Digest Ease Juice

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Digest Ease Juice

As I have previously mentioned this week, I have been on a bit of a healing path for the last few days. Trying to ease my digestion woes caused by a grumpy ileocecal valve. In addition to avoiding all dairy, I have also cut out caffeine, alcohol, sugar and chocolate. I am also avoiding roughage like raw leafy green vegetables, raw whole nuts and seeds and spicy foods, among other things. One of the things I have been doing every day is after my morning yoga practice, I come home and make a smoothie or a fresh juice blend. This has been a nice way to get some necessary nutrients and to also give my upset digestion a little rest. I have really been enjoying it. Then I have a light lunch and a light dinner. I have been drinking a lot of water, not really snacking much and making sure to self-massage my abdomen (you can read more about that in my last post).

In my research to find the best ingredients for juicing to help with digestion, the ingredients I used in this particular juice seemed to be at the top of many of the lists. Here is just a tad bit of info about each ingredient from what I have read. I’ve learned that carrot juice is considered the golden juice of healing, it is an excellent tonic for just about every ailment imaginable. It can be consumed in large quantities as well. Carrots are a natural blast of high energy and they are a powerful internal cleanser and detoxifier and they can help an inflamed colon (I dunno if mine is, but it can’t hurt either way).

Apples remove toxins from the intenstines; stimulate peristalsis and bowels; flush kidneys; natural acids for digestion. Apples contain pectin which is a form of soluble fiber. This helps with the detox flush that removes cholesterol and toxins through the liver and kidneys. Apples also contain a substance called malic acid, that helps maintain liver function and improves digestion.

Celery has been known to help in diseases of the kidneys, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. The nutrients in the fiber released during juicing, aid in bowel movements. Celery promotes healthy and normal kidney function by aiding elimination of toxins from the body. While eliminating toxins, it also prevents formation of kidney stones. Celery actually boasts a very very long list of incredible powers, these are just some of the many.

Fennel is probably best well known as a digestive aid. It can help with trapped wind, poor digestion and more painful conditions such as gastritis and enteritis. Fennel is also a diuretic and therefore is very effective when dealing with kidney or bladder troubles and fluid retention. It is also a general pick-me-up and helps to combat general tiredness and fatigue.

Ginger helps to soothe and improve digestion by increasing secretions of digestive juices in the stomach. It also aids blood circulation and metabolism, increases the immune system and strengthens the internal organs of the digestive tract.

When juicing you always want to use organic produce whenever possible and regardless if produce is organic or not, you always want to thoroughly wash it. I am absolutely no expert on juicing so please use your own judgement and do your research before jumping into any sort of juice-only cleanse or detox. Leanne of Healthful Pursuit, a holistic nutritionist, has been doing an enlightening series of posts this week talking about her own journey to healing her digestion. Leanne’s posts have all been very thorough and provide some really great information about what she is going through, how she feels and what she is doing. Yesterday’s post (the third in the series) features some really great information as well as two great juice recipes. Be sure to check it out and follow Leanne along her journey, as I am.

Look for more juice recipes from me over the next two weeks and hopefully in that time my photos of said juice will get better. After I was about halfway done with this glass of juice and was looking at the photos, I realized how boring and blah they were. I need a fun glass or I should have put some of the ingredients in the background. Ah well.

What is your favorite juice combination?

[print_this]Digest Ease Juice
serves 1

1/2 to 1-inch piece of ginger
1/4 to 1/2 of a large fennel bulb (about 4 oz), I also included some stalk and leaves
3 carrots
1 apple (I used a honeycrisp)
2 celery stalks, with leaves

Juice all of the ingredients, saving the celery for last since it is stringy and can sometimes clog the machine. Serve immediately.


Did you make this recipe - or any others from the TY archives?

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6 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Beth this looks amazing and the color is so beautiful. Hope you are starting to feel better! I am looking forward to more juice recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amy Jo says:

    What is that awesome straw? I’ve been looking for a good reusable straw.

  3. Brandi says:

    Thank you for the helpful information. I just got a juicer for Christmas and can’t wait to try this recipe.

  4. This is a great juice recipe! I really need to add fennel to my juices. I just got a new juicer and I’m in love! The Bella NutriPro slow juicer- and it makes the best juice, hands down, of any I’ve ever had, including my beloved Breville that I used until it wore itself out! My favorite combo so far is a simple one that I’ve been using for years, but so healing to my gut, which I have horrible issues with as well. The juice is a simple, and economical mix of romaine, carrot, lemon, ginger, cucumber, celery, and sometimes I throw in a beet, radish or some fresh herbs. I also love mint, but it’s hard to come by around here. I don’t tend to do well with fruits in my juice for blood sugar issues, but the above mixture is naturally sweet and I love it. Thanks for sharing this recipe!:) Good luck on your tummy issues! I’m in the same boat!

  5. cass says:

    I’d like to pint out the photo is NOT of the juice recipe she wrote about. That is stock footage and it’s got carrot juice.

    • tastyyummies says:

      Cass I am not sure what you are talking about? This is my recipe and my photo. The recipe has carrots in it as does the photographed juice.

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