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  1. The Benefits of Collagen

    The Benefits of Collagen

    By now you have probably heard from myself and other bloggers about collagen and gelatin and of course, the fanfare around bone broth, etc. Some of you may already know the many benefits of collagen, but even I didn’t know it’s full potential until earlier this year. Collagen is vital for our body and is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints and it plays a very important role in gut healing protocols.

    Our ancestors utilized sustainable whole animal nutrition, which provided an abundant amount of collagen.  Over the past century however, modern food processing has removed this natural and healthy protein from our diets.

    This superfood supplement has provided much healing for me over this last year as it has become part of my daily gut healing protocol, so I am excited to share with you some of the research surrounding it. Beyond finding healing for my gut, the marked benefits in my skin, hair and nails have been the wonderful icing on the cake!

    The Benefits of Collagen

    What is Collagen?

    Collagen is an important structural protein that makes up one third of the protein in the body and up to 70% of the protein that makes up skin. Collagen is the basic matrix of the connective tissues, skin, cartilage and bone where it comes together to form scaffolding to provide strength and structure.

    As a protein, collagen contains significant amounts of amino acids proline and glycine, which are harder to find in other protein sources and serve as a protector of your gut.

    The Benefits of Collagen

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  2. Autoimmune Protocol Waffles (Cassava Flour)


    I am aware that this is basically the least sexy name possible for a recipe, I think it sounds like something you would be served at a hospital as a means to hide some sort of treatment. My husband Mark said this sounds like some sort of superhero food. Regardless, for those that are following AIP and might be desperate for a different breakfast recipe, I wanted you to find it as easily as possible. Who knows, maybe you are even landing here on this page because of this very not-so-sexy name.

    While I am personally no longer strictly following the Autoimmune Protocol, after following it very hardcore for over 30 days, I can tell you that it changed me. This diet rocked my world and healed me, in all the most amazing ways possible. It was everything that my body needed, right when I needed it most. As I was searching for ways to heal my gut and deal with my autoimmune condition, as well as the terrible fall off my health took after taking prescribed drugs for my condition, I was working with a naturopath, taking supplements and trying various elimination diets and nothing was quite dealing with this underlying condition of not feeling like myself and desperately wanting that to change. I took it up upon myself at the time to research all the various more extreme ways to help my gut, to remove foods and to get back to a place where my body could focus it’s energy on healing. I followed the protocol by way of Dr Sarah Ballantyne and Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt, their websites, the various books and cookbooks and any and all the other resources I could find.


    While many people find themselves needing to follow AIP much longer than 30 days, I was fortunate that I wasn’t dealing with a severe condition nor debilitating or life-threatening symptoms, so I am grateful to have found great relief in that short time. As I continue my personal healing, I have also stuck to many of the principals of the protocol that have resonated with me and I have had great luck and results by continuing to listen to my body and what it is telling me it does and doesn’t need.

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  3. Spiced Coconut Squash Breakfast Porridge

    Spiced Coconut Squash Breakfast Porridge

    Sometimes, I find the hardest thing about having restrictions on my diet is the uncontrollable cravings for a dish that is simply off-limits. Try as you might to quiet them, but I can promise you your Pinterest feed and Instagram feed will be filled with that very food, for days on end, mocking you until you either give in or find an alternative! (Not that I know from personal experience, or anything) Regardless of retraining your brain to look at food differently to cater those thoughts to your current needs, oftentimes we just can’t help those random hankerings. We are, after all, human.

    I find this breakfast porridge to be the perfect stand-in for traditional oatmeal, while still being free of grains, dairy, nuts and seeds. It’s warm, comforting and creamy and the texture is spot on. I tend to alway have a spaghetti squash on hand, so if I cook one up for dinner the night before, I will save half to make this breakfast the next morning.

    Spiced Coconut Squash Breakfast Porridge

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  4. Baked Plantain Fries with Garlic Avocado Dipping Sauce

    Baked Plantain Fries with Garlic Avocado Dipping Sauce

    I previously eluded to the fact that I was starting an Autoimmune / Leaky Gut Protocol on Monday of last week and that I would a some point fill you all in on more details. So here we are. As a reminder, I was diagnosed last summer via kidney biopsy, with an autoimmune form of kidney disease, called IgA Nephropathy. It hasn’t progressed too far, my kidneys are still functioning at very high levels and I have been lucky enough to have had little to no symptoms. After the diagnosis I was placed on several pharmaceuticals to protect my kidneys long term, from this progressive disease which can, if left untreated, in some patients lead to kidney failure later in life. As soon as I started taking the drugs, I found myself feeling terrible. I was tired and lethargic, I had rashes and developed acne, I found myself with terrible stomach aches and pains, I was chronically bloated and gassy, etc. In speaking with my Naturopathic doctor at the start of this year, we have discovered I am dealing with leaky gut and we have decided it best to first heal my gut and get this under control so we can properly investigate my kidney disease further. I have since been taken off all prescription drugs and I am on a regime of supplements and herbs with my doctor to protect my kidneys, aid in the healing of my gut and more.

    I will work hard to keep this as short as I can, I don’t want for this to become a how-to or a resource on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, many of those already exist online and in books and I honestly have no problem admitting that I am still a total newbie when it comes to all of this. Truthfully, I am slowly navigating my own way through this new journey, so I am far from an expert.

    My plan is to follow this Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) for a minimum of 30 days. I am very grateful to have somewhat minimal symptoms on the larger scale of leaky gut and autoimmune conditions, though they are there enough for me to want to get things under control and get back to feeling like myself. The plan is to give myself these 30 days to allow my body and my gut the time it needs to heal. I am really crossing my fingers that this will be enough time. After 30 days I will slowly begin to reintroduce foods and decipher my body’s response to each and go from there on deciding if I need to pursue this protocol further or not.

    It should be said, this protocol isn’t necessarily a full list of ingredients to be avoided forever just because you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder or leaky gut. This is simply a plan to follow for a minimum of 30 days to give your body the opportunity to heal and the time to remain on the plan, from there differs for each individual.

    For me, after just the first 7 days I have already noticed marked improvement. Less bloating and gas. I am still dealing with some discomfort with certain foods, usually my tummy seems to be most agitated when I eat too many fibrous veggies. That huge bowl of cauliflower with a sh*t ton of kale on top, maybe not the best idea. Woowee! I am also noticing some response to the changed diet. I am not sure if I can call them detox symptoms or “die off”, but I have certainly noticed some other new symptoms. But I am happy to report that I am already be getting some relief, so I am on the right track.

    Here is a super quick overview on the details of the autoimmune / leaky gut protocol I am following for at least 30 days:

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