Photo Fun Day Friday

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Happy Friday Guys! I hope you had a fantastic week. It’s been a fun and busy one over here. We are gearing up for a big show this weekend, Unique LA, which is a huge amazing show featuring all things handmade. If you are in the LA area you have to check it out, it’s an amazing show. We are booth # 258 – Hero Design Studio. We designed a whole new booth for this show, constructed completely out of recycled wood pallets. I cannot wait to see it all constructed and completed.

On top of getting ready for the show, we are also counting down the days until my sister Vicky arrives here in California for a visit. She gets here Monday and I couldn’t be any more excited!! She is here 6 days and I cannot wait to show her around, take her to Disney and just hang out!

What do you have planned for your weekend?

Photo Fun Day Friday

Had to get a bottle of this for our Kentucky Derby party last Saturday.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Jalapeño cornbread mini muffins. I kinda made the recipe up on the fly but here are two other cornbread muffin recipes here on the blog. Cheddar and green onion cornbread and vegan cornbread muffins.

Photo Fun Day Friday

It is rare that you will spot bacon in my kitchen. It’s almost like spotting a unicorn. I bought some yummy organic applewood smoked bacon that I baked until crispy for the hot browns and it made the kitchen smell amazing.

Photo Fun Day Friday

A black-eyed pea salad inspired by this recipe, an effort to bring something healthy to the Derby menu.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Grain-free apple cobbler. I used my berry cobbler recipe and subbed out the berries for some yummy granny smith apples.

Photo Fun Day Friday

The assembly line for the Hot Brown Sandwiches. I made the sauce gluten-free, just so I could taste it to make sure it was OK, but otherwise I made these ALL for Mark.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Look at this beauty! She was sitting there when I was photographing food, posing like this.

Photo Fun Day Friday

I rolled over the other morning and woke up to this little face staring back at me from the other side of my pillow.

Photo Fun Day Friday

 Playing some arm balances in my home yoga practice the other day. This is Eka Pada Koundinyasana I. It isn’t perfect, but I am working on it.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Toast with avocado, tomato slices and sprouts. The perfect breakfast.

Photo Fun Day Friday

My cucumbers are growing like crazy. I have a huge row of them. I planted these from seeds just a week and a half before I took this photo. It’s incredible.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Since we didn’t have a CSA this week, I took the bike for it’s first trip to the farmers market. Likely the first of many.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Yesterday’s post-run smoothie. Recipe can be found on my instagram.


Hubby surprised me last night with reservations to Carthay Circle Restaurant at Disneyland. Sunday marks 10 years since our first (blind) day and 6 years since we got married.

Photo Fun Day FridayDisney is just so darn magical. Gets me every time.


Did you make this recipe - or any others from the TY archives?

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5 Responses

  1. Liz says:

    Holy crap, lady; you are so FIERCE!!. I love your yoga shots. I have no delusions that I will EVER be able to do anything like you do, but the pics (of you in your poses) are inspirational/motivational nonetheless. Keep ’em coming!!

  2. What an honor that you still use your Lexington Co-Op reusable bag in California! 🙂

  3. Ashley says:

    That yoga pose is really impressive. I’m still getting getting the hang of balance poses.
    Also, I’ve been away from my hometown, San Diego, for 7 years and am finally moving back in 4 weeks. I keep telling my boyfriend how exciting it will be to take him to Disneyland. He doesn’t seem quite as thrilled as I am. Haha. Wait until he rides the Matterhorn 🙂
    I love your recipes and your blog as a whole. Gorgeous design and just the right amount of hippie. You’ve definitely got a follower (and perhaps a kindred spirit) in me. Good luck at the show!

  4. Rachel says:

    I am new to your blog and really enjoying it. This post is fun, nice to see a glimpse of the life behind the food 🙂

  5. Janet says:

    Your yoga pose is CRAZY girl. That is so fantastic. Makes me happy for you that you can do that.
    Waking up to that pooch next to you is super cute. How can you have a bad day after that?
    Thanks for the recipes I will give them a look-see.

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