Celeriac, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

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Celeriac, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

I have said it several times before but it seriously cannot be said enough, the community of passionate people I have met in the blogging world is one of greatest, if not THE best, perks of keeping a blog. What a beautiful gift to be surrounded, even if only virtually, with people that constantly inspire and excite you. I have had the distinct pleasure of connecting with many beautiful, passion-filled people sharing their love and their life with the world.

I am not even sure the first time I connected with Kris Orborne of 80Twenty, but she is one of those people the minute you see her site and connect with her words online, you can feel her genuineness and you know instantly she is the real deal. Kris’ site is very much in line with my eating and cooking style. A focus on whole, nourishing foods that are in season, 80Twenty also celebrates the balance in life, the good and the good for you!

Celeriac, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

I am super excited to be over on 80Twenty today, sharing this incredible, simple, seasonal hash inspired by the beautiful organic produce I received from local farmers this week in my organic produce box from Beachgreens. This Celeriac, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash is hearty and comforting and could seriously work at any meal. Great as a side or make it the main event by serving with eggs or another protein of your choice.

Being that I am currently in the middle of an elimination diet with my naturopathic doctor, (that I know you have all heard me mention a time or two in the last few weeks), I have found myself needing to get creative with my meals again, looking to different ingredients, and planning meals without some of my usual foods. As someone who loves to get creative and prefers to always be adventurous with her meals, I rarely find myself eating the same thing twice in a week’s time–this can be challenging when it feels like there are so many limitations. This hash was inspired by the celeriac (or celery root) that literally showed up on my doorstep and it’s the perfect example of a simple meal, made with what I have on hand, celebrating what is in season. How could you ever feel bored with food when you have meals like this?

Celeriac, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

Head on over to 80Twenty to grab the recipe for this gluten-free and vegan Celeriac, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash


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6 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this delicious dish and those kind words! xoxo

    • Beth @ Tasty Yummies says:

      Thank you girl for putting all of your goodness into the world! xoxo So happy to be connected to each other!

  2. All of my favourite roots in one dish – delicious Beth!

  3. Gaby says:

    This hash is perfection! Love your post!

  4. This looks PERFECT. Pinning and making with eggs this week 🙂

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