Tasty Yummies’ Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

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Thank you so so much everyone for participating in the Tasty Yummies 2-year Blogiversary Giveaway and thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all of your lovely comments!! Random.org gave me the random #11 for the winner. Congrats to our winner Alex – who will be getting the Tasty Yummies / Hero Design happiness care package of goodies!!  Thanks again everyone!




Today is the two year blogiversary of Tasty Yummies and I can hardly believe it. When I started this blog two years ago, I never thought it could turn into what it has become today. I started writing two years ago just after I lost 30lbs by changing the way I was eating. So many people were asking me what I was eating, how I had time to cook, etc. – so I thought I would start writing up my recipes to share them with people who were interested. I honestly didn’t think anyone would read all of this, let alone be cooking using my recipes or be inspired to change the way they themselves are eating. It still blows my mind every day when I log in here to read the comments and look at the stats. In the last year the amount of people that visit Tasty Yummies seems to go up every week and I am so incredibly humbled by this.

In the last two years so many aspects of my life have changed, but one of the many things that will never change for me is my love for creating in the kitchen and all of the delicious, healthy and clean foods that you can cook and bake, when you just get into the kitchen and start playing. I have so much gratitude for all of the wonderful people, like you, that come to this site, click around, comment and even print out my recipes and try them, you continually inspire me to create more. Just last week I received an email from someone who recently found out she can no longer have gluten, she felt lost and confused and didn’t even know where to begin with her new lifestyle. She wrote me to tell me that she had found my web site and had already tried a few of my recipes and she was instantly put at ease and excited for her new journey. The overwhelming sense of pride that consumes me reading those types of emails and comments give me the energy to make cookies at 10:00 at night or spend an entire weekend trying to figure out a waffle recipe that I know can be done. It makes me happy to know that even if just one of my recipes on here allows someone to see how easy cooking and eating gluten-free and clean can be, then it is all worth it to me.

Tasty Yummies was always meant to be a hobby for me, something I did in between all of the other aspects of my life. Many of you already know this, but my husband and I own our own business, Hero Design Studio, where we specialize in custom design and illustration as well as hand silkscreen printed goods and wares. We are so fortunate to not only do what we love, but to do it with each other. Since we closed our boutique of nearly 5-years ago, just over a year ago and moved our studio home to really be able to focus on our work, I have had even more freedom to create in the kitchen, since it now means just a short walk downstairs. Being that all aspects of my life are more intertwined than ever, I am obviously influenced in many ways from all of my loves. Whether it be design, cooking, yoga, etc – they have all come together in a way, that allows every single day to be a happy one!

In honor of Tasty Yummies’ two year blogiversary – I wanna share my happiness with you guys. I am giving away a little Tasty Yummies / Hero Design Studio package of goodies. These are just a few things where my love of cooking and creating in the kitchen and the happiness it gives me, has crept in and met up with my love of design, illustration and printmaking! I am giving away all of the items you see below. All are designed and hand silkscreen printed by myself and my husband, Mark.

And thank you again, from the bottom of my heart to all of you that take time out of your very busy lives to read this blog, to try my recipes, to comment, to share my site with others, etc. It truly means the world to me. Namaste.

Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

8×10 2-color Hand Printed Silkscreen Kitchen Measurement Conversion Print (available in Vintage Blue, Lemon Yellow, Retro Red and Green Apple) 

Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

8×10 2-color Kitchen Tools Art Print

Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

 16 x 20 5-color Hand Printed Silkscreen Poster – “Make Every Day A Happy Day”

Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

Kitchen Measurement Conversion Apron (kitchen conversions are printed upside down so you can read them when you are wearing it)


The winner will receive: 1 – 8 x 10 Kitchen Measurement Conversion Print (in the color of your choice),  1 – 8 x 10 Kitchen Tools Print, 1 – 16 x 20 Make Every Day A Happy Day Art Print and 1 – Kitchen Measurement Conversion Apron. This package is valued at over $75.

How to enter:

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165 Responses

  1. laura says:

    good food makes me happy. i can’t believe tasty yummies is 2 already. whoo-hoo.

  2. Janet S says:

    Reading blogs that I love and cooking for my family make me happy! Happy 2 years TY, congrats.

  3. Janet S says:

    I follow you on Facebook

  4. Janet S says:

    I follow you on Pinterest

  5. Janet S says:

    I follow you on Twitter

  6. Janet S says:

    I get your RSS emails already, too 🙂

  7. Ohmygoodness! What a huge milestone 😀 My 2nd blogiversary is coming up soon, so we must have started around the same time!

    I was just looking at your Hero Design website for the first time last week, and actually saw that “Make Every Day a Happy Day” poster. It is so cute!

    What makes me happy: peanut butter. Pure and simple.

  8. I’m subscribed to your rss!

  9. fb like you 😀

  10. follow you on pinterest 😀

  11. Tweeted @SugarFreeAlex 😀

  12. Nidia says:

    So many things contribute to my happiness. Waking up to my three beautiful dogs – seeing their never ending love towards me, their joy for naps, walks, and treats fills my heart with joy. My mothers tender face, and knowing that she’s my number one supporter, gives me instant happiness. Our talks and our overall bond makes me a happier person. My love for health makes me happy. I encourage everyone to find a happy balance, we are all different and have different needs, but no matter the variety if we aspire to be healthy overall we experience so much more happiness. So you see my list could go on forever!!! Also, I cannot forget FOOD makes me happy…extremely happy!!! I love food and I have the bet relationship with it 🙂

  13. Nidia says:

    I am already subscribed by email 🙂 for tasty yummies

  14. Nidia says:

    I follow you on twitter already 🙂

  15. Nidia says:

    Just tweeted you as well, twitter name @liz0023

  16. Nidia says:

    I am now following you on Pinterest

  17. Nidia says:

    And last, I have already liked your page on Facebook! Yay! 🙂

    P.S. congratulations Beth!! I love to eat clean and good for you food, but I’m no master behind the kitchen! Thanks to you I’ve learned so many creative ways to whip up food & have others enjoy as well. You make me look good!! Thank you for continuing to inspire! xoxo!!

  18. Ashley says:

    Congrats! I just started seriously blogging recently. I’m wondering what will happen in two years…

    What makes me happy?
    Good food. Time with my husband. SUN! Watching stats rise on my blog 😉

  19. Ashley says:

    Subscribed via e-mail!

  20. Ashley says:


  21. Ashley says:


  22. JulieH says:

    Playing with my nieces and nephew and going to baseball games makes me happy!!!

  23. JulieH says:

    I “liked” you on Facebook months ago 🙂

  24. Sonja says:

    My horse makes me happy 🙂 And making delicious food with family and friends!

  25. Sonja says:

    I liked your page on FB 🙂

  26. Sonja says:

    Aaand followed you on Pintrest 🙂

  27. When my husband is demanding I stop making gluten-free nachos for the fifteenth time, we end this argument by finding a recipe we both love at Tasty Yummies. Thanks for saving my marriage, Beth! 😉 Congratulations, you’re truly inspiring.

  28. Sara says:

    Tasty Yummies makes me happy! no seriously, every recipe I try is awesome.

  29. Portia says:

    Congratulations on your 2 years, your hard work has been enjoyed by many during that time!
    What makes me happier than anything in the world are when my children come running up to me and give me great big hugs. It melts my heart!

  30. Portia says:

    Your “Make Everyday a Happy Day” is wonderful! I always ask my children, “What did you do fun today?” It’s important to look at the good things in life and enjoy them:-)

  31. lou says:

    sleeping kitties make me happy.

  32. lou says:

    followed you in pinterest!

  33. lou says:

    subscribed to tasty yummies!

  34. lou says:

    liked on facebook!

  35. margo says:

    Congrats on the 2yr anniversary. I stumble onto to you while looking for a raaw food recipe. Am I glad I did! I’m mostly raw bc of the gluten issue. You’re recipes are wonderful & easy. I shared it some other gluten-freeers. I was mainly sharing the dessert section bc its so hard to take a gf dessert out without it being expensive. Yours make it easy & less expensive. Thanks for your time..

  36. Andie d says:

    Sunny days make me happy

  37. Andie d says:

    I follow you on fb!

  38. Andie d says:

    I subscribe via google reader

  39. Andie d says:

    I follow You on pinterest

  40. Christina says:

    It brings me such joy to cook for others and entertain! I’ll admit my cooking skills could use some work …but your blog hel

    • Christina says:

      …but your blog has helped me!! Thank you for your delicious recipes and tips along the way.

      Nurishing my body, staying fit, and enjoying the outdoors also make be happy!!!

      And finally …my new little 3 month old has brought me a happiness I never knew existed!
      He makes me smile everyday, even at 3 in the morning.

  41. Lesley says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I love trying out your recipes. I made your pistachio cherry dark chocolate bark to bring to a dinner recently and it was a huge hit! That makes me HAPPY! Thanks! 🙂

  42. There are a lot of things that make me happy, but cooking something from scratch with my own two hands for someone I love is right up there at the top of my list. Knowing that it’s made from healthy, wholesome, whole ingredients? Bliss.

  43. I have subscribed to the Tasty Yummies RSS feed via email 🙂

  44. I liked Tasty Yummies on Facebook (I don’t know why I hadn’t already done that!)

  45. I already follow you on Pinterest, and it’s a rockin’ good time.

  46. …and I just tweeted you.

    Thanks so much for hosting this awesome giveaway, Beth! I’m such a fan of your blog (and Hero Design Studio, too!) and it’s been an invaluable resource for me.

    Also, I’m making those almond butter and chocolate cups next week and I cannot wait!

  47. Janine says:

    Well dear Beth… You know i have the whole Desmond tribe liking you on FB! Plus i tweeted. Full support over here!

  48. Janine says:

    And what makes me happy..? Healthy, conscious, creative living. Living & breathing from the mind, heart & soul. And sharing that with those you love!

    And you. You make me happy! Soul sister love sparkles!! xoxo

  49. Colleen says:

    Being outside is one thing that makes me happy. Congrats on your blog success! I love reading it.

  50. Colleen says:

    I ‘liked’ you on facebook.

  51. Colleen says:

    I follow you on pinterest.

  52. Colleen says:

    I subscribe to your blog on my google reader.

  53. Tamikko Gordin says:

    I have your blog in my Google Reader so I never miss a post 🙂

  54. Tamikko Gordin says:

    I follow you on Twitter. I’m TamikkoB and I tweeted about your great giveaway.

  55. Tamikko Gordin says:

    I follow you on Pinterest (Tamikko Braun)

  56. Tamikko Gordin says:

    I like Tasty Yummies on Facebook (Tamikko Braun)

  57. Rebecca says:

    What makes me happy is a balance of good + healthy food, family time, spending time with friends and getting enough sleep!

  58. Rebecca says:

    I “like” Tasty Yummies on facebook!

  59. Rebecca says:

    I’m following you on Pinterest! http://www.pinterest.com/rebeccaablock

  60. Tasty Yummies makes me happy! I was searching for some type of recipe (I can’t even remember what) a few months ago, when I stumbled across your blog. I immediately loved the aesthetic, drooled over the recipes and connected with your voice. Then I went to the “about me” page and spotted the Lex co-op bag! I was like, no way, this gal is a Buffalonian!! It was serendipitous. I also do yoga every day (owned my own studio before giving birth to my babe a year ago), am a artist at heart, and am the main cook in a mostly vegan, gluten free, health conscious household. I have been meaning to shoot you an email for sometime now, just to say thank you for so many fantastic ideas! I love them (and so do my husband and daughter)! So, thank you and many congratulations ! You are reaching and inspiring more people than you know. Ps- I’ve recommended your blog to just about every crunchy person I know!

  61. I like your fb page!

  62. I subscribed be email!

  63. *by

  64. I’m joining pinterest tonight!

  65. Happy two years! So excited to have found your blog 🙂 That apron is adorable!

  66. Drasa says:

    So much makes me happy…but as of today I am eyeballing your pumpkin bar recipe, and that makes me quite happy. New to your blog and am loving it.

  67. Drasa says:

    Oh and following you on pinterest.

  68. Living healthy makes me happy. So does your blog! Happy anniversary.

  69. Ashley says:

    Sun through my early morning window makes me happy. (am now following you on pininterest)

  70. Ashley says:

    Cooking delicious new vegetarian recipes makes me happy. ( RSS feed)

  71. Jasmine says:

    What makes me happy? Ok long story hopefully not longer :0)
    It has been a looong journey discovering what i was meant for in this life but i know that it is educating and helping infants and toddlers make those brain connections that will help them become successful in school. During that process i met and married my husband who is a pastor and teacher in pre-k. naturally we couldnt wait to have a family. When it wasnt happening I saw a doctor, and a another etc… so did he. His issue was resolved. I had a condition that was going on my whole life. I tried many meds that hurt my joints and etc etc. I was miserable. When i figured out that meat was a source of some of my pain. Why i dont know, so as weird as it was for my Puerto Rican family i became a vegitarian about 4 months ago. It sent me through a tale spin to go from cooking wonderful meals centered around meat to “rabbit food”. I felt better, my joints are in perfectly working order, and i have lost 30 lbs, but the best part is my doctor okayed me to start trying to have a family. :0) i no longer have to be the one who loves other ppls kids and say goodbye at 6… i have the hope of being a mom, and your recipes help me to create a healthy body for that little miracle to live in for 9months….. and enjoy it. THAT is what makes me happy!! THANK YOU!!

  72. Jasmine says:

    liked on fb!!! :0)

  73. Jasmine says:

    subscribed…. cant believe i wasnt on there already. everytime i google a recipe i like something from you comes up… always yummy. all my sweets for my game night will be urs on friday… its for my bday get together :0)

  74. Jasmine says:


  75. Suzanne says:

    What a great blog entry! Congrats 🙂

    One of the things that makes me happy is reading your blog! I also feel happy when I eat healthy, run or go to yoga!

  76. Suzanne says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  77. Suzanne says:

    I follow your feed via email.

  78. Suzanne says:

    I liked your FB page a while ago!

  79. Suzanne says:

    I don’t tweet but I am from Buffalo too so maybe that will give me my 5th entry 😉

  80. Allie H says:

    The breakfast shake I just finished makes me happy! YOU introduced me to the wonders of almond milk, and for that I am ever grateful. You are the first healthy eating/alternative cooking blog I started reading, and it was the starting point for a great journey into a whole new world of foods/cooking I didn’t know existed. Thank you so much. Happy blogiversary!

  81. helene says:

    Following your awesome boards on Pinterest!

  82. LB says:

    happy blogiversary!! things that make me happy: my daughter, my husband, and my dog. (their order of preference changes at times.)

  83. LB says:

    i liked you on facebook.

  84. LB says:

    and i am now following your pins.

  85. LB says:

    aaand i am now subscribed to tasty-yummies on reader. 🙂

  86. JRose says:

    Teaching makes me happy, as well as making people laugh.

  87. Metalicious says:

    Yay, Beth! Congratulations! I just started subscribing to your blog and seeing it in my in-box in the morning makes me happy. Thank you for sharing such lovely recipes and stories with us!

  88. jodie says:

    My daughter’s eyelashes on her cheeks when she sleeps.
    My husbands smile when he finishes a race.
    Pea shoots popping up out of the ground.
    Opening the windows for the first time each spring.
    Pulling up rainbow carrots from the ground and not knowing what color you will get.

  89. Sherri says:

    I have a list of things that make me happy: my relationship with my husband; my cat; sunshine hitting my crystal in the window that projects a rainbow of a morning; the redwood trees outside my window that make me feel like I live in a forest; the fact that I’m still able to walk and see since I have MS; my friends and old co-workers; my family; Facebook!

  90. Sherri says:

    I subscribe to your site via e-mail.

  91. Sherri says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  92. Sherri says:

    I’m following you on Pinterest.

  93. Amanda Thompson says:

    Snuggling with my husband and doggie makes me happy!!

  94. Amanda Thompson says:

    I subscribe via email!

  95. Carrie says:

    I follow you everywhere!

    Online that is…

    But not in a weird way.


    Can I have a prize?

  96. Stacey L. says:

    Going to Kirtan (chanting) makes me happy! congrats on 2 years:)

  97. Stacey L. says:

    I already follow you on email:)

  98. Stacey L. says:

    I already receive your new posts by email. thanks!

  99. Laura Martin says:

    coconut macaroons make me happy! and i can’t wait to try your dark chocolate coconut treats 🙂

  100. congrats on the 2 years! spending time with my family definitely makes me happy 🙂

  101. subscribed by email !

  102. like your page on facebooook

  103. follow you on pinterest too 😀

  104. tweeted and follow you!!

  105. J'lene says:

    I receive your posts via e-mail!

  106. J'lene says:

    I “liked” Tasty Yummies on facebook!

  107. J'lene says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  108. Jen says:

    My job makes me happy. I am a cake decorator and baker and love it all. Not everyone can say that 🙂

  109. Jen says:

    Liked on facebook

  110. Jen says:

    followed on Pinterest.

  111. Jen says:

    subscribed to email!

  112. Saundra says:

    Spending time in my kitchen preparing good food makes me happy. I also love go read blogs where I continue go learn so much.

  113. Saundra says:

    I follow you be email!!

  114. Emily S says:

    Sunshine makes me happy. 🙂

  115. Emily S says:

    I am subscribed to your blog.

  116. Emily S says:

    Followin’ on pinterest, too. 🙂

  117. Narf7 says:

    I won’t enter your competition because I live in Tasmania Australia and the postage would be prohibitive! I don’t need to win anything despite it being fantastically wonderful, I get a prize every time I see “Tasty Yummies” in my inbox and race to see what delicious recipe I am going to make later in my week. Kudos on the weight loss, the blog, the business, the husband, the dog (and the cat…I had to say that quietly because my boys don’t like C.A.T.S. ;)) and for the energy that keeps you sharing your wonderful creations with us on a regular basis. It might be time to use all of that amazing talent and ability to write and illustrate a cookbook so that we can all buy your wonderful creations and you get something back for everything that you give to we stranger/friends out here in the ether. Have a great day and cheers for all that you do 🙂

  118. Allie H says:

    aaaannndddd, now I’m following you on my brand spankin new pinterest account.

  119. ingrid says:

    Hi Beth, let me leave a comment that makes You happy. Since I discovered your blog only few months ago, I cooked some of your super recipes and loving it. So far nothing new 😉 But the smile on your face will be… my husband has never even read your blog, but.. already asks me : when will you make a new Beth recipe again?
    so many many regards from the netherlands, Ingrid

  120. Cara says:

    YOU make me happy, honestly. It should come to you as no surprise that the number of Beth lovers continue to grow because we all love the beauty you exude and the kindness you extract to all of us. Seriously, this past month when I have seen your name pop up over at F&B I *know* it will be one of the most thoughtful comments that will brighten my day. And I am always right. You are going in the right direction, my friend. This blog proves that you are doing what you should and the people around you see that. Incredibly grateful that not only there are people like you on the internet but that I can even call people like you a friend.
    Much love. xo

  121. Cara says:

    Pinterest stalking you now 🙂

  122. Cara says:

    Been FB stalking you a bit already…

  123. Cara says:

    There is no escape from me now. Officially an email follower (even though you are one of my faves that I always check regardless) 🙂

  124. Jennifer says:

    three gorgeous nieces and one handsome nephew make me very happy 🙂

  125. Jennifer says:

    I follow you on pintrest

  126. Jennifer says:

    and facebook

  127. Jennifer says:

    and twitter and I tweeted you too!

  128. Mary says:

    Well let’s see: I had your carrot cake muffin for breakfast, lentil soup for lunch and will have the vegan meatloaf and banana cream pie for dinner. Clearly I’m a fan of this site! Thank you for the work you put into this. I recently started eating much healthier and with the help of your recipes, I’ve lost 21 pounds (so far)! Happiness to me is just being home with my husband and cat. I also feel most happy when starting the day off with a run, eating healthy all day and ending it with a glass of wine. 🙂

  129. Linda Stoddard says:

    I was so fortunate to ‘find’ you a while back. I love the conversions poster and if I’m not the lucky one to win it, will find and purchase it! Your references to Allentown really brought on nostalgia–I was born in Buffalo and grew up in East Aurora. Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you share! xoLinda

  130. Tara says:

    I follow you on fb. Making a meal that my family loves and is good for them makes me happy! Also my daughters’ giggles 🙂 Congrats on 2 years!

  131. Trish W says:

    I subscribe to you by email.

  132. Trish W says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  133. Trish W says:

    Working outside in our little garden with my family makes me super happy. I love your blog… we’ve been gluten free for over 5 years, but our relatively new to a mostly vegetarian diet and your awesome recipes have made it so much easier to get my family on board with eating less meat.

  134. katherine says:

    Making food that is not only delicious but healthy makes me happy! Additionally, reading amazing blogs from people like you makes me happy.

  135. Kara says:

    I Tweeted for you 🙂

  136. Rachel says:

    My son makes me happy.

  137. Rachel says:

    Following you on Pinterest.

  138. Rachel says:

    Like you on FB!

  139. Rachel says:

    Subscribe to Tasty Yummies RSS feed!

  140. Elisabeth says:

    My husband makes me happy and so does baking! : )

  141. Elisabeth says:

    following you on pinterest!

  142. Lou says:

    Connecting with awesome bloggers like yourself makes me happy!

  143. Lou says:

    Liked you on FBook!

  144. Lou says:

    Followed you on Twitter + tweeted 🙂

  145. dcook6 says:

    I appreciate your blog. I like to follow ones that give information about food and a peek into their lives! A nice balance! thanks

  146. Leah says:

    cooking makes me happy!

  147. Maggie says:

    Right now, since I live in Africa and don’t have access to many healthy foods, pinning EVERY RECIPE you post on my Pinterest makes me happy 🙂 Oh, the plans I have for cooking and eating when I get home!!! Thank you for your hard work and I can’t wait to take advantage of it.

  148. Emma says:

    Making your Banana Pecan Waffles for breakfast makes me SUPER happy! The light and fluffy texture makes my knees weak! lol

  149. Callie says:

    Reading food blogs makes me happy! It helps that the photography is beautiful too.

  150. Jeremiah says:

    Good Family, Good Art, and Good Food make me happy!

  151. Jeremiah says:

    FB Liked

  152. Jeremiah says:

    Tweeted from @jeremiahkuch

  153. Jeremiah says:

    subscribed by email

  154. Hanna says:

    I follow you on FB.

    Also, what makes me happy is the simplicity of everyday life, more and more. I like longing for things, but basically I prefer thinking about how nice it would be to get a new xx rather than actually buying it – that makes me unhappy. Of course, I still buy lots of garbage, but I learn not to attach to things and letting some unnecessary ones go – that does not apply to books, which I buy in dozens even though I don’t have time to read.
    Giving a bit of my toast to my cat while eating breakfast.
    Listen to the sounds around while walking down the street (ipods and stuff – yuck, I love music, but your world becomes so much poorer when you ignore all the sounds around! ..yes, much of them is traffic).
    Chocolate and icecreams.

    And so on.

    Sorry, I wasn’t planning to write so much useless stuff. It’s the first time I wrote down small weirdnesses ( 😉 ) of my everyday 🙂

  155. Adam says:

    Cooking and designing makes me happy. They are both similar and there is so much inspiration out there to be creative

  156. Kayla Patrick says:

    Food that tastes delicious and also is nutritious makes me happy! I love good food that makes me feel good when I’m eating it! 🙂

  157. Christina T says:

    A lot of things make me happy, but I randomly choose to list snuggling in bed with my pets and my Kindle!

  158. Pretty, delicious, healthy food makes me happy! Thanks for sharing with us, Beth!

  159. Hanna says:

    oh, so I can post 5 times? (I really love your apron)
    so, here I write that I follow you on FB
    (and let’s leave the post abt happiness as it is… hope it counts)

  160. Hanna says:

    I subscribed by e-mail
    (this apron is so gorgeous)

  161. Margaret says:

    Good food and health make me happy 🙂 Blogs like yours have allowed me to find my way back to health with creative recipes that prevent boredom from setting in!

  162. Hanna says:

    I follow you on pinterest.
    (and kind of regret I have no twitter)

  163. Hanna says:

    oh I used twitter for the first time
    so, I twitted abt you (apron apron apron)

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