How To Stock The Perfect Winter Pantry

by Beth @ Tasty Yummies

Winter Pantry Staples Shopping List

Winter Pantry Staples Shopping List

The time has come, at least where I live, when the local fresh produce has dwindled down to very little and we are hunkering down for a long and cold winter. Just because fresh local produce isn’t quite as plentiful around here as it is in the summer, doesn’t mean that I cook any less. I just find I need to get more creative with what I do have and be very smart in stocking my pantry with healthy staples to get me through. Additionally, I still make sure to buy and eat as many veggies as possible and though they may not be local, I do try to at least select organic and as seasonal as I possibly can.

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite pantry staples, I am personally gluten-free so this list reflects that. Use this list as a guide, keeping in mind your own intolerances and preferences to create your own pantry staples list and make sure you are well stocked through the entire winter and all year, for that matter.

Head over to the Free People Blog to get my full winter pantry staples shopping list.

Winter Pantry Staples Shopping List

Winter Pantry Staples Shopping List

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