Photo Fun Day Friday

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Happy Friday guys!! I will keep the chatter to a minimum on this one, since I have to finish cleaning up the house and go to the airport to pick up my parents!! YAY!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I will be busy enjoying my parent’s company this upcoming week, but I have some fun posts lined up for you guys. I hope you enjoy.Photo Fun Day Friday

Our booth in Silverlake this past Saturday.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Set up all day on Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea. Such a fun event!

Photo Fun Day Friday

I recently discovered how smart it is to zest my lemons before I juice them for my daily warm lemon water. I keep a container in the freezer and I just keep adding to it. It’s great to toss into pasta dishes, in salad dressings, etc.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Look at this beautiful juice. I cannot recall everything that was in it, but it definitely contained beets 🙂

Photo Fun Day Friday

Grapes from our vines. There are sooo many on there.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Jai Ganesha.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Veggie loaded fried brown rice. One of my favorite meals these days.Photo Fun Day Friday

Check out this week’s haul in our organic CSA box – watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, strawberries, cherries, grapes and eggs all from Angelo’s Farms!! Yum. Support your local farmers folks!!

Photo Fun Day Friday

I made some super yummy vegan chocolate chip cookie dough frozen pops yesterday and they turned out soo great. Recipe on the blog this week.

Did you make this recipe - or any others from the TY archives?

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7 Responses

  1. Julia says:

    I´m so excited for the cookie dough popsicle recipe! Can´t wait…

  2. Joyce says:

    I have had such bad luck finding a good zester… and must say your pile of lemon zest looks great! What kind do you use?

    Thanks for the post! We have grapes too, but they aren’t near ready yet. Can’t wait!

    • tastyyummies says:

      Hey Joyce. I use this particular zester and I really love it:

      I think we have a few different varieties of grapes in our yard, some are very ready and a dark purple, some are just baby sized and green. It is sooo exciting. I cannot wait either!

  3. Crista says:

    that chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream pop looks GREAT. i can’t wait for the recipe!!

  4. Alissa N says:

    I always love these posts!! I can’t wait for the popsicle recipe, they look delectable!! And that lemon zest trick is so so smart, I never thought about doing that but I am totally going to from now on!! 🙂

    • tastyyummies says:

      Thanks so much Alissa!! I just posted the recipe this morning 😉 And yeh, I am only bummed I didn’t think to keep my lemon zest sooner. It has actually been coming in so handy in the kitchen, I put it in everything!!

  5. Poor thing the dog looks soo quite when its staring at the Popsicle did it finally get a lick on it ? 🙂 I love your post also mostly the pictures just give my day good start when I read your blog posts.

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