Green Goddess Juice

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Green Goddess Juice

Yup – I am still on a major juicing kick. I am loving it. I am so full of energy, I feel totally content with what I am eating otherwise and I have no cravings at all. I think by cutting back on some things but not going into a full on cleanse or detox, I am able to reap many of the benefits without putting my body through hell of those rough few first days and I am not taxing my digestive system, which is already a bit grumpy. I didn’t want to do that to my body right now.

I am excited because every day my tummy is feeling better and better and I am really able to notice what is triggering it when it does get upset again. The juicing has really given my digestive tract the rest that it so badly needed. This Green Goddess juice in particular is full of so many of my favorite things and it really made me feel great, on top of the energy I am already bursting with, this juice actually made me feel like I had more! That’s why I decided to call it Green Goddess Juice. Truthfully I really wanted to call it “Green Superheroine Juice”, but that just didn’t have the same ring to it, but it did make me feel like I had super powers! I once again included fennel in this juice, I have been trying to include it in every juice I am making right now since it is so great for your digestion, plus I am really loving the unique flavor it adds.

We had a very busy weekend filled with tons of home projects like ripping up carpeting, reflooring our bedroom, moving furniture around and work for clients. While doing all of those things, I have been ridding myself of so much stuff, both in my personal life and my digital life. I have been going through all of my clothes and accessories and getting rid of things I no longer need or wear. I have donated so many bags of clothes and other goodies to the Salvation Army in the last few weeks and yesterday I did the same to my computer. Well kinda. I backed up and removed over 200 GB of files on my computer that I really didn’t need on there, so my computer can perform better. I streamlined my already existing backup system to be even more thorough and easy to manage. I also organized my email inbox and archived old emails. I took my inbox from over 4000 email down to 81! It feels so good to be lightening my baggage in all of these areas of my life, it is instantly therapeutic and cathartic. It only takes a few bags full of stuff and a handful of gigabytes for you to feel that liberation and suddenly you find yourself looking at everything and thinking “Do I really need that?”.

Since we plan to move later this year and we are in the process of finishing up a few projects to the house that we have to do before we put it on the market, there really has never been a better time to do all of this, than now. I have been putting it off because it takes time and some tough decision making to decide what things in your life you don’t need, but once you start, it really gets easier and easier.

Now I can walk into a room in our house and feel the weight that has been lifted. There is still a lot of stuff that we need to go through and I actually can’t wait! It is ironic the timing on all of this, with me deciding to also take out things from my diet that I really don’t need. I think I can say the same for my eating as my house, I was putting off removing certain things but now that I have, I feel great! I honestly haven’t felt as good as I do right now, in years. So, if there are boxes you need to go through, piles of shoes you know you don’t wear, an email inbox that is jammed full of messages, etc – make the time to go through it. It doesn’t take as long as you think, in the last 3 days I have gotten rid of more stuff from my life than I have in the last year plus I still had time to grocery shop, go to yoga, bake bread, make soup, watch a movie and some football with my hubby and more. Don’t talk yourself out of things, don’t put them off, just do them. It feels better to accomplish something than it does to sit down and feel guilty that you aren’t.

I plan to continue purging things from my life this upcoming week and I am looking forward to it instead of dreading it and I also plan to continue juicing, so look for more recipes.

Have you gotten rid of anything in your life lately? How does it feel?



[print_this]Green Goddess Juice

Makes 1 large serving or 2 smaller (it makes about 1 quart)
(if you want less juice go with 1 cucumber and 1 stalk of celery)

2 cucumbers
1 granny smith apple
1/2 or 1/3 of a large bulb of fennel (stalks and leaves included)
2 stalks of celery

Juice all of the ingredients, saving the celery for last since it is stringy and can sometimes clog the machine. Serve immediately.


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5 Responses

  1. Julianna says:

    Hey there! Really excited to try this juice recipe. Even though I attempt to juice regularly I have never tried fennel in anything. I’ve had some digestive issues in the last few weeks so I’m excited to see if adding that may help. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lucy says:

    Just made this! Surprisingly tastes okay!

  3. Dee says:

    Looking forward to trying your juicing recipe! I juice now with Kale, Carrots, ginger & apples and I’m looking for new ways to match up different veggies to enjoy different flavors.
    Btw…Love your site!

  4. Gigi says:

    I just made the raspberry juice outstanding ! just got my juicer machine yesterday I finally was able to convince my husband to try juicing well he loves it !!! Thank you for all the hard work you put in we really appreciate it 🙂 Gigi

  5. Amy says:

    Your message is very inspiring. Even though it feels hard to go through clutter at first, once you start, I too like the `lightening` effect afterwards. My toughest time about this was too years ago, when we decided to move to Canada. I sold, donated and threw away pretty much everything that I couldn`t fit into the 2 luggages or didn`t want to leave behind to pick up some time later. It was a very tough experience as I didn`t know I was so attached to my `things`. Going down from a full house to two luggages and a couple of boxes that I left at my father was a teaching experience too. I didn`t want my sad emotions to effect the next owner of my things so, when I was packing something to sell or donate, I gave it a kind of blessing by saying `I hope the next owner will be happy to use this in happy days`. I hope I don`t sound crazy :)) but I actually found this little wish to be calming down my emotions as well. I also learnt that I can live with less things. Oh well, I was just gonna say I really liked your message but I ended up with a very long comment :))

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