminess from the almond milk, it was perfect!

Apple Pie Smoothie - Gluten-free, Vegan + Refined Sugar-free

[print_this]Apple Pie Smoothie – Gluten-free + Vegan
makes 2 small servings or 1 large serving

  • 1 frozen organic banana
  • 1 cup unsweetened organic almond milk (I use homemade)
  • 1 cup unsweetened local apple cider* (look for good quality made with just apples, no sugar or preservatives added)
  • 2 or 3 Medjool Dates (or use your own sweetener of choice such as maple syrup, stevia, honey,coconut sugar, etc.)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • dash of ground ginger
  • dash of ground cloves
  • 1 small handful of ice

Add all of the ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth and creamy, add as much ice as you would like. Top with a light sprinkle of ground cinnamon and serve.

NOTE: If you don’t have apple cider, a high quality apple juice will also work


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19 Responses

  1. Alissa N says:

    This looks amazing!! I just got a bunch of cider from the local farm too, this is a perfect use for it!!! Love the pics of apple picking!!

    • tastyyummies says:

      Thanks Alissa! I hope you enjoy this if you make it, we’ve been obsessed with it over here! Thanks for the love on the photos πŸ™‚

  2. I love hot & spiced cider, too! I currently live in a place where we’re surrounded by apple trees & farms. I went walking through some apple orchards last week–ahh, the sight & smell was amazing. I love apple picking season.

    • tastyyummies says:

      I am with you Janae, there is nothing better than apple picking season. Makes me so so happy. Your walk sounds like it was so amazing. πŸ™‚

  3. Mary Anne says:

    Super cute photos! You guys are too adorable. This smoothie looks amazing, I cannot wait to try it!

  4. Cara says:

    Have to agree on the honey crisp! There is a farm stand right by my gym selling local apples of all varieties and you better believe that was my first stop after my lift today. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted an apple so good πŸ™‚

  5. This sounds amazing!!! Love that you categorize your recipes by season, I am such a seasonal eater, very light in summer, more heavy and savory in the winter!!!

    • tastyyummies says:

      Thanks so much Lindsay, I totally believe that we need to eat by the seasons. Our bodies crave the very specific things that are growing, for a reason. πŸ™‚

  6. The recipe seems great and I just going to try it now itself. I’m really interested in making new dishes and eating as well.

  7. Sounds great..I love apples so, I”ll definitely try this recipe.

  8. These days I am seriously looking for a sugar free stuff, because I want to surprise my aunt with a good liquid. She is a diabetic patient so need to be aware about the sugar matter. Apple Pie Smoothie sounds pretty ideal. So hoping stick with it tonight.

  9. Kristin says:

    Super love! Looks great! I found your post via Meg @ Beard & Bonnet. β™‘
    Have a great day,

  10. Hilary says:

    I had to modify this recipe since has too much sugar for me – so I left out the banana, dates, and apple cider. Instead, I added a whole apple… and protein powder, chia, and ground flax seeds… and it was VERY yummy!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Rebecca says:

    OMG. STAHP. This looks TOO good. Just pinned this recipe- I can’t wait to try it!

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