10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

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10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning // www.tasty-yummies.com

Something that has been very important for my body during this 7-Day Spring Cleanse, but has also been a part of my daily routine for a few months now, is drinking warm lemon water. I have started (almost) every day with a glass of warm lemon water and it has made a huge differences for me. Warm lemon water in the morning helps kickstart the digestion process for the day.  According to Ayurvedic philosophy, choices that you make regarding your daily routine either build up resistance to disease or tear it down. Ayurveda invites us to get a jump-start on the day by focusing on morning rituals that work to align the body with nature’s rhythms, balance the doshas and foster self-esteem alongside self-discipline.

10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

There are many health benefits of lemons that have been known for centuries. The two biggest are lemons’ strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers and their use as a weight loss aid because lemon juice is a digestive aid and liver cleanser. Lemons contain many substances–notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene–that promote immunity and fight infection.


You should be using purified water and it should be lukewarm not scalding hot. You want to avoid ice cold water, since that can be a lot for your body to process and it takes more energy to process ice cold water than the warm. Always use fresh lemons, organic if possible, never bottled lemon juice. I squeeze 1/2 a lemon with each glass and I drink it down first thing before I eat a single thing, or workout, etc.

BONUS: try adding freshly grated ginger or a little cayenne for a boost.

10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

1) Aids Digestion. Lemon juice flushes out unwanted materials and toxins from the body. It’s atomic composition is similar to saliva and the hydrochloric acid of digestive juices. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid that is required for digestion. Lemons are also high in minerals and vitamins and help loosen ama, or toxins, in the digestive tract. The digestive qualities of lemon juice help to relieve symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn, belching and bloating. The American Cancer Society actually recommends offering warm lemon water to cancer sufferers to help stimulate bowel movements.

2) Cleanses Your System / is a Diuretic. Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials in part because lemons increase the rate of urination in the body. Therefore toxins are released at a faster rate which helps keep your urinary tract healthy. The citric acid in lemons helps maximize enzyme function, which stimulates the liver and aids in detoxification.

3) Boosts Your Immune System. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds.  They’re high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium also helps control blood pressure. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) found in lemons demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects, and is used as complementary support for asthma and other respiratory symptoms plus it enhances iron absorption in the body; iron plays an important role in immune function. Lemons also contain saponins, which show antimicrobial properties that may help keep cold and flu at bay. Lemons also reduce the amount of phlegm produced by the body.

4) Balances pH Levels. Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods for the body. Sure, they are acidic on their own, but inside our bodies they’re alkaline (the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized). Lemons contain both citric and ascorbic acid, weak acids easily metabolized from the body allowing the mineral content of lemons to help alkalize the blood. Disease states only occur when the body pH is acidic. Drinking lemon water regularly can help to remove overall acidity in the body, including uric acid in the joints, which is one of the primary causes of pain and inflammation.

5) Clears Skin. The vitamin C component as well as other antioxidants helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes and it helps to combat free radical damage. Vitamin C is vital for healthy glowing skin while its alkaline nature kills some types of bacteria known to cause acne. It can actually be applied directly to scars or age spots to help reduce their appearance. Since lemon water purges toxins from your blood, it would also be helping to keep your skin clear of blemishes from the inside out. The vitamin C contained in the lemon rejuvenates the skin from within your body.

6) Energizes You and Enhances Your Mood. The energy a human receives from food comes from the atoms and molecules in your food. A reaction occurs when the positive charged ions from food enter the digestive tract and interact with the negative charged enzymes. Lemon is one of the few foods that contain more negative charged ions, providing your body with more energy when it enters the digestive tract. The scent of lemon also has mood enhancing and energizing properties. The smell of lemon juice can brighten your mood and help clear your mind. Lemon can also help reduce anxiety and depression.

7) Promotes Healing. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), found in abundance in lemons, promotes wound healing, and is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of healthy bones, connective tissue, and cartilage. As noted previously, vitamin C also displays anti-inflammatory properties. Combined, vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of good health and recovery from stress and injury.

8) Freshens Breath. Besides fresher breath, lemons have  been known to help relieve tooth pain and gingivitis. Be aware that citric acid can erode tooth enamel, so you should be mindful of this. No not brush your teeth just after drinking your lemon water. It is best to brush your teeth first, then drink your lemon water, or wait a significant amount of time after to brush your teeth. Additionally, you can rinse your mouth with purified water after you finish your lemon water.

9) Hydrates Your Lymph System. Warm water and lemon juice supports the immune system by hydrating and replacing fluids lost by your body. When your body is deprived of water, you can definitely feel the side effects, which include: feeling tired, sluggish, decreased immune function, constipation, lack of energy, low/high blood pressure, lack of sleep, lack of mental clarity and feeling stressed, just to name a few.

10) Aids in Weight Loss. Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings. Studies have shown people who maintain a more alkaline diet, do in fact lose weight faster. I personally find myself making better choices throughout the day, if I start my day off right, by making a health conscious choice to drink warm lemon water first thing every morning.


Do you drink warm lemon water every morning? What are your favorite benefits?

I always zest my lemons before I juice them for my daily warm lemon water. I keep a container in the freezer and I just keep adding to it. It’s great to toss into pasta dishes, in salad dressings, etc.

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744 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    How long after drinking the lemon water should you wait to eat or drink anything else? I’m interested in adding this to my routine but don’t have a lot of time before I must be out the door.

    • tastyyummies says:

      Jennifer I have seen differing opinions on this. Some say 12-30 minutes, some say no need to wait at all. Some days I am literally drinking mine while I am making my breakfast, other days, like today, I drink it then workout for an hour, then eat. I guess whatever works for you and your day.

      • shahid says:

        Hi Beth,

        You are beautiful and this article is very helpful. I was also wondering if it’s necessary to wait a few minutes before having breakfast and I have the answer now. Have a good day. Shahid

      • Leakath says:

        Hi Beth, do you know in if drinking pure lemon juice in a shot glass each morning helps you stop smoking. A friend of mine from Mexico said that this a very popular method for stopping smoking in south America. Thanks

        • patty says:

          hi L.!
          I came to this website looking for the benefits of drinking lemon juice in regards to quitting smoking.
          I have been drinking hot water with half a lemons juice and a spoonful of honey for a month now, and it looks like i m quitting smoking even if i didnt intend to..i ve also lost 2,5 kilos too. So, it works super well for me.

          • Anita says:

            Hi Patty,
            Got to this page today only. How much water do you add to your juice?

        • Ananda says:

          how long by taking a shot of lemon juice everyday did your friend take before they stopped smoking?

          • sandy says:

            Hi Ananda .. the best way to give up smoking is by reading Alan Carr’s Give Up Smoking The Easy Way .. brilliant book, I know lots of ppl who gave up with it .. not sure lemon juice is going to help. GL

      • Beverley Palmer says:

        Love this page I read it often, is it ok to have the warm lemon drink more than once a day?


        • THANTHONY says:

          I drink lemon water all day,maybe too much as I have not used a tester??I produce Calcium Oxalate stones so this helps control this problem.Is this too much Lemon? SC

      • Bruno says:

        I drink lemon juice every morning as you descibed. I have been using lemons with just about everything I eat. My mother had lemon and honey ‘tea’ at the start of every day. Always fresh organic, she advised me to do the same. My mother lived to 101 years, in good health. I prepare fresh chilled lettuce with lemon juice and olive oil. Lemon juice on any grilled fish or veal. Steamed veggies or fruit salad, even over ice cream

      • Angela Castro says:

        can you drink pure lemon juice or does it have to be mixed in with warm water.

        • Sennur says:

          Hi Angela,
          yes you can drink pure lemon juice but I advise not to because the acid content is too high in it. It will decay and erode your teeth quickly. That is why you should always dilute it with warm water.

          • Jerry Bynum says:

            When I was a kid 7 or 8 I loved lemons and I ate so many I could not stand for my teeth to touch each other for a day or two. .

      • I am also waiting for the same answer to this question

      • lyndi says:

        I do have to go to the rest room more often. and I burn a little drinking this lemon water ha.. I guess its getting out all the bad toxins?

      • Elena says:

        I live with a Latino and our house is full of limes, we use lime juice on everything. Will lime juice with warm water work the same as lemons?
        Gracias ; )

    • shem says:

      Thanks for the information i never knew lemon has such great benefit to humam. I do take water every morning but without lemon, hence fort i will be taking it with water. Is it advisible for pregnant women to take it and children under three year.

    • Carol says:

      Jennifer you only have to wait a half hour before eating or drinking anything else. When you drink your lemon water make certain that you are drinking it through a STRAW as its very ACIDIC. Being so acidic, it can ERODE tooth enamel.

      • Tom says:

        that cleans the colon and kidney and etc that acidic is not acidic when injested .. trust me me look it up it becomes a good alkiline and cleans up the arteries and fat stuck in our bodies which causes cancer

        read my other thread on the apple test i did that i sent try it the way i did and see what you fine good luck

        that acidic acid cleans your bowels big time ..

        • alice sutton says:

          I love lemom juice, but i use the bottle lemon juice, and it helps me alot, so is it more benefit to use the other.Show would like to know.

          • Linda says:

            I’ve read in several different articles and blogs that bottled lemon juice is not recommended; you actually should be using freshly squeezed lemons – organic ones if at all possible! Being a year later, I’m sure you have resolved this by now! LOL!!! All the best to you! 🙂

      • Miriam says:

        thanks Carol, I was about to ask that. cz I have a problem with my front teeth every time I take lemon water, they become very sensitive. I also take lemon with green tea, is it advisable or does it limits the effectiveness of lemon?

        • Jude says:

          Hi Miriam – I asked my dentist about drinking lemon water and he advised me to WAIT one hour before cleaning my teeth! Apparently if you clean them straight away (like I had been doing thinking that was a good thing to do) you are more likely to damage your teeth because you are brushing the acid into them! He went on to explain that by waiting one hour our body will clear the acid for you. This advice is for all acid foods and drinks.
          I also drink it through a straw when I remember to minimise the exposure (:

          • Sennur says:

            I recently watch a very interesting programme recently, it advice to wait an hour to brush your teeth after eating. The way it explained was very interesting, it said if you don’t wait that length it is like pouring a paint stripper on your car and rubbing it with wire wool. It strips the enamel of your teeth. Since than I always wait an hour, which is not possible to wait after breakfast but I brush my teeth as soon as I get up instead. It has advised if you don’t have time to wait an hour after eating brush your teeth before.

          • Claire says:

            Same thing if you eat anything with spaghetti sauce. Wait an hr before brushing teeth becauseof the acid.

        • MomOfIV says:

          I swish with water for 30 seconds afterwards.

    • Dawn Richardson says:

      Been drinking hot water with a slice of lemon for a couple of years. I use a pyrex glass, 10 mins before my meal helps aid digestion/peristalsis of the gut and is a purifier, great for your immune system Vit C colds /Clears Skin. Can help reduce weight anything is possible. Also VERY SOCIAL..can ask for it in most eating houses.

    • Tahir Rana says:

      Well this depends on what kind of benefits you want to have from drinking lemon. If your body is acidic and you are taking it for getting alkalised , so wait 30 min after drinking. If you are using it as vitamin C tonic, then there is no need to wait, or you can take it right after food. Keep in mind too much lemon can give you a heart burn, in that case just take a glass of any cola to settle down.

      • Bill says:

        Tahir Rana, thats just a myst ….actually Lemon Water drink close the pincer valve and prevent heart burns…..sorry

    • Sam says:

      You should wait for 45 minutes to get the better result .

    • Gazala firdousi says:

      hay, i m ashthmic pasient , so can i use morning lemmon juice tips?…plzz reply me…thnx

    • Susan says:

      I took my first water an lemon this morning an I have a couple of questions. How long do I wait to eat or drink anything else an would it loose the effect if I added green tea or honey instead of plain water

    • Linda says:

      My doctor recommended warm water lemon juice and local honey drink in a m. What is benefit of adding honey. Also u call for purified water. Where do I get that ??

      • AnviGreen says:

        Hey, I use purified water for my Chia fresca diet as well. I simply use one of those filters for Tap water , like Britta Filter or any other brand. Water is crystal clear and filter catches anything that is unwanted:) So I guess that´s what she means as well.

      • AnviGreen says:

        Hey, I use purified water for my Chia fresca diet as well. I guess she means the same one I use- Buy one of those filters for Tap water, Like Brita filter or any other brand. It removes everything unwanted ( bacteria wise) from water- hence purified. One of those filter capsules last for my family for around 2 weeks. For single person probably for a month. Don´t use it longer than suggested in instructions, because you just going to let all the caught bacteria back into water.

      • Heather says:

        LOCAL honey is “supposed” to help combat hay fever. I have no proof. Just something I heard

    • Srinu Thumpati says:

      Just an half an hour

    • jennifer says:

      just drink it everynight and morning trust me you will see very good results

    • Pankaj Bahety says:

      It’s more than a year , I suffered with severe gastro and abdominal disorder, every morning at empty stomach ,started drinking a glass of Luke warm water with half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey, followed by a cup of milk tea ,which I avoided earlier.
      Now I feel good, really it’s working.

    • Helena says:

      I usually drink warm lemon water every morning on empty stomach and add half teaspoon of baking soda ( optional )
      And wait 30 to 45 minutes before having breakfast.

  2. Sarah says:

    I used to drink warm lemon water every morning with a dash of cayenne…not a fan 🙂 I did like it without the cayenne, though. But for me, I just couldn’t get with it for some reason. I’m such a zombie in the mornings! Now I’m really loving the juice of half a lemon in my green tea- SO stinkin’ good! Try it!

    • tastyyummies says:

      Ive done a master cleanse shot with lemon, ginger and cayenne, good in small doses, but I couldn’t do much more than a shot. I love the idea of adding green tea. Maybe I will try that sometime, for a little change. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Darcy says:

    Beth-do you also drink coffee? Just curious. I want to kick the caffeine habit for something more natural and energizing. Just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks!

    • tastyyummies says:

      Hey Darcy – I only drink coffee occasionally, when I am really craving it or just want a little caffeine buzz 🙂 Think super early morning craft fair set up, etc. I used to be a daily coffee drinker and I didn’t like feeling as if I *HAD* to have it, now I just enjoy a cup when I am craving it, usually less than once a week. I would try substituting your coffee with herbal tea or the lemon water in the morning. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, maybe don’t quit it cold turkey, since you could end up with headaches and stuff. Today I tried for the first time an herbal coffee replacement. http://teeccino.com It is naturally decaffeinated, non acidic and tastes like coffee.

      • reba says:

        Just started with the lemon water. Is it ok to add a few grains of Stevia or sugar? I can drink it without but would like it to be a little more palatable!

        • Katie says:

          You’re probably better off adding a spoonful of honey, preferably raw and/or organic. Honey also has many wonderful benefits.

        • cory says:

          I would not add anything to it, and just enjoy the lovely taste of lemon. Refined sugar, can have many negative impacts on your health. and that contradicts the purpose of this wonderful lemon drink! And i’ve personally no idea what stevia contains… i would stay away from the additives!

          • StinkyGorilla says:

            Nice site. I started reading it after searching on benefits of ACV!

            Re: Lemon and adding something sweet: my suggestion would be Local Honey or Black Strap Molasses.

            I actually drink Apple Cider Vinegar, Warm water and Black Strap Molasses. Reading the benefits of Lemon above seem somewhat similar.

          • Lisa says:

            Actually I’ve been using Stevia for years and it’s not bad for you at all it’s actually a natural herbs sweet inner 100% natural so there’s no harm in it

          • Kathy says:

            Lisa, I’ve had a very different reaction from Stevia as have many! I’m trying to get healthier with drinking lemon water,

            As you know, the transition to real food is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. There are bumps in the road. It’s a learning process. One bump in my road toward healing? Stevia.”

            From: Why I Quit Stevia – calorie-free sweeteners | Global Truth

          • Sandra says:

            Hi Cory,
            Just started reading this page and very impressed. Just want to let you know that Stevia is derived from a plant and has nothing artificial in it. Unlike other sweeteners is is all natural.

        • Kelley says:

          You can add Stevia. If you are trying to cleanse your system of Candida, however, you will want to avoid honey, sugar, agave or splenda (contains starches such as Maltodextrin.) Good Luck!!!

      • Debbie says:

        I love teeccino! They have a few different flavors. However, I am hooked on hazelnut.

    • Katie says:

      I brew organic Hibiscus flowers with White tea. Try just white tea, it has the lowest amount of caffeine and the highest amount of antioxidants. It gives me the just the kick that I need to sustain myself throughout the day as I sip on it. I only have coffee occasionally, I use to drink it every day, it upsets my stomach too much and no matter when I drink it affects my sleep at night. I think that it causes my body to be acidic because I am extremely sensitive to caffeine now! Caffeine depletes your B vitamins so take a B vitamin supplement when trying to quit high caffeine consumption as in coffee, this will help combat adrenal fatigue and give you more energy. I take Garden of Lifes B complex and love it because its food created and I can take it on an empty stomach.

  4. Emmy Lou says:

    So funny, years ago when I was living abroad in college I used to do this every morning just because I wanted something to warm me up super early with the sun rise and it was easy-peasy. The mamitas all told what a horrible thing it was and that I would lose too much weight and I (of course) needed to be drinking sugared up tea haha. I might have to get back to this, thanks for the post!

  5. Emily says:

    Thank you for this post! I woke up this morning wanting a lemon water but had no idea about all of the benefits that it offers. I started including a daily fresh vegetable juice each morning, sometimes a veg smoothie instead. Think I’m going to start adding lemon water daily as well =)

  6. Jennifer says:

    I love mine with a bit of honey and cinnamon, do you still benefit as much with these added in?

    • tastyyummies says:

      Hey Jennifer, I am assuming all of the benefits from the lemon are still there, but the added benefits of the honey and cinnamon, but I cannot say for sure since I don’t know. I would definitely be curious. That does sound extra yummy though!

    • Lauren says:

      I enjoy honey and lemon in my water and, of course, in my tea every day. Having local honey in the house has really helped with everyone’s allergies over the past year too.

    • Ash says:

      Honey also aids in cutting the weight down if only if added in a suitable quantity. Plus, honey has it owns benefits. You can add Honey into your lemon water make sure it’s warm as Beth mentioned.


    • Mike Wood says:

      Jennifer, I think I’m going to add a little cinnamon to my warm lemon and honey drink every morning. I know cinnamon helps control blood sugar so it can only provide an additional benefit.

  7. abida sanni says:

    hi i have been drinking the lemon water in the afternoon…i cant drink first thing in the morning…is this okay?

  8. zalfa says:

    lovely blog…great info

  9. Judy says:

    I’ve started drinking warm lemon water first thin in the morning just a week or so ago & am starting to enjoy it… I put in 3 teaspoons of lemon juice ~ is that enough to get the benefits??

    • tastyyummies says:

      Hey Judy, should be yeh but please make sure to use fresh lemon juice, not the bottled stuff. I use the juice from half a lemon and about 10 ounces of water. Hope that helps. Glad you have been enjoying!

      • Judy says:

        Thanks!! Yes, I’ve juiced my fresh lemons and have a little jar with my juice… Also been making lemon water in a pitcher in the fridge for a refreshing glasses of water during the day…

        • tastyyummies says:

          Wow thats great Judy, I am hoping with having a lemon tree here very soon that I will have enough lemons to be juicing them in big batches.

      • Shaun says:

        Hi – why do you think using bottled lemon juice should be avoided?

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Beth: Does it have to be in AM? Can you drink it througout the day?

      • Laura Lee says:

        Love your blog…just found it this morning! Can we use bottled ReaLemon 100% lemon juice? I have been doing that about a month and it seems to be working. But…does it work?! It is just faster and easier for me on the go!
        Thanks for blogging!

      • Haley says:

        I have a question since you have said only use real lemons squeezed in the warm water I was wondering if you have Costco near you? Costco carries organic lemon juice that is sold in bottles that are fresh pressed from Italy. It is pasteurized though so I wonder if that destroys the benefits of the lemon? It only contains 100% lemon juice and no additives and is organic. It seems as close to a the real lemon while offering the convenience of being bottled. Would love your thoughts?

    • Tom says:

      I have been drinking lemon juice and water for 5 yrs i have had friends say too me after not seeing for a while i look the same and when i look at them they dont … so keep on drinking it at my girlfriend house i cutted a green apple …. in half and i dashed lemon juice onm one and not the other on a plate and i placed it on TOP .. of the fridege and they didnt know it was there and i took it out in front of them… and shown them what i did and they were surprized on how the one side was rotten in the green apple and the other was as good as it was cut… it does have strong properties of antioxidants try it out …

      plus i dont put three teaspoons i give it a three second squirt from the bottle which im sure is more then enough for a human being every morning …

      and beleive me i put in once in a while three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with my lemon juice and water and i get the shakes just dropping it all in one shot and i know its cleaing the fat inside my kidneys and liver and colon and etc …. when i go too the washroom i can feel it cleaning inside when i am done .. so try that method.. it will help in the long run in life … it will help absorb foods that you intake and you clean it aswell daily and keep healthy i dont get sick .. last winter one day the year before 2 days and etc for the past five years .. good luck and keep lemons in your life

  10. Buhle says:

    Why is not wise 2 use bottled lemon juice? Please give me clearence on that one…

    • tastyyummies says:

      Because most times bottled lemon juice, isn’t just pure 100% lemon juice, many times it has preservatives added to keep it “fresh” etc. This is obviously altering the natural make up of the lemon , it’s nutrients and consequently it’s benefits. Additionally bottled lemon juice can contain sulphites which a lot of people are allergic to. Hope that helps.

      • lemonless says:

        So if I’m not allergic, will bottled lemon juice have any benefit at all? I’d like to switch to fresh juice, but won’t have access to real lemons until at least next week, and happen to have a few days-worth of bottled on hand.

        • Beth Alley says:

          if you are not allergic to sulphites, just eat grass!!!

        • JustMe says:

          I like Lakewood 100 percent organic pure lemon juice…the closest to the real thing. It is non-GMO, cold pressed, not from concentrate, nothing added. Taste great. One bottle goes a long way. Less expensive than buying lemons all the time and saves time.

          • Mary says:

            It may be close, but it is not the real thing. Any bottled juice is heat treated before being bottled. It is pasteurized for a long shelf life. It has absolutely no health benefits. Anything bottled has a negative environmental impact too.

      • Murali says:

        Any bottled fruit juice is heated for short time and then bottled. That would destroy any enzyme in the fruit. Another important thing we need to watch is heating in microwave. That would destroy many good qualities in the food. For example, garlic heated in the microwave to remove the skin, would lose all its flavor.
        If it is medicinal item, I would not heat in microwave. I would heat the plain water in microwave and then add the lemon and honey to it (ofcourse, I assume, every one heat the water first). Just my 2 cents.

    • regina says:

      Bottled lemon juice contains sulphites.

  11. Iswor G. C. says:

    I think it helps in weight loss.
    I used it for 3 months with cold water, reduced more than 3kg.
    Thanks for suggestion.

  12. Tracie Patrick says:

    Can anyone tell me if I let my daughter 8 drink warm lemon water a couple of times a week if it will interfer with her anibotics that she takes for a immune system problem and she also takes proaboitcs also.. I like the idea of it flushing her kidneys and boosting her immune system but I dont want to over use it on her.
    Thank you

    • tastyyummies says:

      Tracie, I would definitely say this is a question to direct to the doctor who prescribed the antibiotics to your daughter. Likely it will be just fine and daily consumption of the lemon water wouldn’t be over use, it could even help her body in dealing with the antibiotics, etc. But you will want to be 100% sure so you aren’t undoing the effects of the antibiotics, unknowingly. Best to be on the safe side.

    • Bill says:

      Tracie….get your daughter off of Antibiotics…..you can do the same with apple cider vinegar with the “Mother”…or with Colloidal Silver…both are natural products….google both and you will be amazed……FDA now admits that after 70 years…..antibiotics are not the answer.

  13. scotty400 says:

    use a straw when drinking lemon water easier on the chicklets

  14. Karleen02 says:

    I am trying to change my diet & have started with half of lemon in warm water everyday a half an hour before eating brekky if possible. I have also stopped food in the diet like bread, sugar, butter, red meat, by doing just these small things, I have noticed weight starts to drop off. Can anyone suggest some different foods that I could eat for brekky after drinking the lemon water, as I am trying also to lose weight which is always a struggle for me. I cannot exercise like I would like to, as I have a bad knee, although I do try to go to a warm pool to do exercises when I can. My diet has been more sugary than it should be for years, because I have a sweet tooth, I dont want to eat this way anymore & wish I wouldnt succumb to the sugar craving.
    Any ideas.?????

    • tastyyummies says:

      Smoothies sweetened only with fruit like bananas or some dates would be a great breakfast with lots of benefits and it would even help suppress some of the sugar cravings. Also try oatmeal, chia seed puddings, homemade granola or cereal bars. Homemade muffins, scones, baked donuts, etc. Also eggs are great in moderation if you eat them. So many great possibilities. Hope that helps and congrats on the great life changes and the weight loss!

      • Just make sure if you are eating smoothies to put some cereal or berries in the bowl so you it forces you to chew your food…if we don’t salivate on/with our food our body has a harder time breaking it down. Fresh vegetable juices with beets are a great way to start your digestive system on the right path…:)

        • Rebecca Freeman says:

          To aid in the breakdown and absorption of the nutrients in a smoothie, use Pineapple and/or Papya. They have enzymes in them that help you get the most nutrition out of the food you eat.

      • Johanna says:

        I would suggest eating mostly protein for ‘brekky’ for energy. All the carbs in muffins, etc. play havoc with your blood sugar and may make you crave more carbs an/or sugary foods.

      • Roger says:


        I am relatively new to the lemon water having been introduced to it by a lady I work with, now it’s part of my staple morning routine. A breakfast I love and has helped with weight loss is millet porridge, it can be a bit of chore to make but I tend to make up a batch and then freeze it in portions and then just reheat when needed it keeps you feeling full for hours. Various recipes online but I substitute the milk for rice milk in all of them.

    • I would suggest a fruit smoothie with 2TBsp freshly ground organic golden flax seeds added (grind them in a little coffee grinder before adding to the main blender). I have a real sweet tooth as well, and have also cut out all bread – you should find that your sugar cravings will diminish greatly! Bread really stimulates the appetite (which is why I started having smoothies in the morning in the first place) and this new morning routine has really been great – I am getting all my daily fruit in one whack + the flax seed (SO good for you!), it’s quick, easy, and it gives me energy!

    • Natalie says:

      You can always try fruit smoothies. Dates and bananas with berries are my favorite. the dates are super sweet, so you don’t have to add sugar. I also try polenta with dried fruit and Agave nectar or coconut sugar.

    • martha says:

      Hi Karleen2
      I too have a sweet tooth, what Im doing is a smoothie in the morning with a banana, apple, papaya, cinimon, glass of water and 4 table spoons of oak meal. I also cut down on sweets and have lost 15 pounds in 3 months.

    • Beverly says:

      I have lemon water every morning, along with some cinnamon and ginger. A great breakfast that I have most mornings is an egg white omelet: Heat up 1/2 tsp flaxseed oil, and saute 1 clove of garlic. Add 1 sliced mushroom, 1 chopped green onion and 1/8 cup chopped red pepper. Saute until soft and add 1/2 cup greens (spinach and baby kale are my favorite!) Once the greens are wilty, add 1/2 cup egg whites and 1/2 oz cheese or vegan cheese. Season with 1/2 tsp of your preferred spices. I like to experiment with greek seasonings, southwest or provence spices…have fun with it, but avoid salt!

    • William s.Lawubah says:

      I have been using this method (lime in warm water) for the past four years and the result is great

  15. KC says:

    Oatmeal with almonds, eggs, plain Greek yogurt with granola (honey sweetened..no sugar). But my favorite breakfast is a smoothie that includeds chia seeds.

  16. bacsc1236 says:

    karleen02 i also have a very bad knee, i had gotten up to 202lbs the weight was putting to much stress on my knee so i said enough was enough, i started walking slow at first now i can run a mile nonstop i can do squats still cant do lunges yet but i’m working on that as of today i am down 36lbs still have about 40 more to go. There are alot of excerises you can do with knee injuries also i love the lemon water i put 1tsp ground flax in mine

  17. Rosemary Mackey says:

    Hi I would like to know if there are any benefits for health in limes, I love lemon water and drink first thing every day, many thanks for your great website.

  18. Emma says:

    My grandmother was born in 1903 and drank warm lemon water every day of her life. She worked until she was 76…raised 10 children and had the most beautiful skin I can remember. She barely had any wrinkles. My Mom always attributes it to Nana’s warm lemon water habit.

  19. ANN SAULSBURY says:


  20. Ginger says:

    I started doing lemon water (almost) every day back in January, as well as start watching what I eat and controlling portions, cutting out sugars and late night snacking, etc. Long story short, I’ve lost 14 lbs since mid-January! Though I know it’s not the only reason I’ve lost weight, I’ve credited the lemon water for being a huge help in kick starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I feel more energized (equals less coffee!), more hydrated, and just overall better. I do alternate between warm and cold lemon water, and I don’t always drink first thing before anything else but try to still get it in everyday. Thanks for this post; it is full of great information and is even more motivation to continue drinking lemon water!

  21. Charm says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for posting this wonderful tips of lemon. Well, I had been drinking lemon water (freshly cut up lemon pieces soaking in warm water) for about 1 month so far. I do find my joints hurt less as I have gout. I wonder does it help in the overall being of a lupus sufferer like myself? I have fibromyglagia too. I also have heart problems (CAD ~ coronary artery disease)too. My mood seems better after this lemon therapy (I am bipolar). Can my diabete mum reap the benefits as well? Have a nice day !!

  22. Adam says:

    Here is my story: I (45/m) have been taking all vitamins, Calcium, B complex, Omega-3, (stopped taking salts, cut sugar, only Coconut oil) no eggs, half spoon milk 0% in tea. And had my blood pressure (150+/100+) for over a year. You know I do not like visiting doctors.

    Out of nowhere just two days ago I drank water with half lemon juice (no sugar) at night and saw my blood pressure 130/90 in the morning. Now drinking three times lemon water.

    I just bumped onto this blog. Got lot of support. The warm water and green tea ideas are wonderful.

    By the way I have stopped all supplements/tablets in last two days and going fine. I wasted my money on them so far, I guess. First time I saw my blood pressure now touching 127/88. I am so happy believe me.

  23. Grace says:

    Hi, I am super enthusiastic about starting to use lemons in my daily routine. I have very early starts 5 days a week and think warm lemon water will be a better kickstart to my day – rather then the awful instant coffee I currently slurp down!. Just wondering if I can squeeze fresh lemons and freeze it in portions? (Or, will it last in the fridge?) Would that have the same benefits?? I’m worried about not having lemons on hand everyday.

  24. […] Here is a great article on lemon water. […]

  25. BRIT says:


    • Sujeet says:

      Hi Brit, 1/2 lemon in the morning and 1/2 in the evening is usually enough. I always do the 1/2 in the morning with a juicer (it gets all the juice out which is a fair amount). Must say, I don’t always use the other half of in the evening.

      • Suzette says:

        I currently drink 2 teaspoons of vinegar in 10 ounces of lukewarm water every morning. What is the differance switching to 1/2 the juice of lemon?

        • Kelly says:

          SUZETTE S. ??? – How did I find you on here, for Pete’s Sake!! I started lemon water this morning. Thought I’d see what I’m up for! Sounds like nothing but good stuff!

  26. Judith says:

    Hi Beth, thank you. This has been of great help. I started drinking lemon water about a week ago when I decided to go sugar free. However, I just realized I’ve been actually doing lime water. Is there a difference?

  27. […] you on a cellular level and helping your skin look great.   Eat 80+% alkaline.   Drink lots of water with lemon added to it to continually detox and hydrate. If you struggle to eat a really clean diet then seriously […]

  28. Lady T says:

    I love it first thing in the morning, hot of course..I also drink it through out the day..In fact I have a huge pitcher of Lemon water with mint leaves in my fridge…It’s soooooooooooo good!

  29. Adam says:

    (Lemon/Lime) What I found (1) not easy to extract lime juice (2) taste little different. Other than that I see same benefits.

    I have been on lemon/lime water without sugar two+ weeks. Feeling a lot better. I have seen my blood pressure touching 178/122 just two months back. Mostly in 150/100 range over a year. Today I just saw 120/81 and that bring me back here to write my comments. Also cutting on unhealthy diet is very important. Losing my weight. In the last six months I cut 10 pounds. Though I am still over-weight. Need to lose another 10 pounds at least. Just one thing bothering me on how to lose belly fats.


    • Tammy says:

      I was told that you need to do your lemon water and 20 minutes after you need to eat breakfast. It doesn’t have to be a big breakfast a yogurt will do just fine. The reason is that if you skip breakfast your body produces Cortisol which is what is responsible for the belly fat.Just some food for thought. I am just newly doing this myself. I was told this over the weekend by a family nurse practitioner so I am giving it a shot myself. I found this site by looking up the benefits of lemon water and thought I would share what I was told.. Hope it helps. 🙂

  30. I have been taking warm lemon water evry morning and some times even after super,so is it ok to health plz advice me.thanx

  31. Hi,I have beeen taking warm lemon water evry morning and some times even after super isit ok to my health, plz advice me.

  32. Hey, quick question.
    I live in Costa Rica, where we do not have lemons, well we will in a few years thanks to a baby lemon try we “brought” in.
    In any case, we don’t have them here, but we do have sveral types of limes. Do you know if there is much of a difference?
    I’m sure it can’t hurt, but I’d like to know so that I can speak from a place of knowledge when suggesting this to our retreat guests.
    Thanks so much.

    • Rebeca says:

      Hey Mark,
      I dont know in what part of Costa Rica are you from but I was born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica for 21 years before moving to Miami and they do have lemons over there they are called “limones amarillos” I used to get them all the time. Supermarkets have them and also the farmers market.

  33. Almetha says:

    Can I drink the warm lemon juice 3x a day ?
    Would it benefit me more ? Will I get better results sooner

    • flordeliza says:

      One fresh lemon including its skin daily . Blenderized to smoothie consistency will neutralized acids in your stomach, provides you with Vit C, ,regulate you bowel due to pulp that goes along with the juice, decreases inflammation, very food for a lot of thing. Just once daily. Maybe helps cancer growth. Never more than on. Why place on warm water .The benefits is when its fresh.

  34. hemant says:

    I am daily drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning mixed with Honey at 7.00 am. Then i do exercise for around 30 mins, and after getting fresh i take my breakfast Apple and Milk around 8.30 am. So i want to know “how much Minimum gap of time should be between taking lemon water and milk. ? and also is it ok to have milk after drinking lemon water ? “.

    Please advice me.


    • Drinking water with mix lemon mmmm yummy ℓ☺ℓ very interesting , it easy Ў☺ΰr daily activities and makes ɣ☺ΰ want to drink more of nomal water without.lemon this time around,it also help t digest the food ɣ☺ΰ eat and keep ɣ☺ΰ healthy too. i’m very Ђå̝̅p̲̣̣̣̥p̲̣̣̣̥Y̲̅ to be a witness of this formular

    • Bill says:

      Tracie….get your daughter off of Antibiotics…..you can do the same with apple cider vinegar with the “Mother”…or with Colloidal Silver…both are natural products….google both and you will be amazed……FDA now admits that after 70 years…..antibiotics are not the answer.

  35. Juni says:

    Did you drink purely just a squeezed lemon in warm water? Doesn’t it taste extremely sour, is it possible to add some honey in it or add it into other beverages like tea, milk or coco?

    • hemant says:

      yes, you can add honey 1 Spoon… as i m doing the same… honey will change the taste… also honey is good for health…

    • Jen says:

      I add about a tbsp of honey and its great. Only been two days but I thought I had allergies yesterday. At night it turned out to be a cold. Last night and this morning had warm lemon honey water and I feel better. Less congestion!!

  36. Heidi says:

    I’m assuming that lime juice could be substituted for the lemon juice? Also, why not the bottled juice?

  37. Tessie says:

    how long after doing the lemon diet should i notice weight loss ?

  38. Isabel says:

    I’m wondering if it matters if you use just the juice of the lemon or if you put slices of lemon in the water?

  39. Ramsey says:

    I add lemon juice to my tea; 2 bag of black tea, a bag of green tea, 1 table spoonful of honey and 1/2 a lemon. But my question is, why half a lemon?

  40. John says:

    Try 2 scoops of frozen lemon with a dash of chia seeds in a cup of cold water first thing in the morning. Stick a lemon in the freezer for a day or 2. When frozen grate the entire lemon into a small container and stick back in the freezer. This is detoxifying and helps curb hunger. Read up on helth benifits of frozen lemon!

  41. anne says:

    hey there! I just read your blog this time around. And i thought that trying to do this routine in the morning is a great idea.Im gonna have to buy some lemons tomorrow after work haha. Truth is i have a hard time losing weight, I have been gaining weight these past few months now and i am terribly eager to lose these extra pounds of mine. i dont exercise much because im such a sleepy head.But trying to do that lemon drink will probably be helpful to me.Thanks. But hey!one more question, is putting a slice of lemon in your water good too?does it have the same benefit as the first?

  42. jane says:


    i want to loss weight will lemon water & honey will reduce it , and hom much it will take to loss weight .


  43. Annie says:

    Can you substitute limes for a change every once in a while? Great site

  44. imelda says:

    I been drinking warm lemon water every morning for the past 3 weeks, wanted to read more information on it.

    Great information!

  45. Geri says:

    My 16 year old Grand daughter advised me about the lemon and hot water advantages, so I just started this morning. She and I are both very health conscious but I weaken at times as I love my ice cream and sweets. I look forward to following your blog, it’s great. thank you.

  46. […] I am almost done my first day of the detox and am happy to say I did not cheat-woo! I started the morning with a cup of hot/warm water and some lemon. Dr Joshi recommends doing this every morning- check out this link to find out the benefits: http://tasty-yummies.com/2013/03/18/10-benefits-to-drinking-warm-lemon-water-every-morning/ […]

  47. bobot says:

    is it ok to drink the warm lemon water 1 hour after dinner. thanks

  48. Nick says:

    Hello, I have looking for quite sometimes about PH balance & drinking Alkaline water or adding lemon juice to the water. I am suffering from Gout problem since last 3 months. I have flares from last 3 months Dr. Has put me on 40 mg of Urolic to reduce Gout Attack but still I am having episode of pain. I wanted to start with lemon water from tommorow.
    Do you if helps in making blood levels alkaline & helps preventing with Gout Flare ups. I am going to give a try.

  49. praful says:

    I have started drinking lemon and honey with lukewarm water early in the morning and at bed time.It’s improving my digestion.Is it also good at bed time?

  50. Fiso says:

    I do too yes! It’s a habit I have had for a long time but never actually looked into the benefits

  51. Fadi says:

    I do exactly the same but using natural apple vinegar. It is doing miracles to my body

  52. Merry says:

    Hi, I live in Venezuela where we only have limes, no lemons. I’m going to start trying this; I hope the benefits are the same. Does anyone know if limes are alkalizing in the body as well?

    • Fiso says:

      I would imagine they have the same properties

    • Alex says:

      From what I have heard, limes have a very strong alkalinizing properties!! Both are ver good for that. Maybe limes are a tiny bit better just for having a tiny bit less sugar than lemons (which have very little sugar anyway). 🙂

  53. kim says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I have been trying to lose some weight and have a hard time sticking with a plan unless I understand the health benefits. Ive read that drinking warm lemon water is something that I should do every morning, but didnt understand way. Now I do! This is just what I was looking for. Thank you, again!

  54. Mohan das says:

    Lemon warm water absolutely benefits.Can we try it with a little bit of honey?

  55. bayross says:

    Good morning,
    Are there any benefits to drinking lemon water throughout the day, especially toward weight loss? I drink lemon water 30 minutes before I eat and then I keep drinking it throughout the day.

  56. Sue Keldsen says:

    I love homemade lemonade. I add very little sugar. But am gaining weight, so I decided to skip the sugar all together and just drink lemon and / lime water… I don’ t just do it in the morning, I do it all day and night. I have gotten bored with drinking just plain filtered water, so adding lemon juice has helped alot. I wonder, could I be doing harm, by drinking so much. I don’t use a half a lemon per glass, more like a lemon wedge’s worth of juice equaling about a whole lemon or lime a day . Is is to much? I do notice I am feeling better, and have cut sugar out of my diet now that I don’t drink lemonade.

  57. Olguette Momeni says:

    Has anyone experienced stomach pain after drinking lemon juice in warm water?

    • Maria says:

      I just started drinking lemon and hit water yesterday and had some stomach upset. It lasted most of the day. I put several whole slices in the water. I think today I will put only the juice.

    • Rayna G says:

      I was going to ask the same question. I had really bad cramps that lasted 2 days. I quit drinking it and am really disappointed.

      • Isis F says:

        It could be because it is reacting with other food you have eaten during the day or that your body is just not used to it. Keep trying for a couple of days. Also I suggest just a slice of lemon squeezed and then dropped in with a tiny squeeze of honey if you’re going to drink more than once a day.

    • Latania Williams says:

      No I haven’t.


    This is great information i have also started taking warm water with lemon but for over two year every morning i do take fresh orange juice i have seen wonders and i thank God at my age that is 49 years i am very HEALTHY. My message is people should be encourage to take LEMON with warm water and fresh orange

  59. Juin Fleur says:

    I have been drinking this religiously for one month and have seen significant improvement of my acne and no more breakouts, I have regular bowel movements, less pain, significant weight loss without trying and more energetic!

  60. […] 3. Drink a tall glass of water and combine it with half a lemon  squeezed into the water as it cleans out your body and you can feel a sense of refreshment and upliftment immediately from it! also it helps you to control your appetite and naturally stimulate metabolism burning fat and put you on your way to feeling and looking great! […]

  61. Sweety says:

    some people says that when you stop drinking warm lemon water,its cause to gain weight again. is it true?

  62. Cassandra Hargrove says:

    Been doing this regimin for almost a week! Can’t wait to see ALL of the benefits you ladies speak about! Will post update in a month.

  63. YWL says:

    What is the maximum lemon to take in a day ??

  64. Lisa says:

    Hi Beth!
    Thanks for this great list of benefits. I only knew about a couple of the benefits. For a long time now, I add lemon to a glass of water daily. It was amazing how soft and clear my skin was. Plus no stinky smell after sweating, even on a hot day.

    Have a great day and thanks again

  65. […] So I started today with a cup of hot water with lemon and a bowl of quinoa porridge. My boyfriend likes to take the mick out of me for having just hot water and no tea bag but it is known to have many health benefits, including aiding digestion and jump starting your metabolism. Tasty-yummies blog lists 10 benefits to drinking warm lemon water. […]

  66. Vrinda says:

    I am going to gym mainly for weight reduction exercise. I have just crossed first line of obesity. Can I have honey-lemon warm water? If so how much at max.

  67. Renee says:

    WOW! I did not know it was that awesome. I knew there was a reason I LOVE lemons!

    Thank you so much for your amazing post!

  68. Peter says:

    This great information, thank you so much for this.

  69. Grace says:

    I can no longer drink grapefruit juice as it interacts adversely with certain meds. Is there any adverse reactions to drinking lemon and water?

  70. aiyun says:

    hi, thanks for your post, i have start drinking from 1.6.2013 with 3 slice lemon(together with lemon skin) with hot water everyday, is this the correct way to drink? hope u can reply to me. thank you.

  71. Lorraine says:

    Do you know if limes would be just as beneficial? While I do love lemons, I adore limes even more.

  72. Dominique says:

    Hey does the warm water and lemons really help cause I drink it every morning.! But my question is do I have to work out with it or the lemon water burns calories without me working out..!! Should I or should I not work out with it.???

  73. Great article that answered all my questions about water and lemon in the morning – thank-you!! I woke up this morning craving it. I do believe our bodies tell us what they need!

  74. robert says:

    Drinking pure water helps defeat cancer…for more info on water purification, here is a good site science of Water.

  75. Lorraine says:

    I found this website discussing the benefit of lemons vs limes:
    ” Benefits of Lemons
    Per 1 oz. of juice, lemons have 14 mg of vitamin C and higher anti-inflammatory benefits than limes. Vitamin C is beneficial for detox as it helps the liver to produce glutathione, which is regenerative and helps the liver to process toxins and eliminate them. Lemons are alkalizing, like limes, and have a fresh, bright, tangy flavor.

    Benefits of Limes
    Limes contain 9.2 mg of vitamin C per 1 oz. of juice and still have a positive effect on inflammation due to their alkalizing qualities, although not as much as lemons. Limes do contain higher levels of calcium and vitamin A, but not significant enough amounts to be of any benefit. Limes have a great fresh tropical flavor.

    Which One to Use?
    Both lemons and limes have similar nutritional profiles, but as lemons have slightly higher contents of certain vitamins, they could be more beneficial to detox. However, limes still contain the same compounds, and if you are getting bored of using lemons for your detox program, limes can be a great substitute for flavor. They both work with detox programs such as the master cleanse and can be interchanged for variety.
    Read more: Lemons Vs. Limes to Detox | eHow http://www.ehow.com/way_5834092_lemons-vs_-limes-detox.html#ixzz2WDmwnFmY

  76. Lorraine says:

    As for grapefruit v lemons or limes, I asked a pharmacist. Please talk to your pharmacist or doctor before trying this, since I am NEITHER!
    Grapefruits have an a number of compounds in them that inhibit the drug-metabolizing enzyme isoform CYP3A4 predominately in the small intestine. That breaks down a lot of medications and causes your body to react differently than without the grapefruit.
    Lemons and limes do not contain these compounds and therefore are usually safe. BUT, again, check with your medical professionals before adding anything new to your diet.

  77. Aisha says:

    I’ve been using lemon water as an alternative to water itself. I prepare a pitcher of water with slices of lemon and sometimes leave it overnight in the fridge. Would you know if it’s still safe to drink it after 3 days of it being inside the fridge?

  78. N.purushottam says:

    I have started drinking lemon water with honey my pot belly reduced by 2 ” in three months time good results I am sooooooooo happy

  79. David says:

    Great article! Thank you for sharing tips of how to live better. I started drinking lemon with warm water a few weeks ago every morning and I do really enjoy it.

  80. Khaled says:

    Hello All,

    I’ve been struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the last 7 years, two weeks ago I tried to drink a cup of warm water with lemon in the morning.. and for the first time since 7 years I’m feeling normal again ..

    I wish to tell everyone with IBS about this (while I know it’s not necessarily that what works for me will be good for them but it worth a try) because I really know how hard it is to live with IBS.

    Tip 1. I wait 30 minutes before eating after drinking the warm water.

    Tip 2. I started to feel good in the 3rd or 4th day.

    • Manda says:


      I suffer with IBS too. I just started warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice this morning. I feel pretty good today but as you know, diet also affects the way we feel as well. I am hoping that the warm lemon water will keep me regular, which is something I haven’t been with IBS, I’m the mixed type. I am glad to see its working for you.

  81. […] crave lemons everyday and I’m not pregnant. This new phenomenon was triggered by an article I read online about two months ago that claimed lemon water was magical. It can alkalize your […]

  82. Palesa says:

    Hi,great thoughts we share,i have been drinking lemon juice for quite some time now,i have a good digestive system n my weight is totally up to standard as well as my skin,warm lemon water is the way to go…you wont regret this!!!

  83. Monica says:

    I have been drinking lemon water for abut one week. I drink a 32oz of water first thing in the monring with a whole squeezed lemon. Is that ok?

  84. Jim says:

    I have been drinking lemon water for about 30 years now. Never knew that I was taking care of my body so well. There would be times when life got in the way and I did not enjoy the nectar of the Gods and within a few days I could tell the difference. Though I prefer the water to be a bit cooler as it soothes my throat and since it causes the body to work harder I lose more of the unwanted weight my thyroid problem has caused. Thank you.

  85. Denise says:

    I LOVE lemon water!! I use it whenever i drink water and green tea. My favorite is hot green tea with a few drops of lemon, and half a teaspooon of honey… soooo wonderful!!

  86. Tracey says:

    Hi I’m pregnant with my first pregnancy and drink warm lemon water every day to help with morning sickness – just the lovely smell of lemons helps sooth the nausea and I now love it – I don’t think I could go back to tea and coffee again. I now add 1 teaspoon of nz manuka honey and its delicious. Such a soothing yet refreshing way to start the morning. I do sometimes pour boiling water over the lemons – why is this not advised?

  87. Sandra says:

    Hi there,
    I have been drinking lemon straight in the morning, for about two weeks, I love it,then I would have a cup of peppermint tea,
    but I’am breaking out in pimples ??? Help!!

  88. Clarabelle says:

    Hi Tastyyummies…..I drink lemon juice (fresh) in sparkling water, and love it. Is it still good for you if it’s with sparkling water? I can see the difference in my skin and eyes and feel so much better!

  89. Naahiaan says:

    I really want to try this so bad! but weight loss wound not be that easy.. but after reading all this I want to try it!!!

  90. diana castillo says:

    since you mentioned that it eases absorption of iron, is it safe to have my iron supplement in the morning with lemon water?

    • tastyyummies says:

      Hi there Diana, this is a question I would ask your doctor or medical professional. I try not to make too many specific healthy claims to individuals on this site as I am not a medical professional or a certified health coach, etc. I hope you understand.

    • Jamie says:

      Regarding the absorption of iron, I recall having pernicious anemia when I was in college. I took an Rx form of iron mixed with Vitamin C for better absorption of the iron. Based on
      that, lemon-water should help or at least not interfere with an iron supplement. BUT it seems to me for anyone who questions the effects of combining lemon-water with something else, better to separate the two things just in case.

  91. Roger says:

    Question to the Rxperts:

    Does adding sugar to lemon water negate some or all of the benefits ?

    • tastyyummies says:

      I would advise against adding sugar. Sugar isn’t healthy for you and yes, it would likely negate many of the wonderful benefits of the fresh organic lemon. If you need to have sweetener, consider a splash of honey or maple syrup, but I would suggest going without to reap the full benefits.

  92. […] For the top 10 list of reasons to drink lemon water in the morning visit Tasty Yummies […]

  93. xam says:

    I juice several lemons, a large piece of ginger, a hint of raw organic honey, & a healthy dose of milk thistle for good measure (+ purified water using a British Berkefeld filter). I drink it cold, as i enjoy it better that way. Honestly, i don’t think it’s that taxing on my system to process a bit of cold water on a hot summer day. This has become a favorite & vital drink for me.

  94. Mary says:

    I have started drinking lemon water for the past week and have had terrible bloating ever since. Could the lemon water cause this? I do not usually feel like this and the lemon water is the only change I can think of.

    • Patricia says:

      I’ve been having the same problem, im bloated and sometimes constipated, (half a lemon squeezed in warm water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach) i’m also wondering if this is the reason, that’s why i’ve been reading articles on the matter. Reading all the testimonies posted on this page got me really confused to whether to continue or stop… I would also like to know if this drink can cause an ulcer especially since its taken on an empty stomach. I would highly appreciate a clarification on the matter.
      Thank You

  95. Gary says:

    I have just started drinking the warm water and lemon this week and have already notice the difference in skin and mood. I am begining to love it and will continue. Thanks TastyYummies.

  96. […] For a complete explanation of the above benefits see: 10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning. […]

  97. REX says:

    Last year and before that, I frequently get tonsilitis (almost monthly! which is very painful by the way and wakes me in the middle of the night) and immediately followed by high fever and after that is a very long tormenting flu, But after drinking lemon water starting this year (almost 7 months), i have noticed by the LONGEST TIME that i have not gotten sick. I swear to GOD this is true and very effective. So if you want to improve your immune system, start drinking lemon water. Thank you God for providing us your grace.

  98. […] Here is a site that talks about the health benefits of drinking hot lemon water every morning. […]

  99. I want to improve my self by taking these good habits.

  100. Mercy Dawa says:

    yes, green tea and lemon tastes good, but I have a problem with it. when ever I take it with my Green tea in the morning, by the time I go to urinate in the evening am having a burning sensation in my virgina. what should I do?

  101. […] To see more on this check out my favorite blog written by Tasty Yummies I found on this subject here. […]

  102. Anelito says:

    We have had plenty of ‘homemade’ lemon juice in the freezer (lemon ice cubes) and I’ve just tried to put one cube…or more…in cold water (as it is very hot here in Greece in the summer) . It is alright? The same benefits with the warm lemon water? and fresh juice? Any bad effects to expect? Will be the same effect for weight loss, too? Thank you!

  103. Cat says:

    Have been trying this for a while and am loving my smooth skin. I drink hot water with one whole lemon in the morning and sometimes at night too, as I find it suppresses my appetite somewhat, and big dinners and desserts are my downfall.
    Find it hard to get just the juice out of my juicer thing, so end up drinking some of the lemon as well, but that can’t hurt, right?
    Good helath to everyone and keep drinking!

  104. Leena Khalid says:

    Years ago I started drinking lemon water. I simply used to squeeze one lemon in one glass of water. When I followed the routine for about two , three weeks my skin became glowing, all the blemishes vanished. I could feel my skin looked fair as well. Now I again want to follow this. Please tell me the side effects of it.

  105. Terry says:

    Does it have to be warm water or will room temp water give the same benefits? I live in the south and warm drinks are not always the best during the summer.

  106. h. gaston says:

    I would like to know how much lemon juice I should use or have in one day. You you please help.

  107. Thomas says:

    I squeez flesh lemon and bottle it,and keep it a fridge I want know if it is ok for me to do that

    • Lissa says:

      just freeze your lemon juice in a ice cube tray and you have fresh squeezed lemon daily almost 1 once..it does loose benefits if we just keep it bottled in fridge ..hope this helps

  108. Heather says:

    Is one glass in the morning enough or do you drink it throughout the day? Have never tried but want to start to see if it perks me up throughout the day. Great info here, thanks.

  109. Anahisa says:

    Is it ok if I use a lime?

  110. […] Since this week is focused specifically on drinking water, I thought this would be the perfect post to share. For the full post head over to Tasty Yummies! […]

  111. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the helpful post. One question: how do you define “purified” water and where/how do I get it?

  112. heidi brosas says:

    i started drinking lemon water with cayenne pepper 2 months ago. i was 175 lbs. i am now 156 lbs!!! it works!! my sister in law just gave me a bunch of mint leaves. and i read that there are a lot of benefits in that too!! so today is my first day drinking lemon water, cayenne pepper. and mint leaves. i have to tell you all that it works!!!!! lemon water works!! i got sick the other day with a cold. i took no medicine!!! and my cold only lasted 24 hours!! my cure…. more lemon water with cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of honey!! i wish i knew this long time ago!!! this stuff is amazing!! and all natural!! i used to drink coffee all the time! (a caffeine addict) but i have cut it all out!! the only thing i drink is this!! warm lemon water and cayenne pepper!

    • chichi says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this tip with the cayenne pepper. i’ve only tried it for about 3 days now and i can tell you that its working !!! was @ 175 thereabout and today am @ 169.2 AMAZING!!!!! Everyone should try this!! The first time i drank it i thought i was going to puke but within a minute i was all better and havent experienced anything again. I havent changed my diet still take my carbs, vegies and fries when i can but bottom line. THIS IS IT!!!

  113. Penny says:

    I had no idea that lemons had so much good to offer, thank you for sharing! I will have to use organic bottled lemon juice until we get a press.

  114. Sai says:

    Hi.. I have been drinking lemon water for more than 2 weeks , and experienced 1 kg weight loss.. Thanks

  115. Brian says:

    How many times a day should or can you drink lemon water or just on glass a day?

  116. fadhila says:

    Is it true daily intake of lemon causes bone thinning? And eventually corrodes your bones? A friend of mine is trying to discourage me from my daily lemon drink?

    • simon says:

      Hi ,i just started today on this lemon juice programme , i am determined to stick with it to see if it will rid me of this cold that i have had for over a month , i already have a juicer which was not being used so now hopefully it will be on the go alot !! also i am keen to see what other health benefits it will bring my way ,, thank’s so much to tastytummies for showing me the light !!

  117. Vell says:

    Why not already squeezed lemons?

  118. a says:

    Hi..I m 17 years old .and I have a lot of problems regarding my skin and weight..I think after reading these comments I should try lemon water.may b I goona love it-:)

  119. Sonia says:

    While some people don’t think you would reduce the benefits of lemon water by adding tea, milk thistle, honey…the whole point is to have it some time before ingesting anything else. If you start adding substances to it, would that not, logically, reduce some benefits?

  120. Laura says:

    When I first started drinking lemon water, I noticed a strange, almost burning sensation, in my neck for a few days. Maybe this was unrelated, but I felt like it was my lymph nodes detoxing. Anyone else experience anything similar?

  121. margarito says:

    This is so true!!! I have a colleague who gave me a lemon and it replenish my human hormones. But most importantly my colleague is happy and inlove again!

  122. […] After doing some research on in internet about detoxing and resetting your own body I stumbled upon this article on http://www.tast-yummies.com. Beautiful B. explains why drinking warm water with a dash […]

  123. joe giambruno says:

    Hi I’m ready to take these and I’m wondering how long should I wait to have breakfast after drinking lemon juice with water also just to let you know I take pure unflavored whey protein isolates half an hour my breakfast many thanks

  124. jean frances bersabal says:

    i was so glad about this lemon juice in the morning, my mood swings are different and it seems i felt better light than before.. and i get much energetic now and not feeling tired of doing something it was a very complement!

  125. Great article. I’ve always drank water with lemon (got it from my mom) and always at room temperature. For whatever reason, I just don’t like drinking cold water. I find overall I feel better when I drink a nice glass of water with lemon before working out in the morning, but I was kind of oblivious to any health benefits it actually had. I used to be a big coffee drinker, but have reverted back to my old medicinal tea drinking ways (and I feel better and have more energy) and I always use lemon in my tea and nothing else (nope, not even honey or sugar–just lemon). I agree with you on using fresh lemons. I keep no less than 10 lemons in my kitchen in a weeks span because I use them so frequently in my water and tea. However, I am slightly concerned with the effect it may or may not have on my teeth enamel. Do you have any knowledge on that? My dentist hasn’t given me any warnings, so maybe I need not be worried at all.

    Glad I found your article/blog. I’ll be sure to also follow you on Twitter.

    • Elix says:

      Hi Naomi,

      I’ve also started on lemon water and I worry about the same thing! Whether it will have effect on the teeth enamel. Some websites do mention that sipping on acidic drinks on frequent basis will cause enamel erosion..

      How long have you been on lemon water? Would you have any advice for me?

  126. ChiChi says:

    I usually take mine cold. i basically put it in a bottle and freeze up and drink it afterwards. Are you saying that taking it cold will not give me same results? cos am hoping to loose weight and boost my immune system as well.

  127. Sydney says:

    What about drinking it in the evening before going to bed. Does it work?

  128. yasmin says:

    Do you have to drink it in the morning can’ t you just drink it any time of the day?

  129. Aleeza says:

    I am so glad to read your nice post and I appreciate your tips which you shared with us. I would like to subscribe to your site. May you be blessed with good health and longest life. I wish you a good luck. May your site be successful. Keep rocking. Thank you so much.

  130. Neeraj Agrawal says:

    Hi Beth,

    I regularly drink luke warm lemon water with little honey in it. I have two questions first is thats its result is not the same ith me every day, sometimes it gives me a smooth bowel movement and sometimes i still feel constipated. What could be wrong in the process? Second is that one of an ayurvedic practitioner told me that drink lemon first thing in the morning could cause joint ache and other related ailments. To what extent is that true? Please guide.

  131. […] to Ms. Beth from Tasty Yummies, do read her post here: http://tasty-yummies.com/2013/03/18/10-benefits-to-drinking-warm-lemon-water-every-morning/ . She explains to you with each of the […]

  132. Liz says:

    I’m interested in trying this, the benefits sound amazing. I don’t want to lose any weight though, so is this still a good idea for me?

  133. Forrest says:

    I’ve been drinking half a bottle of luke warm water with 1/4 fresh lemon juice squeezed into it. I have to admit I saw immediate effects, such as improved focus at work and dimenished anxiety, which is great. However, i’ve been noticing slight headaches associated with it. Is that something that could have been caused by the water or is it probably somethine else? Thanks for your time.

  134. raju says:

    can i drink lemon water morning after & night it hepls in faster weight loss or not plz tell me

  135. Tracy says:

    I know it says to use fresh organic lemons , which can sometimes be hard to get, but I use glass bottled organic lemon juice and it’s kept in the frige…… just wondering if keeping it cold messes it up?

  136. sylvia vata says:

    i usualy put half or full lemon on warm water plus one teaspoon of tealeaves and same amount of sugar.do i get the same benefit of lemon and warm water?

  137. Joslyn says:

    Wow! I can personally agree with that! I have three glass jars with fresh lemon slices and water sitting outside receiving some electrifying energy from the sun at the moment. Once it has soaked in the sun for some hours I enjoy my hot lemony detox. Afterwards I feel hydrated and energized for the day. I have been keeping up this daily routine for the pastmonth nd notice how radiant my skin has become. I spend less time on the toilet and am very regular. This to could also contribute to the fact that I consume high amounts of fruits and veggies and drink no dairy. Drinking warm lemon water daily is a cheap health remedy to a many ailments. You should try it!

  138. […] To get all the details on these 10 benefits, check out this great website: http://tasty-yummies.com/2013/03/18/10-benefits-to-drinking-warm-lemon-water-every-morning/ […]

  139. […] breath. Adding a little lemon to your water is a great way add some flavor and still have the same health […]

  140. For getting healthy body there are several ways are there, in them best way is to drink warm water with lemon. The above all information is very true, i am using this juice daily, i got great results with this.

  141. Zoe says:

    Thanks for this, i usually take the industrial bitter lemon, is it good also? Does lemon cure heart burns?

  142. Taylor says:

    Heat destroys vitamin C though, so i would use cold water, or if making ginger tea(or any herbal tea) , make the tea, then ice it down to a little over room temp. then add the lemon juice.

  143. […] Bring your own lemons! […]

  144. Stacy says:

    Is drinking Hot lemon water just as beneficial as drinking Warm lemon water??? Thanks

  145. Annie says:

    I juiced a dozen lemons, froze half and am using the other half to kickstart my day. By juicing I can maximize how much I get from each lemon! I add pulp to water into which I cut a cucumber and drink that throughout the day.

  146. Martha says:

    Thank you for sharing this information .Please continue to share any health informatin with us prevention is better tha cure.

    Be blessed.

  147. Tony says:

    Hi I used to do this regularly a few months back, however I noticed since drinking Warm Lemon water my hair started to fall out more regularly, When I read about this I was rather surprised to hear its not good for those who are either loosing hair or are seeing thinning in their hair. Would like to hear about your views on this.



  148. Marni Andriani says:

    I’m still breatfeeding my son (6mo). Is it okay to drink lemon water?
    Thank you,

  149. Riarna says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing this! I think I’ll give it a go. Can you have Honey with it?

  150. Rashid Iqbal says:

    Great drink – first thing in the morning; later in day it lifts your spirits!!! Do try.

  151. melissa says:

    just started drinking lemon water, how long does it take to start seeing results and that ?

  152. Fai asher says:

    Hi Beth,
    would it be ok if I dip 3 slice of lemon add up warm water in a bottle and bring to work cause i got no time to drink in the morning at home?

  153. Ramu says:

    How may kilos can i expect to drop by drinking warm lemon juice 1st thing in the morning? I do have a decent diet, and also walk a lil,

    Kindly advice me, Ramu

  154. Carolyn says:

    Tastyyummies; I am looking for something that can help me control my eating , get healty, get off blood pressure pills and loose weight. I came upon your website and after reading the information I got excited to know a lemon can give me a lot of what I’m looking for. Thanks for the posting.

  155. tony says:

    I’m having half lemon every morning before break first do I have the same benefits as to lemon juice and warm Water

  156. Sarmad says:

    Hello Beth,

    What’s this master cleanse shot you have written about ? How does one go about it & for how long does one do it?


  157. AMANDA says:

    I squeeze one lemon into a container and then poor over ice and add about 10 oz of cold water with one pack of sweetener, I do this twice a day…..and I have noticed major changes already. I don’t like warm lemon water but love cold, I m sure it don’t matter that much if its cold or warm your getting the same in your body……

  158. Ron says:

    Hi, My darling wife and i have been drinking warm lemon water in the morning now for just three days, we also only eat a salad for lunch and dinner, no breakfast only the occasional piece of fruit if we feel hungry before lunch, we have cut back on coffee, soda and dairy and we both feel fantastic and we are sure we will be in tip top shape from now on.

  159. monira says:

    lemon water really helps to reduce weight …. i want to reduce my weight very badly

  160. Eva says:

    I’ve started drinking water with added lemon every morning for about a week,it feels great,but my only concern I have is the loosing weight part since I’m a very slim person and short I’m 4’10 and weight 95 pounds even after 3 kids I do have a under active thyroid but surprisingly I’m not over weight what so ever.by the way I also rub the left over lemon on my face,I read lemon does help brighten skin and clears out scars.thank you.

    • Kelley says:

      Yes I do this as well. It helped to get rid of dark spots and even out my skin tone. To me it is like a natural retain a. By the way years ago when I was younger I used retain a from dermatologist and it seems the lemon juice worked faster and I didn’t have to worry about being out in the sun. Lemon juice can also give your hair highlights if you want too.

    • AL says:

      hey EVA…3 kids and only weigh 95lbs…..wow you go girl

  161. prisca says:

    can we take lemon juice at nite before we sleep?

  162. Melissa Fairy says:

    Hello there I like to boil the jug leave it to cool a bit then add a fresh half lemon to mug squeeze a wee bit, but just leave the half to soak in the hot water till it just warm then drink it up is this ok? is the lemon skin good from me too? just wondering 🙂

  163. […] There are a number of sources that site improved digestion, increased energy, stronger immune system, increased brain and nerve function, a reduction in acne and improved weight loss.  In addition, you’ll likely get your daily vitamin C from just one glass. I really like this summary from tasty-yummy.com. […]

  164. Farai Muza says:

    I am diabetic, I do take lemon juice everyday in the morning and add some lemon juice in my teas about three times a day. Is it advisable ? Please help me. What are the benefits ?

  165. greta says:

    I found that warm water and lemon is one of the most healthy habit I can have, every morning I have much more energy… And I think that alkaline diet is too important to prevent our body from serious illnesses such as cancer.

  166. waleed says:

    Hey thanks for the lvelly article!!! i drink daily half lemon with grean tea early in the morning for weight loss and same in the night before sleep.!!! in one month my weight loss results are incredible but i want to know are there any side effects of lemon with warm water .!!!

  167. Kharishma says:

    How long till you see a difference in weightloss since drinking this?

  168. rachel says:

    Hi Beth i have been taking lemon water for a while now and really enjoy the benefits, my skin glows and i am so full of energy but i am noticing the weight loss, i am already slim and dont want to loose any weight, is/are there suggestions for me on what to do to keep taking it while not loosing weight? PLS REPLY

  169. Cassi says:

    I can’t seem to really ever drink warm water even with lemon. It tastes like paper to me. Am I alone in this? For me the colder the water the better.

  170. […] more into it!  Lo and behold, Lauren Conrad and many others are raving about this simple combo in blog after […]

  171. Kae says:

    I am so happy that I found all this great information regarding lemon but I was wondering can
    Lime Juice Used for the same benefits to ? Because I love limes
    More than lemon!!!

  172. […] know, it isn’t much of a secret that lemon is good for you, but the benefits of warm water with lemon are out of control! A cup a day usually keeps me feeling and looking good. […]

  173. Karuna says:

    I started having Lemon along with Honey in Luke Warm Water to reduce weight. But from last 2 days I am feeling stomach ache. Can anybody suggest what to do now. Is it not suiting me.

  174. Lisa says:

    I have done some reading on this subject and Am also a drinker of lime or lemon water for a long time. Here’s some answers to questions:
    1. Lemons and limes can both be used.
    2. Sweeteners should not be added because this changes the alkali zing effect of the juice, making it acidifying.
    3. Time should elapse after drinking to allow it to empty out of the stomach alone. Do not eat, or drink other things with it. I wait at least 15 min but 1/2 hour is probably better.
    4. Many of the side effects mentioned are prob detox reactions as one’s liver starts to cleanse.
    5. Benefits start immediately but may not be seen for awhile due to the above.
    6. You should use at least 1/4 lemon in a cup of water. More is better. I do 1/2 lemon in 8 oz because of the taste issue. Def. rinse your mouth w a little warm water after drinking to save your teeth.
    7. Can be done anytime; however doing first thing in the morning has greatest benefits because your body is already in detox mode.

  175. Michelle says:

    is 100% pure organic lemon juice that has already been squeezed that comes in a glass container ok…?

  176. Amberly says:

    Can you add honey to your water? I am one of the odd ones that does not like lemons so I add honey. Is this ok?

  177. Judy L. says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post! A few tips for those who are interested:

    My Procedure:
    I buy the big bags of lemons, (organic if possible other wise conventional…it’s better than NO lemons). If I need more zest, I zest them and store the zest in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Then using an electric juicer I juice the entire batch. I pour the juice into ice cube trays, which mine contain 2 Tbsp/cube. Once frozen I transfer them into a freezer container. If I haven’t zested the lemons first, I throw the rinds into a large glass jar and fill with white vinegar. After a couple of weeks this lemon vinegar is GREAT for cleaning, stain removal, and is a GREAT hair rinse! I use a 1:1 lemon vinegar to water. Having the frozen lemon cubes makes having your morning warm lemon water easy, just pop a cube in a cup of hot water. For me, it works better than coffee for waking my body and mind up, and it settles my stomach so I actually feel like eating breakfast.

    RE: Bottled Lemon Juice
    Also, (and her is my chemist side coming out), freezing allows for storage without degradation of the Vit C. Vitamin C starts to break down really fast when in contact with oxygen (I’ve done titrations where it’s dropped by as much as 50% in 30 mins). As for those bottles of lemon juice, they add sulphites and sometimes ascorbic acid (chemically stable Vit C) is added back into it to make up for the loss of natural Vit C. It is NOT a replacement for the real thing, and people with sulfa- allergies really need to watch out. Ultimately, anything you buy pre-juiced in a store will have FAR less “active” Vit C than juicing fresh at home; store bought uses chemically stable Vit C, which then you might as well just take the tablet. And from personal experience, taking a Vit C pill in the morning just doesn’t have the same effect and drinking it fresh. Ultimately, do your own experiments and do what works best for you. 🙂

  178. Tony says:

    HI, I have recently starting drinking half of squeezed lemon and lime in a large glass of cold water. I was advised to do this by the chiropractor I recently visited due to a strained back through weight training. Although it tastes very nice and when I am fit enough again to train, I will take this mixture to training as opposed to just water. The only concern I have is I have noticed I do have more gas than normal, is this the case from the drink or is it just me?

  179. Beth says:

    Hello. I have stage IV breast cancer. I have taken so many different types of medications and been through chemo. I had breast cancer that spread to my liver and bones. I heard that drinking lemon water would help flush out the cancer like some of the chemo drugs I once took. I read that lemon water was as strong as some chemo drugs at getting rid of toxins. I usually drink the lemon water in the morning before or after breakfast, with a straw. I use cold water. I guess I will start using warm water. I just started a new medication and hoping it will work, and want to continue with the lemon water. Have you heard anything about lemon water helping with cancer?

  180. Nany says:

    Hi Beth,

    whether tummy will reduce due to this process? please help me

  181. Manjit says:

    I have just started with luke warm with lemon and honey in the morning. its a really blessed feeling of getting lighter day by day. Its an amazing and priceless way of nurturing the body fundamentals.

  182. Sally Hutson says:

    I cannot always get lemons where I live. Can limes be used?

  183. jennet galias says:

    Hello Beth! Thank you very much for your blog, it helps me a lot especially in my bowel movement. I’ve undergo a 4 CS and my bowel movement is not normal since then but as I started the warm water and lemon in the morning, it amazed me. Before my morning is not complete without a cup of coffee but now things change, A CUP OF WARM WATER AND LEMON MAKES MY LIFE COMPLETE.

    Again Thank you very very much.

  184. Silvana says:

    Hi Ive been looking into lemon water and honey water. From what I read for lemon water it’s best to have it room temperature. But for honey water warm water.

    Can I have both? If so which one first?
    I don’t want to mix as I hate the lemon water warmer than room temperature. Is it ok so have one after the other? I’ve been told both are great help to losing weight and natural energy. I’ve also been told to add cinnamon to the honey but it has to be a specific type!

    What so you think is the best way to incorporate these together?

  185. Alok says:

    Hi Beth, thanks for this valuable information. Does it also helps in allergy remediations like pollen allergies or food allergies?

  186. ram says:


    Just wanted to know if I can take this even after I eat. Let us say if I take Lemon, honey and warm water at 8pm in the evening.

  187. Zaina says:

    This is one of my favourite morning rituals. If I go a day without it I notice a difference in my skin and overall health. Seems to be great at controlling appetite, poly skin, and digestion 🙂 here’s a tip: juice a bunch of fresh lemons and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. Really cuts down on precious time in the morning! I was also wondering if it would help to add ginger or honey (or both)… Would make it a lot tastier and I’d like to get my daily dose of honey in to get the benefits..

  188. teena osazuwa says:

    i am from Nigeria. lemon is not a common fruit in my region rather we have lime which i have substitued for lemon. does lime have same effect with lemon? Also recently i had to take a break from drinking it when i read an article by some doctors that drinking lemon or lime juice causes infertility. How. true is this?

  189. Jeny Smith says:

    I drink 2 glasses regularly in the morning before workouts to keep my system hydrated and clean and get me ready for the go. I simply loved the article.

  190. Adriana says:

    Is it safe to drink lemon water when you are having your period?

    • MomOfIV says:

      I have noticed that lemon water affects my period by making it lighter or skips it all together, depending on how much I drink. A half medium-sized lemon in warm water daily will skip a cycle for me. I don’t know what affect it has on ovulation, but it definitely affects my menstrual cycle. I drink 1/4 of a small lemon in warm water 2-3 times after my period. My preference is to drink the lemon water for its benefits without it affecting my cycle.

  191. Cris says:

    Lemon is not really something you buy in the market here in my country. It is a bit expensive, and only sold in groceries. Would you advise me to replace lemon with lime instead?

  192. […] Drink a glass of water – Water is nutrient essential for life and after fasting for nearly 8 hrs you want to make sure to replenish what makes up about 75 percent of your body weight – water! You will feel refreshed and energized! Learn more bout all the benefits here! […]

  193. […] for a number of reasons, which Beth of Tasty Yummies has outlined really well in her post on the benefits of drinking lemon water every morning. You’ll help your digestive system flush toxins, ease inflammation, re-hydrate and give yourself […]

  194. Sandy says:

    What about drinking warm water with lemon throughout the day? Any reason why just first thing in the morning?

  195. Ans Watkins says:

    I love lemons, use it everyday in my water for the day. I feel good and the water tastes so much
    better. Thanking you for wonderful info.

  196. Peter says:

    The lemon is amazing fruit!! If you want a trick to get more out, check this! http://www.healthot.com/healthy-trick-get-lemon/

  197. Micki says:

    started Oct 1 drinking warm water w/slice lemon. Have not had any heartburn since. Great way to start the day.

  198. Elyse says:

    Can warm lemon water help with mental clarity?

  199. Mark Gideon says:

    Is this fresh lemon and warm water suitable for pregnant women?

  200. Ameerah says:

    Hi, i recently started drinking warm lemon water in the morning with a hint of honey. My question is that, can i substitute normal water that i drink during the day with a light cold lemon water? I am trying to lose weight and just want to know if it is a good practice or it will contribute to too much acidity in me.


  201. Amanda says:

    Hi Beth,
    Love this article, thank you for writing it.
    I have been drinking warm water with lemon in it for years. I honestly don’t know what started my obsession with it LOL I get some crazy looks and/or many questions why I do it but it works for me. A few years ago I got a dehydrator and have been slicing my lemons and drying them out for when I don’t have fresh lemons on hand or when I’m traveling.
    Keep up your blog, its awesome.
    Amanda =)

  202. Siddesh says:

    Hi, I was 58kg in oct 2012 and now im 87 kg….. I started eating more than 4 times a day from past 1 year and its result is gain of wait about 30 kg in 1 yr.. Im about to get married within 6 mnths and would like to reduce my weight badly… Pleas help me and suggest a gud solution.. How many times a day can I take this warm water with lemon.. should I add honey also??

  203. […] with a glass of warm lemon water {for more info on the cleansing properties click on Beth’s Lemon Water Benefits […]

  204. Mike Quinn says:

    Hi Beth

    I have recently started drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning. I have been using 4/5 slices of lemon and leaving them in the warm water to release their juice. Do you know if this is as effective as using just the juice of the lemon as you have suggested

  205. I drink room temperature water only and never cold. And I drink lemon or lime (depending on what I have available at home) every day before and with breakfast. I not only feel better, but it really does help with digestion and using the toilet almost immediately! 😉 Love it. I’ve shared your great post with my FB readers.

  206. Lesley says:

    I am on a colestrol pill! Can I drink lemon juice on this medication?

  207. kemsolami says:

    Thanks for this post. Do you think taking lemon can effect negatively a woman’s fertility?

  208. george says:

    Hy, I am a waight lifter,and I normally take bottled lemon with tea and sugar before bedtime,I seldomly drink it in the mornings, am I still getting essential nutrients? Again can a pregnant woman use lemon drink in de mornings? Thank u George

  209. […] Warm Lemon Water Benefits from Tasty Yummies […]

  210. Sandy says:

    I drink warm lemon water every morning and when I’m done squeezing the lemons into my mug I then rub the wet lemon juice left on the lemon peel on my hands to help with age spots. Double duty! I believe I will also try zesting the lemon rind and storing it in the fridge. Not the one I rub on my hands of course…..thanks!

  211. Jenny says:

    I’ve known about this for a while, but haven’t actually done it unless I was doing a detox – which hasn’t been recently. I tried this today again as I was feeling pretty poor from a bad night’s sleep, and can I just say I felt amazing immediately. I might be able to give up my coffee addiction after all!

  212. Jacinta says:

    I came across the concept of drinking hot water lemon on a different website years ago, and one day decided to Google it. And I found this page. I went out and bought some organic lemons – and I have been drinking it each morning since! Love how they basically cure an oncoming cold with just one cup! And how much fuller I feel, so that I don’t eat as much as before 😉 I have recommended hot lemon water to others, especially in this winter season coming up!! THANK YOU for this article!! Love from Norway.

  213. I drink my lemon and warm water every morning and I notice such a difference in my skin! I love that you zest your lemons before juicing them! soo smart:) I’ll have to start doing that. I recently posted a video on my youtube channel on how to make my watermelon detox drink! It also has your lemon in it but with a twist if you want to check it out! http://youtu.be/ZNwExCZwiwQ

  214. Zrta says:

    When i drink warm lemon water i always have dizzy….Please tell me the reason..

  215. India says:

    I have started out using cold water and lemon juice and at first it was very tart but I have adapted to it. But I have also seen a difference in my body as well. No more bloating, heartburn and feeling miserable. But I was wondering just how many times do you have to drink this on a daily basis ? I’m trying to break my habit of drinking tea and soda everyday and go back to water. Thanks for the help.

  216. chandrakant says:

    very nice

  217. Isabel says:

    I use the lemon the juice that comes in a small bottle
    If 0 calories and everything is 0 i have been on this for 2 weeks its been pretty good

    • Czaira says:

      Hi everyone!

      Lemon and lime are quite expensive in our country. Do you have any idea if calamansi has the same effect in terms of losing weight? Please let me know.

      Thanks in advance!

      • tien says:

        Yes…….Calamansi is in the same citrus family as lime. I grow it in Houston, Texas. I has the SAME effect as lime or lemon…… and it I more flavorful.

  218. Susan says:

    I mix a splash of lemon juice in a glass of water after an especially salty or spicy meal when I am very thirsty. It quenches my thirst.

  219. Esther says:

    Hi guys,
    I read your comments they were all interesting, but I want to know if I bored water and put it in the jug with lemon and leave it in the fridge and I will drink from it all day. Is there any side infect? Because I just started doing this for the past two days now.

  220. Gorrety Okoth says:

    In-fact have enjoyed taking daily warm lemon water the first thing I drink when am awake. Have seen some great change in my wait and breathe. So feel so good. Thanks

  221. rimu says:

    i just wanna know after boil water then mix lemon juice and honey.is there any problem??

  222. Police man says:

    I do take lemon juice everyday in the morning and add some lemon juice in my teas about three times a day. I have also seen a difference in my body as well. No more bloating, heartburn and feeling miserable.

  223. Donna says:

    A benefit not really mentioned under #2 was told to me by a urologist, research has shown that drinking lemon water will help keep you from getting kidney stones.

  224. Akosua says:

    Struggled with skin psoriasis for years after drinking Lemon in warm water faithfully for the last three months, first thing in the morning. My skin is the most beautiful and vibrant that i have ever seen. Loving my new beautiful skin.

  225. Grace says:

    can i drink it per glass before sleep at night?

  226. pat says:

    I just started this morning and I add honey is that ok?

  227. Pip says:

    Love my lemon water every morning but also love my honey and cinnamon in my cup of tea. I buy a honey that has cinnamon mixed in it – delicious :

  228. gladys chivese says:

    I have two months taking warm water with lemon every morning and it has worked for me alot,i was putting on size 40 know im putting on size 36,but im still taking lemon like every morning and the whole day,so im know used to drink lemon water i dont know if its ok with my health.

  229. CES says:

    Hi there, is it ok to drink the pure lemon juice alone without added warm water? I heard from a friend that it is effective to take the pure lemon juice alone so I did it for 3 days now and I feel great.

  230. unicel says:

    Just started mine this week hope it would be great

  231. eddie owens says:

    y/is bottled lemon juice not recomened.

  232. […] Sofia Coppola’s new york apartment and benefits of drinking warm lemon water every morning (both via) […]

  233. […] In addition to this, lemon juice in warm water balances ph levels, clears skin, energises and enhances mood, promotes healing, freshens breath, is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, hydrates your lymph system and even aids in weight loss.[1] For more information, click here; http://tasty-yummies.com/2013/03/18/10-benefits-to-drinking-warm-lemon-water-every-morning/ […]

  234. Kido says:


    I read your tips for lemon yes i like it but i want to know if is gona work when i’m drinking warm water with bottled lemon (lecol)

  235. Kido says:


    i’ve read your tips on lemon and i found it very interesting and helpful so can u please tell me here if i use the bottled lemon juice will it work the same as the fresh lemon one.

  236. Sas says:

    Don’t forget about the effects of lemon on your enamel peeps!

  237. Alex says:

    I add a juice of a lemon each morning to my lemon infused tea, does having the tea stop the benefits of the lemon juice?

  238. Violet says:

    Is there a difference in benefits if I use limes instead of lemons?

  239. Sabbir Ahmed says:

    Hi Beth,
    Is there any problem if I used hot water at 100 deg C. instead of lukewarm.

  240. nadz says:

    I have just started drinking the warm lemon water still getting used to it. I have juiced up a big bag of lemons and have frozen the juice into ice cube trays. I have then bagged up the cubes into freeze lock bags, pop one in my mug every morning with warm water. Would freezing the fresh lemon juice change its effectiveness? and is one cube to much?

  241. sultan says:

    I have started drinking hot water,with no lemon.I am gonne start drinking both.thank you its so goooooood

  242. Wasila says:

    Hi, I have been drinking warm water and lemon (fresh) in the morning before breakfast and it has done wonders. What I want to know is if I can use lime instead and how long I can during this —- is 4 months okay or can I possibly take it for life?

  243. Elaine says:

    I freeze my lemons and then zest them peel and all, I add the zest, coconut oil, honey and chia seeds to warm water and drink this, and love it. Been doing this for about a month now and starting to have more energy. It’s GREAT

  244. shashi says:

    is lemon with warm water early morning is beneficial for reduce the fat from tummy area

  245. AbhiM says:

    thanks for the article.. i prefer to take lemon juice with a glass of water before my morning breakfast…

  246. Sreekanth says:

    Hi, Beth! Thank you for the article. I have a question… Lately, I’ve been losing glow on my face. The forehead region is becoming dark (Perhaps called as Hyper pigmentation). Any tips, suggestions are greatly appreciated. And I’ve started taking lemon water daily in the morning.

  247. adele says:

    having lemon with water would that result in losing tummy fat?

  248. ramya says:

    Hello Beth, i loved this blog. i have planned to buy fresh lemons by the evening. Will start by tomorrow. And also i heard from my friend saying that, we wont get cold & flu if the continue the same daily. So, i hope it will work out. Thanks.

  249. Catoria says:

    Can u ix it with regular water, and does it have to be purified?

  250. Susan says:

    Hi…i’ve just started drinking plain lemon juice in the morning. This was recommended by a friend who says she is felt much better & energized when she started it. Our kind of lemon in the Philippines are much smaller & she said to drink pure lemon of as much as 30 pcs. And then drink water after 30 minutes. My concern though is it might aggravate my hyper- acidity.

  251. Bandana tripathi says:

    I like….
    It’s very useful and logically explained….thanx

  252. Kathi says:

    Zesting the lemons and freezing them is a great tip! Thank you!

  253. […] ginger relaxes and soothes your intestines, while turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory agent. Lemon water is well known for multiple benefits including digestion, clear skin and […]

  254. Cherry says:

    hi, i sliced lemon and soak it in warm water including the lemon skin, it taste bitter, my question is, is it safe to drink?

  255. Loved your post.
    I have been a lemon water loyalist ever since I was goaded by my mother into trying it as a teenager. At that point I was willing to try anything to put an end to the innumerable zits that started popping up on my face. This elixir has held me in good stead for years now.
    A GOOD TIP is to add a dash of cinnamon powder, its anti microbial properties add a host of benefits to the already amazing drink.

  256. Courtney says:

    Hi there,
    I started drinking warm lemon water yesterday morning & I’m really looking forward to all of the health benefits & overall feeling better. I have one question – would it hurt anything, or make the drink less beneficial if a little Stevia were to be added?
    Thank you so much! 🙂

  257. Manisha says:

    Wow! I didn’t know there were so many health benefits of drinking warm water with lemon juice. I started drinking it to alleviate constipation but the first think i noticed only after a few days of drinking this was how my skin changed. My skin was very rough and dry but now its really smooth and soft. My skin has also cleared up a lot and I also see reduction in wrinkles. I was using an anti wrinkle cream for laugh lines for over a year and it didn’t do anything for me, whereas after drinking this they have disappeared! My worry lines on my forehead are also less prominent. But I found that the lemon in the water was eroding my enamel a little, so I drink it with a straw now.

  258. khyati says:

    I recently just start warm water with honey and lemon. but I’m suffering a gas problem. and in a day 5 or 6 time vomit,so much tummy pain, headeak problem.. if I stop this drink, next day I fill good. but I’m suffering over wait…so what you suggest? pls help me.

  259. […] I have always heard people say that they drink warm water with lemon in the morning to get them going.  As I started to look into why,  I learned that it could really do my body good.  From giving me energy and prepping my digestive system for the day, to helping me naturally flush out toxins, warm water with lemon is definitely something I will add to my morning routine.  Check out this link for more benefits of W.W.W.L. […]

  260. […] little hot lemon water in the morning is great for you- it aids in digestion, helps balance pH levels, boosts immunity, etc. Take it to the next level […]

  261. pritesh says:

    i really wanna lose weight…..i m goin to try these things from 2morow itself…n if it works will let u know…thanks

  262. Cissy says:

    drinking warm water with lemon has improved my health greatly. a month back, I could not sit straight, I lacked self confidence because of a bulging tummy and weight. Thank God who connected me to Diana, I took her advice and Iam a happy person now. I advise those who are hesitating to drink lemon as said above please start. I am a living example. Thank you.

  263. thiya says:

    adding sugar with lemon water is good?……
    i am drinking the warm lemon water with sugar

  264. anila says:

    can anyone say whether we can have lemon juice after a cup of tea in the morning to loose the weight?

  265. Chad says:

    I’m drinking warm water with lemon, however ill drink it every afternoon..mostly after lunch since that is my most convenient time to make it. is it okay? Im drinking it to loose weight. or it should be early in the morning, please advise. Thank you

  266. megan says:

    I noticed a pattern with the hot lemon water in the morning. It definitely helps digestion, helps morning sickness during pregnancy, AND the best thing of all I think it’s starting to help/heal up eczema that I have had over the last couple of years! I don’t know if it’s definitely the lemon water, but I think it’s got something to do with it.

  267. jane says:


    i just want to know that lemon and honey can reduce the weight . in how much days

  268. Rajasekhar says:

    if i drink normal water with honey and lemon juice for 1 month with out eating any thing?does it helps in weight loss?I mean I have water weight and i am now 94 kgs ?So please give the right suggestion to lose atleast 20-25 kgs with out any side effects?

  269. anila says:

    hai i want to know can we drink lemon juice in morning after a cup of tea?

  270. Nelly says:

    I am in China and they sell dried lemon pieces which I put in the water with the rinds.
    I drink my lemon in the afternoons mostly.
    Does it have the same benefits?

  271. Vanessa says:

    I woke this morning with a sore throat and immediately decided to have warm lemon juice & honey. I then found your blog. Fabulous! Thanks for all the good information. I feel better already.

  272. andrea says:

    Does it matter if u add honey or sweeteners to your warm water and lemon in the morning? Are the benefits any less

  273. JennW says:

    I was just wondering why the water has to be warm and not hot. I like drinking hot beverages in the morning. Thanks!

  274. Kristie G says:

    Is the water really needed?

    I juice one lemon every morning and down it right after I take a thsp of black seed oil. I love sour things, so the taste isn’t a problem for me. The strong taste of lemon helps with the black seed oil taste (yuck!).

  275. Rich says:

    Hi and many thanks, cant do the warm water but do room temp.

    Another benifit from lemons, softens the alkali in your water, reduces hardness, and
    also deals with chlorine quite well .

    Many Thanks

  276. Georgianna Kiker says:

    I follow the “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” diet & lemon water in the morning is highly recommended for “A” blood types. “A” types have low acid to digest foods therefore needs the help.

  277. Vivek says:

    Hi Beth,
    Many thanks for providing us with this information. i started drinking warm water and mixed with a spoon of Honey and 1/2 Lemon( fresh lemon, not bottled one), and i can see that my digestion is in routine now, not only that, i lost my fat (tummy fat), loss 4 kg of wait in last 30 days.
    anyway my weigh is not too much, it was 65 kg and now it is 60-61 kg.


  278. I started drinking warm lemon water at the latter part of 2013, the energy that it gives me cuts down on coffee in the am, I save the lemon guts and rhines in a picture for Lemon ade, which is not just a refreshing summer time drink, it is refreshing after meals, food digest sooooooo much better, I use to not eat red meat such as steaks, because it took days for it to breakdown, and eliminate, but the wonders of warm lemon juice, and I see I have lost inches and weight around the middle section! YEAH WARM LEMON JUICE

  279. Marie says:

    I love your website and have it recommend to family and friends keep up your good work, I am wondering is it ok to drink Hot lemon water thoughout the day are the benefits as good as first thing in the morning i am a busy working mom of 2 and dont have time in morning
    Thank you for reading this

  280. Rafael says:

    I have chronic skin burning sensation and my skin is sensitive. Please tell me drinking lemon with honey in warm water will be useful to relieve from skin buring ??? and also suggest me other remedies to get away from this problem. Thanks

    • hmm, Ralph with the burning skin, first I would strongly suggest that you do your homework of what causes this, it maybe some type of vitamin defencicy, then look at the benefits of lemon, also which I keep in my cabinet which is sooooooooooo good for a lot of stuff is (drum roll plz) Cinnamon and Honey go on line and look at the benefits my cabinet does not never go without the two, but get Raw Honey

  281. shashi says:

    i am using honey and lemon juice since last one month for weight loss,unfortunately i gained weight. Whats the cause?

  282. Angel says:

    Hi Beth, My mom was never a big eater but she couldn’t shed any weight because of her poor eating habits. Instead of having a good breakfast, she would only have a cup of sweet tea in the morning and lunch times she will have a sandwich & tea. She could never understand why she was so overweight until the doctor told her she’s on the brink of becoming diabetic. She immediately changed her eating habits. A good breakfast in the morning, a fruit snack, portioned lunch, another snack & then her supper. She cut out sugar & used skim milk, and off course had luke warm lemon water every morning. She still had a luxury now and then but she limited herself to a small portion. She lost a hopping 13kg’s over a period of 3 months and the best part is, is that it stayed off. so in a nutshell, she had 5 meals a day, a cup of lemon water, no sugar(honey substitute) & skim milk…and her meals will be whatever she puts on the table…nothing special. So yes…lemon & honey & 5 meals a day definitely did it for her:)

  283. Mona says:

    I squeeze lemons into ice cube trays and freeze them. I then place them in a freezer bag for when I need them. This way, if I’m in a big hurry or run out of fresh lemons, I just grab them from the freezer. This is also great if you just want to make a cold glass of lemonade. 🙂

  284. linda says:


  285. laura says:

    Hi Beth,
    Have started to drink lemon and water, but could you please confirm warm water.
    Do I boil the kettle and let the water cool and then add lemon or just warm tap water?
    My filter is only cold?

  286. Marsha says:


    I am diabetic..Is lemon juice advisable for me to drink too?

  287. SIMON says:

    I like to take lemon juice every morning but i don’t want to loss weight because am very slim and even want to gain a little weight because am under weight. my height is 180 and my wait is 59, am underweight but i jest love taken lemon every morning can some one help me?.

  288. Patrick Brigger says:

    Thanks for the interesting facts.
    I am actually in the middle of another experiment: it’s a 36 day exercise, you drink the juice of one lemon on day one, two lemons day two, etc. until you reach 18 lemons on day 18. Then back down to 1, so actually consuming 171 lemons in 36 days. I am at day 10 right now.
    Have you heard of this before? Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance!

  289. Briana says:

    What about drinking room tempature water , and then adding the lemon would it have the same affect ?

  290. rachael says:

    so do you know if having a warm cup of green tea and adding half a lemon to it in the morning would give the same results/benefits?

  291. priscah says:

    wow! am very happy to learn about benefits i will start taking it

  292. prasanth says:

    u R Blog isreally good!!! pls do keep posting such interesting facts

  293. Lee Daniels says:

    Hi all I am 33 just started drinking whole lemon and warm water in morning after some blood tests and doc telling me this week i have gout this is all new to me and my head is over loaded with what to eat and what not to eat hope drinking this helps.

  294. Cazzer says:

    I drink lemon throughout the day every day (as long as I have lemons). I also use limes sometimes for a change – a nicer taste too and more juice!

  295. Kim says:


    To see benefits do you need to drink it every morning and for how long before you will see results?


  296. raghav says:

    its really great i had taking this every day from last 1 and half year . now i am fit reduce almost 8-9 kg.

  297. Ralph says:

    I cant afford the organtic lemons, is it ok if I use the inorganic lemons? Sometimes I just put an organitic sticker on my lemon for fun.

  298. jasmine sanchez says:

    This was a wonderful article! I appreciate all the information in one place! I have a 16yr old athlete and helping him make healthy choices can be a challenge…to say the least. Anyhow, I’d heard that warm lemon water is good for you and as Im not a huge water drinker, I thought..hmmm maybe a little flavor will help! Since I started drinking it every morning a few weeks ago Ive noticed I drink less coffee in the morning..which I always drink loaded with tasty fatty creamer! Now I find Im only drinking the coffee for the taste and not the “wake me up” effects, I feel awake after the lemon water!! But like, pleasantly and gently awake, not shaky and revved up like after 4 cups of coffee. I could never relax and get into my morning yoga stretches..my mind would race. This small change has made a huge difference! 🙂
    But the real reason for my comment is that your article was so beautifully written that it will be easy for me to put in front of my son (the athlete) and have him see how doing something so simple could help keep his machine running more smoothly..plus, he loves lemon!! 🙂 Thanks for the info

  299. Brenda says:

    You are beautiful Beth and I read your blog about a month a ago and ever since then Ive tried the warm water with lemon and it really helped my skin i suffer of really bad acne and this drink has really helped my skin improve.
    THANKS 🙂

  300. Gigi says:

    i read somewhere that microwaving your lemon for about :30 before juicing it makes it juicier. also squeezing it or rolling it before hand. i microwaved mine this morning, and was surprised at how much more juice i got! question is, does microwaving destroy the benefits as water that’s too hot will?
    thanks, TastyYummies. on behalf of all the people whose lives you’ve changed. including mine.

    much love.

  301. jen says:

    Hi tastytummies.. I am just starting the warm lemon water as well. I just quit smoking too so was looking online for any tips to help curb the temptation to smoke and came across your blog. I love the feedback and will try it. I mean if it helps me to continue to stay smoke free AND benefits my health, why not?? Who knows, this may be what I’ve been searching for, for YEARS! Thanks so much and will update in a month 🙂
    Much respect

  302. Tangee Dingle says:

    Hey….quick qustion. Does drinking warm give you energy? I drank a cup just before going to bed and an hour later I woke up with my heart racing. It took me a few minutes to calm down. I never drank it before bed before won’t do it again! Mornings only!


  303. Sash says:

    hi what if I juice the lemons and put the juice on the refrigerator would it be effective jus the same?

    • sylviablanchard says:

      I don’t think that it would hurt anything if you put it in the fridge, the bottle lemon juice that I use for lemonade, I keep in the fridge, and my fresh lemons too, but in the am it is fresh squeezed lemons

  304. Dericka says:

    I started drinking warm lemon water every morning since October 2013 after my blood works came back with my liver enzymes elevated. I have breast cancer and I’m on tamoxifen since May 2012. I tried this warm lemon drink for the purpose of cleansing up my liver and indeed after 2 months I had a repeat blood works and this time my liver enzymes came back NORMAL and I also lost some weight….I have a flatter tummy now. I’m back to size 2 from size 4. I’m so glad I discovered this drink and I’m keeping this routine for long.

  305. Matt says:

    You are so beautiful Beth! R u single?

  306. becky allgood says:

    How much water do I use with the 1/2lemom

  307. Shah says:

    I always drink two glass of water before taking breakfast, after the reading this article now want to take one glass water and one glass lemon juice, dear would u like to suggest that when i should take lemon before drinking water or after drinking water. Early kind response would greatly be appreciated.

    • Dericka says:

      Drink the warm lemon water before taking anything in the morning. Wait for about 15 -30 minutes then you can have your fave breakfast.

  308. emie binigay says:

    hi!im from philippines and im suffering from kidney stones and looking for natural food to take to ease the pain.i heard that lemon is good for kidney stones but i dont know the right combination with the other material.your response will be appriciated.thanks

  309. Arun Kumar says:

    Try this routine you can resist all kind of diceases. it is so good for health.

  310. Paula Walker says:

    I have replaced my daily coffee with hot water a green tea bag and lemon slices. Maybe I am not getting the benefits. I put 2 lemon slices in a thermos, 1 green tea bag, boil the kettle and fill it up, sip it throughout the morning. I guess it is better for me than coffee. I actually enjoy it. But i should not use boiling water and i guess I am not using enough lemon?

  311. kusi says:

    Hi, is it advisable to drink lemon juice while breastfeeding?

  312. Emma says:

    So, it’s just plain water with lemon. Nothing else ?

  313. Lisa Harper says:

    Just an idea. I freeze my lemon juice in ice trays. Then put them in a baggy in the freezer. I have lemon juice on hand year round. Two cubes is about the same as half a lemon. Also good for recipes that call for fresh lemon juice.

  314. Rukmani Raghavan says:

    Well, I am from India, the land of Ayurveda. Long ago, I had learned the value of warm water, plain or with lemon. At the start of the day, before or after meals, warm water alone or with lemon is very beneficial for your health. When you have oily, greasy food, esp. deep-fried food items, a glass of warm warm (not hot) after intake of such foods washes down the grease that would otherwise remain stuck to the walls of your stomach and small intestine and cause fat accumulation ultimately. I must say that I have found this to be remarkably effective. It’s a pity that many Indians have not imbibed these good lessons, while a lot of Westerners have!

  315. Dave says:

    I’ve started to drink lemon juice in the morning and it has completely removed my desire for coffee, I rarely drink coffee now.

  316. Lina says:

    I have started drinking warm water with lemon since I’ve saw it on one website that was about Blood Type, and I am AB+ so i know my metabolism and my poor immune system, and I tried everything to lose weight and make my metabolism and immune system better, so warm water with lemon in the morning really help’d me out when it comes not only two things but the rest, so I don’t stop and I don’t think I will, it makes me feel better, it helps me with my metabolism and immune system, and yes it does really help when it comes to loosing weight, slowly but surely.

  317. Imran Khan says:

    good blog , I will start to drink warm water to get the benefits of lemon.

  318. I discovered the benefits of warm water and lemon juice after a wedding a few years back. I cam home went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach cramps I’ve ever had. A little lemon with some hot water and i was feeling better within 15 minutes.

  319. cherry says:

    I want to try this warm lemon juice in the morning but I want to gain weight, is this also good for a person like me who wants to gain weight?

  320. Mekida Muhammad says:

    I drink lemon juice at least three times a week in the morning. I had no idea of all the benefits mentioned in this article. I have noticed a change in my skin and my mood. I was feeling depressed for the past week or so. When I woke up this morning I noticed I was back to my bright self. My skin is extra clear and I think I loss a few pounds are the belly area. Now that I know I can and should drink lemon water every morning I certainly will. Thanks for the info.

  321. Carmen and Jack puppy says:

    Hey L! I just wanted to say congrats for this great post and for replying to each and every comment. Keep this good work up!

  322. Sue betts says:

    Hi I have aloe vera each morning would drinking the warm lemon be ok to take also thanks sue betts

  323. Sandra Moore says:

    I drink a cup of warm lemon water every day. The things I notice are my hair is more manageable, my skin looks nicer, I feel better, I don’t gets colds like I used to, and other things. I always cut my lemons on a paper towel. Then I use the paper towel to wipe off counters, faucet handles, trash can lids, light switches, etc. Really refreshes my house as well as my body.

  324. Ada says:

    I have been enjoying my warm lemon juice water in the morning for the past 2 months and so far I have lost 7 pounds. My bad cholesterol has also gone down. My joints do not hurt as much as before. I usually wait 30 minutes to eat my breakfast and what I have notice is that I am not as hungry as before. My warm lemon water has become “my morning cup of coffee”. I am very happy with the results.

  325. Gemma Hudson says:

    Hi Beth!
    Excellent post. Thanks for reminding us all about the benefits of drinking warm lemon water.
    I’ve just written a blog post about giving up coffee, and I’ve replaced my morning cup of Jo with lemon water. It’s a great healthy habit to get into!
    Feel free to check out my post and let me know what you think http://healthybabybody.com/?p=537
    Gemma x

  326. Chris says:

    I like to drink warm lemon water, but do not want to lose any more weight. Is there a way to get the other benefits from drinking it without losing weight?

  327. ashok gupta says:

    i am diebities and heart patient can i take warm lemon water in morning

  328. lily says:

    can i use bottled juice lemon to lose weight?

  329. Aho faustina says:

    Hey! I used lemon water to treat myself of ulcer. It works like magic .

  330. Manda says:

    Hi- great article!

    I’m currently on a morning regiment of a prevacid-like medication to help reduce heartburn. Hopefully it’s only temporary. Would it be best to take it or the lemon water first every morning? Or do these two clash?

  331. maureen says:

    Thanks for the beautiful article.I did not know that a lemon was so beneficial. Now i am unable to take anything in the morning before my workout and i take lemon water when i get to work after the work out.Is there anything wrong with taking the amazing drink after a workout? thank you and good day.

  332. Wendy Yow says:

    Can I ask whether drinking lemon juice in hot water does it help. Coz I drink tea with two slices of lemon everyday with hot water. Can you advice? And I put two slices of lemon in a bottle and filled with water for drinking as I was a cancer patient And was told it become alkaline water that will be good for me. Am I right about this. Please advice. Thank you,

    Wendy Yow

  333. eugene says:

    I like to add fresh ginger root, cut thinly or minced, to the fresh lemon tea

  334. Jasmine says:

    I drink lemon juice add in warm water every morning and at night before going to bed, believe me, two days is enough for me base on my body type to loose some belly. Honestly, i found good results not only if i am thinking loosing weight but also to stay healthy and enjoy cleaning my skin, hmm! feeling always good. i think everyone should do that because all the benefits are so true and it is so natural that’s why i like it more.


  335. Steve says:

    Thanks! Beth very useful article

    How about adding olive oil with fresh lemon juice? please advice

  336. ALEX says:

    Agree with the above. Hot lemon n water is great…

    I brush my teeth generally before I drink lemon juice, through a straw, then rinse mouth again with tooth paste after to try to alkalize.. I want to keep my teeth

  337. Richard says:

    Hi. I have been taking lemon with my morning tea for many years adding the fresh squeezed lemon juice after dunking a teabag for a weak tea. Having started with boiling water it is still very hot and I wonder if this has any adverse effect on the many benefits of lemon? Comments appreciated.

  338. Jeff says:

    I only drink cold lemon juice because it tastes much better cold, that’s like drinking warm milk, its disgusting

  339. sandy says:

    Everybody and every research reveals the advantages of using lemon with a glass of water but there is a question who has been bothering me since last four years and that is ……….
    I used 4-5 lemons in a day by taking it with a glass of water separately , I mean one lemon squeeze in one glass of water and repeat it every 3 hours , I did it to reduce weight and I reduced 10 kg in 4 months but since then my bones have become very weak as there is deficiency of calcium in my bone as I feel and pathology report has revealed …….
    so now this is question ……. Is lemon is responsible for deficiency of calcium in my bones ?
    kindly anyone tell me …..

  340. Martha says:

    Happy Monday:-)

    I started drinking warm water & lemon last week. Curious about why purified water? What difference does it make?

  341. lisa stinson says:

    Is the bottled organic 100% lemon juice I use, as beneficial?

    • tastyyummies says:

      Lisa, I always recommend fresh, whenever possible. Bottled lemon juice can contain preservatives and additives and obviously isn’t ever going to be as fresh a real lemon.

  342. Sheila says:

    I have organic bottled lemon juice because I cannot get to the store where they sell organic lemons very often. You said not to use bottled lemon juice; is it because most of the stores do not carry organic? I do have some organic lemons in the freezer; but, only so much space to use for this purpose.

  343. Tesha says:

    I started few days ago and I love how I feel in the morning thanks for the link.

  344. Akshada says:

    I started drinking hot lemon water with honey … but I don’t think that em losing my weight at all .. does it really reduces fat or not ? Its about two weeks .. instead of losing fat … em gaining it .. I think .. tell me the remedy on it ..

  345. Pierre Niyungeko says:

    Hello Beth. How are you? Great blog: instructional, informative, health oriented, concise and easy to understand content.
    In regards to consumption of hot water and lemon in the morning, why is it not appropriate to use bottled concentrated lemon juice, as opposed to real lemon juice extracted from the natural fruit? Thank you, and keep the amazing blog! Pierre

  346. Michelle Hawco says:

    just a little side note for those suffering from gout… i benefited from drinking cherry juice when i was suffering from gout.. it worked almost instantly…

  347. peggy k says:

    hi..interesting thread. i was wondering…my local store sells fresh squeezed lemon juice (nothing added). how much to a cup of warm water would i use? 2 tbs? or less. thanks in advance for an answer!

  348. Gita says:

    I have lemon and warm water every morning. Recently I started adding a few slices of ginger to it. It is very palatable. I feel amazing

  349. Susan says:

    Does it matter if I don’t have fresh lemons, can I use bottled juice, will it make much difference?

    • sylvia blanchard says:

      @ Susan Fresh Lemons are better all the way, to me the bottle juice has been sitting in a plastic bottle I personally think that it takes away from the potency of the Lemon, and for what the price of what is called Real Lemon Juice in a bottle you can get nice fresh lemons, hope this helps Go Fresh and leave the bottle on the shelf

  350. Nike says:

    Love this site. Just wondering if lemon, honey and warm
    water can clear facial blemishes and spots.

  351. ggalo says:

    Hi people, I live in Brazil, south america. I have a medical recomendation to drink at least 2 litters of water a day. My question is: Is there any problem if a drink all of it with lemon juice?

  352. Deborah says:

    I have just started drinking water with a slice of lemon and a spoonful of Manuka Honey and I am feeling extremely tired, have a headache and I am peeing for England is this normal. In all honesty I know there are good benefits but I am currently feeling quite unwell, please advise


    • Dawn says:

      @debra Sounds like you could have a Urine infection which will make your urine more acidic ph balance…stay off the Lemon for a while…

  353. hector says:

    Great article, really helpful… Thank you

  354. khushboo pawar says:


  355. claudie henault says:

    Hi, I read that we should be drinking warm water + fresh lemon juice more than 3 weeks at the time as it can put too much stress on the body. I love drinking it to start the day but should I stop ?
    I hope you can clarify this point for me and thank for your clear website.

  356. claudie henault says:

    sorry I ment “Hi, I read that we should not be drinking warm water + fresh lemon juice more than 3 weeks at the time as it can put too much stress on the body. I love drinking it to start the day but should I stop ?
    I hope you can clarify this point for me and thank for your clear website.

  357. Brandi says:

    Woo! Great article. I’ve recently quit smoking and am trying healthy alternatives to clean out my body, boost my mood to avoid cravings, and come to understand the addiction behind.

    Warm Lemon Water in the morning has been extremely helpful and I appreciate your write up on the subject. I will be sharing this with my students! Thanks!

  358. Molly kali says:

    Does having pure lemon juice in the morning help reduce cholesterol ?

  359. anthony santamaria says:


  360. nn says:

    what happens if i drink more number of times this lemon juice in warm water in a day. does is harm in any other way. what are the other side effects of this … will it help in weight loss ..

  361. Alindra says:

    Great article! Lemon juice with lukewarm water is good. I read that honey should be at natural temperature. If mixed with hot tea or hot water, it may become poisonous.

    • Richard says:

      I don’t think hot water with honey will become poisonous, but high temperature may break the nutrition in honey, for example, vitamins, and others.

  362. HI there,

    Great post. I’ve turned to drinking this every morning as a natural way to alleviate symptoms of my GERD (acid reflux). It’s definitely helped – I had no idea it did so much more than just relieve acidity. Thanks for this!

    • jim cowan says:

      do you get the same benefits from fresh lemon juice if you use the bottled juice,which states that it is 99.9% pure juice?

      • @jim cowan – I haven’t tried bottled lemon water. I bought a bag of lemons and just cut one in half every morning. I haven’t seen bottle lemon juice – the kind you’re talking about, here in England.


  363. jim cowan says:

    is bottled lemon juice as good as fresh?is there any benefit from taking bottled lemon juice?

  364. jim cowan says:

    is there any benefits from bottled lemon juice?

  365. sissy evans says:

    i dont keep lemons in the house but i do got lemon juice,,,it says not to substitute it for the lemons,,,,,why is this,,,and if i can use the juice how much do i use…

  366. Prosper Kwawu says:

    That’s a great one. In fact, I’m loving this warm lemon water every morning and have decided to cut out all the teas, coffees, etc. It’s really good!!

  367. Milly says:

    I started drinking lemon water on Monday and I weighed myself today(Sunday). I am down 6 pounds! I did cut back on sugary drinks. I had 2 cups of orange juice and a cup of fruit punch this week. I still had bread, pasta, rice, mac& cheese, cake and whatever my heart desired. I would drink a cup of lemon water first thing in the morning, before a meal and at night. Warning, you will run to the bathroom!!! I made sure to watch my portions. Half cup of rice, quarter cup of mac and cheese, 2 inch square cake, etc.,. It works wonders on your digestive system 🙂 Oh, I did develop heartburn the first couple of days, but it has been smooth sailing since.

  368. nipper says:

    Your right milly.with in 20 mins it was bathroom time.im only on day 2 😀

  369. Naveed says:

    I want to know how much time it will take to reduce the fat if i use this method.I am 98kg person and height 5’7 inchs.

  370. Terry says:

    Thanks for this Beth. I also am a lemon juice drinker and I had no idea I was receiving all these benefits. One question though, you mentioned the use of citric acid used directly to lessen scars and age spots. I experienced liver damage from a young age. Could you point me in the direction of this research or practice?
    Much appreciated.

  371. Patricia says:

    After a recent health scare, I found your blog and started drinking warm lemon on a morning. Then I found myself drinking more of it. Can you go overboard with the lemons?

  372. Ellie says:

    Hii, do you have to use purified water?

  373. Patricia says:

    Any one up for sharing the benefits they have noticed since drinking warm lemon?

  374. Maddy says:

    I had always heard about this and tried it this morning for the first time, then googled to see exactly why it’s good for you (I had forgotten, oops!) and found your blog! Thanks so much for the concise post about this habit, I think I’ll start implementing it on the regular.

  375. ivan vijay d' silva says:

    i use daily lemon on my drink.
    is it good or bad for health?

  376. Belle says:

    I recently switch from coffee to warm lemon water every morning, and I felt so healthy. 🙂 I also drink some when I feel boated after I ate too much lunch and dinner, and after 30 minutes everything goes back to normal. I was never a fan of drinking tea, but I think warm lemon water as a substitute works way better than that in my case.

  377. KAMRAN says:

    Hi Beth,
    Thanks for the inestimable information ,
    Does it make a difference if “LIME” is squeezed instead of “LEMON”
    Thanks again , keep good work up.

  378. linda says:

    I have a freshly squeezed lemon with hot water and a swirl of honey (manuka) if you have it, just to start the day! Better than coffee! bright eyes is just one of the benefits.
    Also to save time take a few lemons, squeeze and freeze the juice in an ice cube tray to take the hassle out of morning ritual and as suggested grate and freeze the rind.

  379. Shannon Williams says:

    Hi, my name is Shannon. I drink lemon with warm water all day. I was wondering if that is ok. Also I don’t use purified water. I drink it straight from the tap. I was wondering if I’ll still get the benefits of drinking warm lemon water and is there a such thing as too much warm lemon water. Thank you.

  380. ANONEMOUS says:

    what can i use to minimize the fine lines arounds my eyes/fine smiling lines?

  381. Carlfred Gonzaga says:

    im so glad i read about the benefits of a lemaon juice!!thanks for that beth..
    im just curious of how many glass of lemon should i drink in a day?
    no i need to drink before breakfast ,lunch and dinner?

  382. Annette says:

    Can you drink Lemon and hot water all day ?

  383. John Paul says:

    I guess I’ll have to alter the way I have been doing this since it says not to use bottled lemon juice…

  384. Gen says:

    Great blog. Heard this lemon water thing many times but just started this morning. Hope this will really give me good and healthy result. 😀

  385. ABDALLHA says:

    Thanks for this education about lemon but, I want to know whether lemon juice can lead to ulcer.

  386. Anita P says:

    As a single mom with 2 kids i was trying to get in shape, i tried the water with lemon, had a good diet and 20 min of exercise every day.
    The water with lemon is ok, but after i experimented with weigh loss tea i was able to see real results.
    In my personal opinion i like the lipogen organic lemon tea …
    you could try it and you will notice the difference.

  387. Maria says:

    Can I drink one Lemon Juice straight without water?
    Many Thanks.

  388. Karen says:

    Hi Beth,

    I too drink warm lemon water almost every morning. It makes me feel energized and I no longer have the edema that I had before. I peel/cut my lemon skins and put them in vinegar to steep and ultimately it becomes a natural cleanser for your home. I love the smell and cleanliness of my kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, counters, etc.

  389. Cindy says:

    I want to use honey & cinnamon. How much do I use?

  390. Ryann says:

    Hello everyone, I been drinking fresh lemon and mixed it with my coffee and with good exercise at work I lost 8 lbs for 5 days. This is awesome. Try it. God bless everyone.

  391. Jungeun says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing good tips about drinking lemon juice.
    I’m wondering if it’s really okay with the stomach to drink a glass of lemon juice early in the morning, before breakfast. Some say drinking lemon juice before meals is too irritating to the stomach because of the strong acid in lemon, so we need to drink it after meals. I’m wondering what you think about this. Thank you.

  392. Jungeun says:

    Thank you for sharing good tips about drinking lemon juice.
    I’m wondering if it’s really okay with the stomach to drink a glass of lemon juice early in the morning, before breakfast. Some say drinking lemon juice before meals is too irritating to the stomach because of the strong acid in lemon, so we need to drink it after meals. I’m wondering what you think about this. Thank you.

  393. Ronit Virrine Osei Bonsu says:

    Please my problem is, am slim and is it good for me to drink warm lemon water since it help in reducing weight and I don’t wont to loss my weight please advice. Thank you.

  394. jasmin says:

    thanks to this page…….

  395. Rachael says:

    Hi there!

    Question for you – I’m reading that the lemons should be room temp, which is great and easy when you’re starting with a whole lemon, but on Day 2/Half 2, are you taking it out of the fridge a while before squeezing it? Or is there some way to store it that I don’t know about?


  396. aminat says:

    Please can I use lemon for a big tummy and body fat.

  397. charles says:

    I drink my lemon water first thing on rising from bed every day.

  398. Nel says:

    Great article! I count myself lucky that I have a lemon tree in my garden. It took a long time to fruit and I was almost going to declare it unproductive. Now I have a rich harvest with dozens of lemons which I use and give away to my family and friends. This prompted me to seek out the benefits of lemons. Sadly our country is battling the ebola virus, but it came as good news to me to learn about the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of lemons and limes. In addition to the basic health precautions we take, I now cannot do without my lemony warm water drinks every day!! Thank you once more for a very helpful article which I’ll share with my family and friends.

  399. Maih Jongs says:

    definitely yes! it helps a lot! ‘been drinking every morning……there’s a change, healthfully a big change!

  400. Sel Kotze says:

    It is unquestionably best to use fresh lemons, squeezed straight into warm water. I just use my fingers or the tines of a fork to do the squeezing – it’s so fast. Hot water will kill the vitamin C. Pre-squeezing lemons and leaving in fridge or freezer exposes them to oxygen and reduces the vitamin C content and bottled juices unfortunately, are marketed as being a whole lot more healthy than they in fact are. We live in NZ and I did not realise quite how blessed we are having a lemon tree.

  401. Clement Yamoah says:

    How different is the Lemeon water from the Lime water. And also which one helps most in reducing weight?.

  402. Deepak Srivastava says:

    My creatinine level is too high, from last 4 days I have started 1 lemon in 1 glass warm water. And also like to inform you that my colestrol is also high. So confirm at how many days I will see the benfits in me. And what more benefits I will get more.


  403. Sera says:

    I drink fresh lemon juice every morning and I feel great!!!

  404. Sera says:

    I drink fresh lemon juice every morning and I feel great!!! Straight or with lukewarm water temperature

  405. annie says:

    I want to reduce 3kg weight,for how many days i should drink this?

  406. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Dear Beth,
    Hi i m Dinesh and i m from INDIA i started taking lemon along with honey in the morning apart from taking Coffee or tea and it help me to reduce weight, i just wanted to know if i add ginger in my lemon along with honey is it okay.

  407. Hello, yeah this piece of writing is in fact nice and I have learned lot of things from it about blogging.

  408. Bongiwe says:

    What a wonderful information , Keep it up ladies my big stomach is gone now.

  409. ed says:

    Beth i take lemon juice & honey & water every morning which tastes wonderful The only problem is that i lose quite a bit of weight which i dont need to If anything i am trying to gain weight Is there anything i can put in my lemon water so i wont lose weight cuz i want the benefits of the lemon

  410. Zulu says:

    IS lemon juice that we buy on bottle work the same as organic one?

  411. Pamela TER GAST says:

    How many days until you might feel/see the effects? Today is my first day and I added a bit of Cayenne pepper. I like the taste, so drinking this every morning won’t be an unwelcome chore.. For me it’s more to clean the body of unwanted toxins. I have cancer that has metastasized to the liver, and my gallbladder has been removed. My “team” at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston agree with everything I do as I am already a few years beyond my “expiration” date! 🙂
    They actually write down my “magic potions” . No I am not on a special diet, and happily eat and drink anything my body craves…and so far so good… I just wonder how soon one can expect effects? Thanks!

  412. tanya says:

    Im a huge fan of lemon, I add everything w/Lemon well except a bowl of cereal (imagine that) but my main concern the harshness of Lemon on your teeth my question is consuming t0o much can hurt your tooth enamel, so what I suggest brushing after Lemon use w/enamel protection toothpaste or better yet use of a straw. But other then that I love lemon.

  413. Feldmann says:

    Beautiful Beth,

    What are your thoughts on squeezing a few lemons in my Nutri-Bullet batch of organic greens, apples, sesame seeds, bananas and apple cider vineagar?

  414. Heather Green says:

    Thanks for your advice! I will definitely give this a try.
    However, I want everyone to know that you do NOT have to buy lemons organic IF you are not going to be eating the peel or putting the peel into your drink. It would be a huge waste of money to use an organic lemon every morning if you are only going to be using the juice and not the peels. The reason for this is that so much of the pesticides are concentrated in the lemon’s thick membrane (the peel) that any residue which makes it to the inside of the fruit would be so trace that there’s no way it could make any difference or be harmful in any way.
    If you do not believe me, have a look at this test which states that lemon oil (which is derived from the lemon’s peel) regulations have become very strict because of the high amount of pesticides that have been detected in the fruit’s peel and NOT the fruit itself.

  415. pooja says:

    Is lemon really weakned or damage our bones or collagenens

  416. Hi This is a very informative post.. Thank for the wonderful info. I truly appreciate it 🙂

  417. Soma says:

    Lemon and honey in warm water is a common and an effective way of cleansing toxins. Here’s some tips that I have been following over last six months :
    1. One tablespoon of lime (the green one is more acidic than the yellow one) in one tablespoon of warm water in a large coffee mug. I drink this the first thing being out of bed within 2 mins (that’s the time I take to prepare this)
    2. I do not drink or eat anything in next 45 mins to hour, accept 4 almonds and 6 raisins.
    I would say this has helped ease constipation, gives me a lot of energy to start my morning in better mood, no miracles like weight loss or porcelain skin. I have a lean structure so might not be a good case for weight loss. I guess the goodness of this drink is in the feeling that I cant wait beyond 2 mins after I wake up to drink this !

  418. Obed says:

    I tried lemon with warm water after morning exercise.

  419. Obed says:

    I feel better than before. Can really concentrate at work

  420. Kiki says:

    Addressing the concern about lemon/lime acidity being harmful for your teeth; a mouth rinse with baking soda and water will help due to it’s alkalinity.

  421. Kittykorn says:

    How long does it take for you to see the results of lemon water with your weight and skin?

  422. alida nel says:

    Do I have to use fresh lemons or can I use lemon juice in the bottles? Please assist me and thanks a million

    • Yolanda custer says:

      Did you get a reply about fresh or bottle lemon? I asked the same question and have not gotten a answer .
      Thank you

      • Beth @ Tasty Yummies says:

        I recommend fresh lemon juice only for this practice, this is the best way to ensure that it is super fresh and without any preservatives or flavoring at all. My motto for all food, fresh is best 🙂
        I think if you read through the comments (sorry I know there is a lot) I think it is discussed in a few different places.

      • John Newman says:


  423. Yolanda custer says:

    Does it have to be a fresh lemon or can it be lemon juice from the bottle?

  424. Bhagyesh shah says:

    if i take lemon + honey after a morning tea or milk of glass and will take after 1 – 2 hours with a cold or normal water then it will work or not

  425. Bhagyesh shah says:

    if i take lemon + honey after a tea or milk of glass will take 1 – 2 hours that mixture with a cold or normal water then it will work or not

  426. Shirlita says:

    Hi Beth,
    I drink warm water with lemon every morning as well. But, once I hit the bottom of my drink just a shot worth…I add a 1/2 tsp of Cayenne Pepper and down it. Great feeling!

  427. John Newman says:

    I started drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning on New Year’s day. I like it. And I agree that it is very good for the body. I also like that you zest the lemons and save that for pasta and salads. Good idea!! I’m going to start that tomorrow morning.

  428. Betty says:

    How long after you drink the warm lemon water in the morning can you eat your breakfast?

  429. wendy says:

    Hi Beth,
    I just started drinking the lemon in warm water in the morning. I am a morning coffee drinker – I only drink coffee on occasion, but if I am going to have a cup in the morning, should I drink the lemon water before or after the coffee or does it matter? Thanks! Wendy from New Orleans

  430. Paula says:

    I’m interested in starting to drink lemon and water but worried as I have a hiatus hernia and suffer with acid reflux does anyone know if this would cause any problems

  431. Phyl says:

    OK, I have read all the articles and I am still not sure why I have been gaining weight since I started this lemon & water in August of 2013. I was advised by my doctor to try this because of the type of kidney stones that my body grows. I have now been dieting for 2 months & have a fit bit bracelet to measure my exercise. I am averaging 10,500 steps per day in addition to weight lifting & yoga. My weight continues to go up & I think it is the lemon. I have not benefited from any of the other benefits that other people have mentioned. PLEASE HELP

  432. Ruby says:

    great article, I have just started drinking warm lemon water in a morning and I was writing a post for our site about it when I found you, I have shared your blog on there, I am excited now to go and read the rest of it x

  433. Kerry says:

    Is it ok if you use tap water and then heat it up in the microwave? I had my first cup this morning with some honey, and it’s delicious!

  434. sim says:

    hey this is my firt visit to your blog and i found the benefits really good…i am gonna keep a track of your healthy blog from now on 🙂

  435. JUDY says:


  436. melissa says:

    does it make a difference if you use lime instead of lemons

  437. Mike says:

    They sayers indicate it should be warm water and lemon. 190 degree h20 will affect nutrient levels. I would consider other additives, as in organic local honey and organic cinnamon, but sugar may take away from proper absorption of vitamin C.. Green tea with these other components has many benefits as well.

  438. Mike says:

    Also, as stated, make sure you drink purified water after use to prevent tooth enamel decay.

  439. Nydia Rodriguez says:

    I started the half lemon with purified water. Wow what a difference in digestion. I don’t feel bloated. I can really see the difference in everything. Someone had told me about this but up until I found u with many facts here and people posting their experience. I couldn’t believe it. I drink it in the morning with just the purified water. No sugar etc. thank you. I am also a vegetarian which also makes a big difference. I don’t worry anymore what that animal had injected into him or her. Organic foods r expensive but worth spending ur money on them less chemicals as oppose to all these processed foods etc. thank you once again. Keep drinking those lemon teas people

  440. CJ. says:

    Hello there,
    Would you be so kind to answer a few questions for me?
    What does warm means? Is room temperature warm enough or do i have to warm it even more?
    If i put half a lemon (the juice i mean) in a one liter bottle, with no sugar and i would like to drink it over the day, not only in the morning, is that good or is it too much? And how long can i keep water with lemon out of the fridge and still drink it safely?
    Thanks a lot!

  441. laleet says:

    I have been drinking warm lemon water early in the morning for one year..It can help to remove overall acidity in the body..glad you have been enjoying…

  442. Alex says:


    I was wondering why everywhere I read about this the recommendation is always WARM WATER with lemon juice and not just water. Why?
    What happens if I did have lemon juice with just plain room-temperature water? (will it still work, or at least work less?)
    How warm do you recommend it be?

  443. Peter says:

    Every night I place a hunk of lemon in a coffee plunger with some goji berries to add bit of sweetness. i pour hot water over them and let the whole concoction steep over night. I then drink the juice first thing before breakfast. I then repeat the process that same morning so that I can indulge in the same healthy drink in the evening. Works well for me.

  444. Karen says:

    Two days ago,I felt a cold coming on. I rarely get sick. I came home, immediately cut up a lemon, squeezed 1/2 of it into warm water. By then, the cold was rapidly progressing. I did take a cold medicine as I was miserable. Next morning, my throat was so infected I thought I might have to go to the Dr. I immediately made more lemon water, more cold medicine, drank lemon water and drank it throughout the day. Of course I ate food along the way. Drank more lemon water when I came home. Felt a bit better. Last night I slept like I haven’t slept in long time. It was a deep sleep. Generally when I have a cold,I don’t sleep well. Woke up this morning, and I feel so much better. Hardly any cold symptons. More lemon water… oh yes, I have lost 3 pounds. I have continued eating the same amount of food while feeling bad. I also have been using lemons on my hands. In just 1 week, I am noticing the spots are lightening up. I do believe drinking the lemon water is helping as well. I will continue my new routine and will post again in a month.

  445. Brandy Profancik says:

    When I was growing up we only went to the Dr for emergencies because we where poor. When we had a cold or sore throat my mom would fix us a glass of warm water with some raw honey and cinnamon. It did the trick every time. Now that I’m an adult I was relying on coffee to get through my day (3 kids under 6 with a husband in the military and homeschooling). I also started getting migraines and was supper tired all the time. I slowly weaned myself off of coffee by making it weaker and weaker and then not drinking as much. After a few days I had realized it had been a while since I had any coffee and I didn’t even have a migraine. I did replace it with the warm limmon water with honey and cinnamon and that seems to satisfy me more than the coffee ever did. I do allow myself a small cup of coffee at church and some times when I need something really strong to get through a long drive. Other than that I feel great. I’m not sure about the weightloss abilities of it but I do need to loose some pounds so only time will tell.
    Also I don’t measure what I put in, I just eyeball it and give it a taste test.

  446. precious says:

    I am a living testimony, just few days I started I noticed lots of changes. My tummy used to be very big and filled with gases but since I started taking the lemon water I noticed I gas too much there by reducing my tummy drastically. Also the rate at which I crave for food has reduced too. Lemon is really of great health benefit

  447. Jenny says:

    Hi! I’m out of lemons this morning. Any substitutes? I have limes and oranges on hand.

  448. NANA YAA says:

    i have been on warm water and lemon juice for about four months now and boy! i am loss weight and loving it.

  449. legesh nair says:

    its a nice and useful

  450. winnie pe benito says:

    was it still fine to have it first thing in the morning even if i m pregnant?

  451. Wonderful website. Lots of helpful info here.
    I’m sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious.
    And obviously, thank you for your effort!

  452. Shailesh says:

    Is it recommended to drink a mixture of honey, lemon juice and warm water in the morning for a person who’s weighing around 68 kgs and does not want to loose weight but for other health benefits of drinking the mixture?

  453. siva says:

    I read recently about the benefits of drinking warm lemon water and thought will give it a try.
    Nothing to loose I thought. Will let you know how I am getting on with the experience.

  454. AMG says:

    I love my warm lemon juice and water in the morning! I also add a teaspoon of coconut oil (might be too much for some people). Anyway, I noticed a lot of people are having trouble with the idea of fresh lemon juice opposed to bottled. Many grocery stores now carry fresh squeezed organic lemon juice in their produce section. I buy a quart every two weeks and it’s under $5. 🙂 If they carry that, they also usually have many other freshly squeezed all organic non-pasteurized veggie and fruit juices. It’s so much easier than juicing my own veggies and fruits. Keep up the good habits, folks!

  455. Anastasia says:

    can i apply lemon water on my face everymorning n night? and will it stop the wrinkles on my face?pls answer

  456. Mary Kay says:

    What do you think of drinking warm water with Doterra Essential lemon oil in it? Same results???

  457. Apoorva Trivedi says:

    Hii beth,

    Can u please tell me about problems which occur by doing this.
    is it harmful for body?
    My BMI is 26….i am fat
    and thanx for sharing

  458. Sarah says:

    Can children have this? How long would you recommend before wasting after having this drink? I love a cup of tea every morning can I still have one after drinking this? Is it boiled water you use? And some people recommend honey with it if I got a jar of honey how much do I add?

  459. Cristina says:

    Hi, not sure if some one has asked this already, but can it be green limes, or only the yellow lemon ones. Thank You

  460. Mohammad says:

    I drink fresh lemon juice early morning one small glass without honey, without water but it is cold say temperature 4 digree celecius (very cold).
    From where I am buying it’s similar to five star hotel and they are serving cold then i start breakfast say after 2 minutues at the same dining hall.
    May I warm in microwave for 30 second this cold juice? Will be there any reaction if i warm fresh juice?
    I have started it due to reduce my weight as I am over weight about 18 Kg.
    Please advice.

    Please advice.

  461. Deb says:

    And what about limes? Do they have the same healthy properties?

  462. santoshi says:

    should we drink the lemon water before doing brush or after that?

  463. Dale Miller says:

    I’ve been drinking lemon water for several months now. My friend gives me bags of lemons off his tree and I juice them all up. I put the juice in plastic liter bottles and freeze them. I will then take one out of the freezer, thaw it and put the juice in 5 ounce glass woozy bottles (woozy is like a tabasco bottle). Then I keep one of the glass bottles in the fridge. Every morning I pour one ounce of lemon juice in about 4 oz of filtered tap water and drink it down. I used to just put the whole liter bottle in the fridge but after a few days it would taste odd. I found out that it can go bad after a few days so each time I finish one woozy bottle I thaw out another one. Works great.
    Good information here about when to brush your teeth afterwards. I figured it was best right after you drank it but found out it’s better to wait awhile. Thanks for some good information here everyone.

  464. Thora says:

    I do this every morning as well, drinking warm lemon water right before I work out, then I oil pull for 20 minutes (while getting myself showered and ready for the day) and I dry brush before getting in the shower. It’s a routine that I have had for a long time and it really sets me up well for the day. Thanks for your posts!

  465. Atul says:

    Drinking warm lemon water early in the morning benefits me in many ways. But the problem is I don’t want to lose weight because I’m a skinny guy. Please advice me what to do.

  466. Ajekwene Angela says:

    I drank warm lemon water both morning nd night, is it too much?

  467. Shatabdi says:

    I want to stay fit and healthy without having a weight gain. Though i’ve not gained much weight but almost on the verge of gaining the fats. I’ve started taking lemon juice with warm water but along with that what are the workouts i need to do.
    Please suggest.

  468. Odette says:

    I I have a question. I have gastritis and lemon juice is highly acidic. Won’t it worsen my stomach if I drink warm water with lemon on an empty stomach? Also I weigh only 35 kilos.

  469. Odette says:

    I have gastritis and I know lemon is highly acidic. Won’t it worsen my stomach if I drink warm water with lemon? I am underweight at 35 kilos, I am 65 years old. Thanks

  470. Wendy says:

    I have been drinking lemon in my water of a morning for 25years. I felt all the benefits, and it was great. What isn’t great is now at 50 my dentist tells me this has been as bad for my teeth as drinking coke. My teeth are discoloring, wearing out and getting shorter. I know it sounds weird, but he says to drink it through a straw, so it doesn’t touch your teeth.

  471. Luke says:

    hey guys new product here
    Tesco Sparkling lemon and lime flavoured spring water
    its fucking stronger than absynthe i swear m8 try it fam me and harry get it evri day you know the score we get high as a mutherfucker dank life from tecccys ly2 beast

  472. Tien says:


  473. Harman says:

    This is a pretty common concept in India, especially with 50+. I know my grandmom used to drink this every morning sometimes with honey and sometimes with ginger

  474. Felix Ekow Bonney says:

    I have started drinking lemon juice but anytime I take it in the evening, I feel very hungry the next morning. What is the cause?

  475. Grace Singha says:

    Hi All,

    This is grace ,I was 84 kg not able to walk too much of heaviness in body .

    I decided and started eating k Kellogg morning and After noon and hot water at least 8 big cups .
    At night i will have light food and drink 3 small lemons with hot water .I was 84 now i am 81 kg just for 1 month.

    I sacrificed tea coffee morning tasty breakfast afternoon food ,I am very happy i want to at least loose 10 kg .I have decided and i will do it.

    My dresses are fitting and my skin is glowing i was dark now i happy very very much.

    Initially it will be very difficult please try you will enjoy

  476. Richard says:

    I was wondering is lemon better then apple cider vinegar? and is lemon with honey even better :)?

  477. Damian says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thank you for writing this article, it is still relevant today and help people like myself that wanted to know about the health benefits of drinking lemon water. I have being drinking lemon water daily for over three weeks now mainly for balancing the acid level in my body as well as loosing weight but I was not sure what the other benefits were. So I really thank you for that teaching session.
    Damian Earle
    A-z Auto Transport

  478. Heather says:

    I squeeze a full lemon into my warm water first thing every morning and have been doing this for about two years now. I like how it makes me feel and the benefits are great. This past week I have started adding a teaspoon of cinnamon into the water and really enjoy the change.

  479. david chettiar says:

    Daily morning I drink 2 lotta mix lemon and honey in hot water . I m suffering heartburn sometimes. I continue with this routine daily or u want me to stop?

  480. Seta says:

    is there any effect if you drink hot lemon water in the morning and did not eat anything until afternoon…

  481. Mohd says:

    I would like to start taking lemon water daily but I do not wish to loose weight. I just want it to serve as a detoxifier for my system and to make my skin glow. Please how can I achieve this?

  482. Eddy says:

    Dringking warm lemon water every morning?.. I think good to


  483. Daisy says:

    Hello, can someone please tell me if drinking lemon with hot water would help with acne?

    Thank you!

  484. Marilyn Wilk says:

    Can you mix warm lemon drink and take antidepressant medication? If so, how long after drink a warm lemon drink do I ned to wait before taking my medications?

  485. Aakash says:

    I wana ask you that
    In how many days we can observe reduce in stomach fat if i drink warm water and lemon every morning?

  486. Santosh Sapkal says:

    how many times drink lemon tea per day?

  487. Duncan, Devon - England says:

    I used to always drink warm lemon water every morning, I have just re-started this good habit. I can only afford 15 minutes before having my coffee to follow! I have always been quite a drinker, also used to be a super heavy smoker, quit for a year now. My gums have been bleeding since quitting smoking, although the acidity is bad for teeth, i hear that it is great for clearing Gingivitis.. to straw or not to straw, that is my question!
    The other benefits, weight loss, digestion and liver repair are all very evident to me.

  488. COMFORT says:

    Does regular intake of lemon water delay or prevent me from getting pregnant?

  489. Jennie says:

    Hi i have started to drink half a lemon in hot water for ten days. I now have a rash on my face and neck . My skin has raised bumps and i am experienceing a slight burning sensation . I have had this rash for approximately two days now
    Can this be a side effect of drinking Lemon in hot water.
    I should add that i only have this drink on a morning half an hour before breakfast.

    Please I would be grateful for any advice on this

    • athina says:

      Hi Jennie! No, i don’t think that is a side effect but i believe that now your body push out the toxins and you are detoxing.I say that to you cause i have the same after a week of drinking water lemon.Could you tell me if you had many toxinw in your body? from strees? please tell me

      • Jennie says:

        yes I do believe that at the time of posting this I was experiencing so form of stress. I stopped drinking the hot water with lemon for over two months and started again to find that only two days into it i started again with the rash on my neck. Do you think I should continue drinking the lemon water , any advise would be gratefully accepted

  490. Shelley says:

    I have been doing the warm lemon water for about a month. I am noticing some overall benefits, including the reduction in size and elimination of skin tags. My nails seem brighter and my aches/pains associated with older age are easing. Recommending it to friends!

  491. kritika says:

    Should we drink it before cleaning our teeth or after?

  492. Pipo says:

    Hi Beth. Thank you so much for the very informative article. I also drink lemon everyday, only that lemon is so expensive here in the Philippines so I substituted Lemon with Calamansi. Calamansi is our local lemon. It is green in color, smaller- like a big grape, but smells and tastes better that lemon. I would just like to ask if I can drink warm lemon/calamansi juice before a blood chemistry test. My doctor told me to fast for 9-12 hours. Only lemons stop my hyper-acidity and I couldn’t afford not to drink lemon water in the morning. Please help me. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  493. Kamal says:

    Its very useful and my all urine problems is ok now.

  494. gitika says:

    does lemon water gives such a good result???

  495. Isidro Rodriguez says:

    Great information about the warm water and lemons every morning. Love it. Thanks so much.

  496. molly says:

    can diabetic person have this lemon juice early morning with empty stomach?

  497. joseph rai says:

    Drinking lemon with warm water, does it helps to lose weight?

  498. Sandri'lia says:

    Since drinking lemon and warm water, my skin and my daughter’s skin has cleared up!

  499. Zulash says:

    nice article the lemon water is my morning first test now.
    Thank you

  500. paridhi says:

    Can I drink green tea without lemon and honey.?

  501. Ian says:

    Someone at work told me the benefits of drinking lemon juice first thing in the morning, as it helped him with weight loss, as well as many other benefits. So I started drinking lemon water every morning, when I get out of bed. It is fantastic and yes, I’m sure the weight is coming off. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, as well as the beneficial advice. I only went on here to find out if my friend was right and I was still reading the comments some time later. So interesting and uplifting. Thank you one and all, and have a great 2016.

  502. Jamie says:

    Thankyou Beth, I have recently moved into a home with a beautiful lemon tree out the back. I was on a health kick, and then realised hey! I actually have my own lemon tree.
    I have a bottle of water in the morning, followed by a cup of oats and boiled water and after my stretching in the morning I have been making the hot lemon drink 🙂

    Hope that helps x

  503. Angie says:

    I drink 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s ACV every morning followed by a cold glass of water, so can I just replace the cold water with lemon water after the ACV? Also, can the fresh lemon be replaced by lemon essential oil or does it absolutely have to be fresh?

  504. William says:

    How fast the warm lemon water can work if I spend the whole 2 weeks without food, especially during fasting and prayer.

  505. marc says:

    i drink il like Lemon whit water its prefered Love ,it s avery god for estomac and digestion i drink a morning .

  506. Blanco says:

    It is advisable to brush my teeth before taking it please?

  507. Blanco says:

    Please it is advisable to brush before taking the lemon water?

  508. sushil says:

    my friend family suffering from aid. the leemon ncan help them better for cure it please help

  509. Jenna says:

    How long to take and how til you see you lost weight

  510. Dave says:

    Hi-great site! I’ve been diagnosed with elavated liver enzymes due ahem….I’m afraid too much alcohol. I’m quitting for a few months to reduce the level (doctor said at this stage reversable) of enzymes. Do you know if lemon water would reduce the liver enyme levels & any inflamation? Also…would it be ok to prepare the drink the night before-cover with cling film & drink 1st thing-by this time the water would be room temperature & I often wake quite early so this would giv more time between drinking & eating anything else to improve results? Also…does the water have to be lukewarm or is room temperature ok? Thanks in advance, Dave.

  511. ANALYZA says:


  512. Smi says:

    I am a very slim girl, so is it advisable for me to take it?

  513. Stacy says:

    This is right up my alley. I love anything lemon!!
    I even eat the entire lemon, minus the seeds, of course. Even the pith because of flavonoids.
    I love garlic and onions. I eat a piece of lemon peel, wash it down with water, wait a while, then brush my teeth.
    There is a big difference in how it diminishes garlic breath.

  514. Pir Raza says:

    I am on medicines for skin irritation , should I continue lemon juice or would it contradict with my medicines , please advise . regards . Pir Raza

  515. Elizabeth says:

    Wonderful. I did it for the first day. I lost 1.1kg and is very energetic. My whole body was full of strength and I didnt feel any stress as I used to. Lemon juice calms the body nerves down. This drink is too good. I have introduced my family to it.

  516. Cath brodie says:

    When you say warm water and lemon do you mean water that’s boiled and left to cool?

  517. I wasn’t very fond of lemon until recently one of my mate suggested there are lots of health benefits of drinking lemon juice. Now I always it lemon juice and freshly squeezed of course.

  518. Freebird says:

    Hi there im just wondering if it has to be fresh lemon juice or can be from a bottle ?

    Thanks xx

  519. Freebird says:

    Hi there just wondering if it has to be fresh lemons or can it be from a bottle ? Thanks xx

  520. Sarah Hanson says:

    Please, I started my remedy with lemon, ginger and honey, with a change in my lifestyle, will that make loose weight fast? Again, am drinking it with warm water morning and evening, is it the best?

  521. jackieline says:

    im drinking fresh lemon juice while eating ,, morning, lunch, and dinner is it ok? is this have an effect?

  522. Morgan says:

    Hi! Great article, Jennifer! Quick question… I usually make a hot standard size mug of water ( I let it cool down) with one circular large slice of lemon floating on top. Is that enough lemon to receive any benefits or should I be placing more lemon in the water?

  523. Darien says:

    Thank you little yellow fruit.

    I’ve been struggling with knee pain for a couple of years now, 2 weeks of warm lemon and I now have reduced swelling and pain.

    I’m sure there are other benefits however for me this is the most noticeable, thanks Beth great article.


  524. nitin says:

    hey,is it safe to drink this after having dinner in night .

  525. Carine bsaibess says:

    I woul like to know ..how long should I wait to eat after drinking lemon water ?

    Thank you

  526. naveen gupta says:

    IF i will put 2 quater slice of lemon and little mint in fresh/cold water for few hours and drink it.is it helpful in summer or not??