Is Your Olive Oil the Real Thing? Terra Delyssa Is.

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Is Your Olive Oil the Real Thing? Terra Delyssa Is.

Is your olive oil the real thing? Can you trust that what you are cooking with is safe? I know you are all concerned about fake, substandard olive oils. We’ve all seen the news reports and media coverage of the market being flooded with olive oils making big health claims, yet many being found to be mislabeled and adulterated with other substandard oils like soybean or canola – it’s SO important to find an olive oil you can trust. There are so many reasons I choose to cook with Terra Delyssa Olive Oil and why I personally stand behind and recommend it, to my nutrition clients and to you, my readers, as well as my very own family.

Terra Delyssa does not hide it’s origin. Their olive oils are one of very few that are actually offered to consumers directly by the farmers / producers. Obtained from the first cold press of freshly hand picked olives grown on farms that have been passed on and run for many generations, cultivating and producing Olive Oil, the traditional way, known to the region of Sfax in Tunisia, situated on the Mediterranean coastline.

Terra Delyssa fully controls their olives from tree to bottle, crushing all of their olives within 24 hours of harvest, testing every single batch in their state of the art laboratory. By honoring of traditional production methods of hand selection and true cold-pressing this keeps the oil’s acidity low, while maintaining it’s high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients high.

Meet Our Sponsors: Terra Delyssa Olive Oil

Is Your Olive Oil the Real Thing? Terra Delyssa Is.

Why I Cook With and Trust Terra Delyssa Olive Oil:

  • Terra Delyssa isn’t just a brand. They are an entire farming operation, inheriting a culture of olive oil milling from generations. Bought to market by the very same farmers that cared for the trees, harvested, milled, bottled and shipped it to the store.
  • Terra Delyssa packs their olive oil in their own facilities, used only to pack olive oil, eliminating all risk of cross contamination. With dedicated production lines for organic and extra virgin olive oils.
  • Every single bottle of Terra Delyssa Olive Oil is fully traceable. Containing a production date, a validity date and a lot number that can trace any bottle back to the orchard where it was produced.
  • Terra Delyssa is packaged in a dark glass bottle, as it should be, to protect the oil from any light and contact with plastic, both of which can cause oxidation, damaging the oil.

Is Your Olive Oil the Real Thing? Terra Delyssa Is.

Meet Our Sponsors: Terra Delyssa Olive Oil

I Know You Will Love Terra Delyssa, too, Because it’s:

  • SAFE: Terra Delyssa is organic. The farmers care for their land and trees without the use of any pesticides and without spraying any chemicals, unlike many other olive oils.
  • FRESH:  Terra Delyssa’s farmers harvest by hand, crush their olives within hours of harvest to avoid oxidation, this guarantees freshness and the lowest acidity level. Through cold pressing the olives without the use of heat or chemicals in the extraction process
  • SMOOTH: The smooth, fresh flavor of Terra Delyssa’s olive oils make it easy to cook with every day … blending easily with any dish without overpowering the flavor of your ingredients. Great for sauteeing, salad dressings or even just dipping. You will love it’s smooth buttery flavor.
  • AFFORDABLE: While it sounds like a luxury import food, Terra Delyssa won’t break the bank. Being sold directly by the farmers, it has the best value for a high quality olive oil and you can find it in all major retail stores.

Of course, as you guys have seen over the years here on Tasty Yummies, the fact that their olive oil is absolutely delicious, definitely doesn’t hurt. With a mild, delicate and fresh flavor, Terra Delyssa Olive Oil is suitable for your everyday cooking and it won’t overpower your food!

Grilled Peach Salad with Baby Arugula, Pistachios and Lemony Yogurt Dressing

Is Your Olive Oil the Real Thing? Terra Delyssa Is.

To read more about Terra Delyssa please check out their website and Facebook page. To get cooking with Terra Delyssa’s oils, visit the store locator to find a retailer near you or visit the Terra Delyssa online store to have it shipped directly to you.


This post and all recipe posts featuring Terra Delyssa Oils are brought to you in collaboration with Terra Delyssa Olive Oil and C.H.O. America. All content, ideas and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Tasty Yummies.

4 Responses

  1. Debra says:

    I absolutely love Terra Delyssa organic extra virgin olive oil with garlic! Very mild taste and delicious. I take a tablespoon daily for health purposes and I also cook with it. I’ll never change brands!

  2. Gwen says:

    I love your olive oil. Could you please tell me if
    Hexane is used in your cold pressing.
    Thank you.

  3. Angelique Cejka says:

    I’m wondering if there has been a change with the organic, cold pressed Terra Delyssa olive oil. I used to keep the homemade dressing in the fridge which is made with this olive oil. It would always harden and I’d have to put the container in hot water. Now when I put this dressing in the fridge, it doesn’t harden. Has it recently been mixed with a cheaper oil??

    • Beth @ Tasty Yummies says:

      I am not sure, I no longer partner with this company, we parted ways several years back, so you would need to contact them directly to ask them.

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