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  1. Billionaire’s Bacon – Thick Cut Paleo Candied Bacon

    I am super excited to share this recipe with you for Billionaire’s Bacon – Thick Cut Paleo Candied Bacon. This was recreated and inspired by Villard restaurant at Lotte New York Palace Hotel in New York City, after a recent trip to the city, along with the Hamptons for an amazing Blogger Retreat I attended. Read on for this amazing candied bacon situation, that features a little sugar and a little spice recreated to be paleo-friendly, along with scenes and highlights from our amazing East Coast trip.

    Billionaire's Bacon - Thick Cut Paleo Candied Bacon

    Billionaire's Bacon - Thick Cut Paleo Candied Bacon

    This bacon will 100% make you feel like you’ve struck riches, you’ll totally feel big time. Aptly named this Billionaire’s Bacon tastes as if it were fit for royalty. It’s sinful really. With the original recipe calling for a full cup of light brown sugar, and having tasted it and devoured it, it’s super tasty, decadent and sweet, but maybe too much so for this low sugar gal. So, I recreated this paleo-friendly version, adapted from the original, to lower the sugar but still offer that sweet stickiness, with the multi-layered spices.

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  2. Greek Gyro Meatballs {Paleo-friendly}

    Greek Gyro Meatballs

    Greek Gyro Meatballs

    These Greek Gyro Meatballs aren’t your standard ground meat Greek meatballs, instead we are bringing the flavor and more importantly the texture of gyro meat. So you can skip the multiple steps and the need for delicate, thinly sliced meat and condense the work into these tasty bites!

    My love for Greek food runs very very deep, you guys know this. Last year when I created, basically the best homemade gyro ever, I realized that I had been sorely missing out for basically an entire lifetime. Growing up Greek there were loads of recipes and dishes that were handed down from generation to generation, things we just always grew up eating – souvlaki, avgolemono soup, lamb meatballs, pastitsio, leg of lamb, Greek Potato Salad and that list goes on and on.

    Though we all loved it very much, gyro wasn’t exactly one of those foods, it just wasn’t part of my family’s Greek food repertoire. Souvlaki was always the go to for this time of meal and if and when gyro was served, at our house, it was the store bought stuff (eeeeek over-processed, gluten-containing and not so good – so, I always passed). When I broke into the homemade gyro game, after years of being without it, it quickly became a dish that is requested every time I am home in NY visiting my family.

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  3. How-to Make Sheet Pan Baked Eggs {+ Video}

    How-to Make Sheet Pan Baked Eggs

    With Easter this Sunday and Spring in full effect, brunch season is fully upon us. These Sheet Pan Baked Eggs have become a staple around here, especially when we are serving brunch to a crowd. What I love about is how simple it is to make and just how versatile a dish it can be – which is great for optimizing for the season and the crowd and it’s the ultimate in customization and creativity for those of you that love playing in the kitchen.

    Much like many of the other recipes I share around here, I am offering you the formula and base for the perfect baked eggs and how you customize these – that’s up to you. For the baked eggs pictured here, I went with caramelized onions at the bottom and mixed into the eggs, which were whisked with unsweetened unflavored homemade coconut/almond milk, we added cooked pasture-raised bacon, roughly chopped baby spinach, shredded goat milk cheddar cheese, chives and micro-greens for serving.

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