Photo Fun Day Friday

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It has been another crazy week. Time is just flying by right now, it is insane. I wish I could slow it all down. We have just been busting our bums getting everything in order for the move and our trip out to California this upcoming week, to find a place to live. On top of all of that, I have been dealing with some nasty back stuff. It has been a huge inconvenience and it could’t have come at a worse time. Which is why I am sure it came at all. It started by me picking up the dog over and over two weekends ago when she injured her paw. First it was a small muscle spasm and ache, then silly me went to yoga, over did and next thing you know I am in full on disc related pain again. Booo! I have been seeing my amazing chiropractor and massage therapist like crazy, I attended a myofascial release/yoga workshop, I am icing, stretching, rolling, etc. It just doesn’t wanna get better as quickly as I wish it would. I am trying to stay positive and not let it get me down, but missing my last few weeks at my beloved yoga studio surrounded by so many amazing people has really made it hard. I go there as an escape and as a way to find myself on my mat. I think that may be the hardest part of being injured is losing that part of my self temporarily.

At any rate, I am sure I will be back at it soon enough. In the meantime, I have been doing everything I can do make the recovery process go as smoothly as it possibly can.

I hope you have all been well and have an amazing weekend. We have a lot planned, but I am looking forward to all of it.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Our sweet little Seri falls asleep many nights, with her bed in her mouth, kneading. It is heartbreaking,

Photo Fun Day Friday

The perfect way to start the day. A hot fire, hot lemon water and a little yoga. I am still nursing this back injury from over a week ago, but taking it easy with some light yoga every day.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Got my makeup done for our Hero / Tasty Yummies photo shoot with Luke Copping on Saturday. Wish I could have someone around to do my makeup daily.

Photo Fun Day Friday

My handsome hubby!

Photo Fun Day Friday

Me on set getting some shots for Tasty Yummies. So excited to finally have some professional photos of us for both our business and for myself for this site. Can’t wait to share!

Photo Fun Day Friday

A quick iPhone snap of us at Victory Studios with Luke Copping.

Photo Fun Day Friday

Charring onions and ginger for some homemade pho.

Photo Fun Day Friday

The pho stock simmering all day long.

Photo Fun Day Friday

My beautifully vibrant lunch from Betty’s on Weds. Roasted beets, shaved fennel, goat cheese, orange sections and lots of greens with a ginger orange vinaigrette. It was incredible.

Photo Fun Day Friday

It was 65 degrees on here in Buffalo on Wednesday so Seri and I took a nice long, and much needed walk together.

Took my Seri

Did you make this recipe - or any others from the TY archives? I get crazy excited when you guys make my recipes & I always love to see how they turn out!

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4 Responses

  1. Linda Stoddard says:

    You’re absolutely right! Seri kneading her bed does pull your heart, doesn’t it? So precious. The pictures of you and hubby are great, but quite honestly, Beth, I think you’re every bit as pretty without the makeup. Take me with a grain of salt, of course! Have a great weekend! xLinda

  2. Oh that Seri is just such a sweetheart.

    Your makeup is lovely, and the pictures of you and your husband are beautiful! What a handsome couple!

  3. lou says:

    my rescue kitty curls up in a ball and sucks on the tip of his tail as if it was his mother…he likes to be pressed up against someone as i think it makes him feel safe?
    breaks my heart a little every time i see it..

  4. Kathy says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog…my husband has celiacs disease so I love the gluten free recipes . But more importantly, we have 2 miniature bull terriers! We have a tri-colored female, Brandy and a white female, Ella! Your descriptions of both Derby and Seri sound just like our girls, from the funny noises they make, chewing on toilet paper rolls, and being super snugly (personal space…what’s that!??!). We’ve even had a torn nail that required a cone of shame and a pretty foot bandage! They are an amazing breed…unlike any other type of dog!
    We live in the San Francisco Bay Area…I’m sure you’ll love sunny California and so will Seri! Best of luck as you relocate to the West Coast!

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