Safe Whole Home Eco-friendly Insect Protection

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Safe Whole Home Eco-friendly Insect Protection

Moving to California I knew that we would initially have to make some sacrifices and deal with some major life changes. After all, living here couldn’t be any more different than living in upstate New York, in so many ways!

Little did I know that one of the biggest things I would have to prepare myself for would be the pests and the bugs. I guess with the Mediterranean-esque / ocean-side climate and without the major change in seasons or an epic yearly chill, like I grew up in, this place is heaven for insects. I mean, we have no plans of leaving here, why would they?

I am all on board for those little buggers livin’ life as it is intended – outside of my home. Mother Nature has that on lock, they all serve very important purposes in the circle of life. But, spiders, moths, ants – OH MY! Over the 5 years living here, we’ve seen them ALL (and more) in our house and I have tried so many different approaches to ridding our home of them. Besides the health of myself and my hubby, with having two cats and a dog, my main concern is always the toxicity of any pest control. With so many being loaded with harmful chemicals that are toxic to pets (and children), I have tried nearly every homemade, all natural, DIY approach there is and I can say that most fall pretty flat when it comes to efficacy.

Beyond not always being super effective, some alternative approaches to insect protection can sometimes use oils that aren’t safe around pets. It always makes me a tad weary and definitely requires some homework on my part.

Safe Whole Home Eco-friendly Insect Protection

Zevo: An Alternative for Harmful Pesticides – The Whole Home System

Zevo’s new Whole Home Protection System offers a safe and powerful solution to protecting your home, family and pets from indoor pests. Instant Action Sprays kill the insects you see while the Flying Insect Trap eliminates the ones you don’t see. You know, those extra sneaky ones that like to come out and crawl across you on the couch, while you’re home binge-watching the Real Housewives and your hubby is out for the night.

Safe Whole Home Eco-friendly Insect Protection

Zevo Instant Action Sprays

Zevo Instant Action Sprays provide safe and powerful insect protection that can be used around people and pets* without harmful chemicals. There are four formulas: crawling, flying, stinging, and multi-insect. Our Instant Action Sprays are made with common essential oils. The active ingredients are cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, and geraniol.

This Clean Insect Protection uses a safe bio-science formula to quickly paralyze and kill insects by targeting a nervous system receptor only active in bugs. Without harm to people and pets.

Zevo sprays are designed to work inside any room of your home like kitchen floors, dining rooms, bathrooms, garages, bedrooms, living rooms, basements, laundry rooms, hallways, attics – anywhere insects are visible. The sprays can be used to eliminate an insect on contact, or you can even use them to be preventative on hard surfaces like floors and walls. The product is intended to be sprayed on surfaces or directly on insects, not on directly on skin or fur.

Instant Action Sprays are for the bugs you see (eliminate instantly) and Flying Insect Traps are for the ones you don’t see (continuous home protection).

Safe Whole Home Eco-friendly Insect Protection

Zevo Flying Insect Trap

With a two-step approach you use the spray first and use the trap second. The Zevo plug-in flying insect trap eliminates flying insects, including house flies, fruit flies, gnats, and more, in your home without the use of chemical insecticides. Unlike other insect protection products, Zevo traps use insects’ natural instincts against them with irresistible UV and blue light bio-attractants to continuously attract and trap insects into a super-sticky adhesive backing you never have to touch. With replaceable trap cartridges, the trap is fragrance-free and uses zero chemical insecticides. It uses the light spectrum and body heat bio-attractants to attract and trap flying insects, mimicking nature’s primal attraction. Each cartridge offers continuous protection up to 45 days or until it’s full. Simply throw the full cartridge in the trash or recycling bin without ever touching dead bugs! I love how this cute little device brilliantly mimics nature’s law of attraction so with this trap, there is no need to use chemical insecticides and no icky bugs to touch!

The Zevo flying insect trap works especially well in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages or in locations with non-competing light sources. Keep in mind that the trap is only for flying insects.

What I Like About Zevo’s Safe Whole Home Eco-friendly Insect Protection System 

  • The Zevo Instant Action Sprays have a light and very pleasant scent. The Crawling Insect Spray which I have used most often, has a light citrus and vanilla smell, fresh, comforting and quite homey. They do not smell like alternative insect protection methods which can be harsh and overpowering and extremely jarring to the nervous system, if you are sensitive.
  • Zevo is an alternative to other sprays that contain imiprothrin, cypermethrin pyrethroids, butane or propane.
  • I really like that the Zevo plugin flying insect trap acts as a trap, not a repellent.
  • Most of all, I love the confidence that I can safely use the Zevo Whole Home Insect Protection products around our fur tribe*!

Hit up the comments if you have questions about Zevo and I will be sure to either answer them myself or connect with the appropriate folks who can.

* When used as directed. See package label.



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zevo. The opinions and text are all mine.

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