How-to Pack for a Yoga Festival

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How-to Pack for a Yoga Festival

I am hitting the road tomorrow, heading to Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley for the Wanderlust Festival. I have been counting down the days to this trip, for months. I am so excited for all the yoga, the meditation sessions, teacher-only workshops, hikes through the beautiful Squaw Valley, epic music and dancing, maybe some stand-up paddle boarding and of course, reuniting with friends I haven’t seen in forever and connecting with many new-to-me, beautiful souls.

I thought it might help some of you heading off to a yoga festival this summer to share some of my go-to’s when packing for a yoga festival. No reason to get stressed before you head off to a weekend of peace and bliss. I’ve got you covered.

How-to Pack for a Yoga Festival

How-to Pack for a Yoga Festival

The Essentials:

Water Bottle
I feel like this is a given, obviously it’s crazy important to stay hydrated, always, but most definitely when you are moving all day, and especially being outside in the hot sun. I personally cannot tolerate the way water tastes from a metal or plastic bottle, so I opt for glass. This is my favorite.

Sun Protection
Keep that gorgeous skin protected. Rather than conventional sunscreen loaded with chemicals, I go for this natural outdoor lotion from Primal Pastures, made with all-natural, safe and nourishing ingredients.

Yoga Mat
There are loads and loads of great mats out there, I personally love my Manduka Black Mat Pro. I have had it well over 6 years now and it has hardly shown any wear and this mat has literally been everywhere with me. When flying, I bring along my Manduka SuperLight Travel Mat since it folds up and takes literally no room in my suitcase.

Clothes You Can Move In
You will obviously be moving that beautiful temple of a body of yours day and night, so why not treat yourself to some beautifully-made comfortable threads? Among many others, I’ll be bringing these unique Goddess Ribbed Leggings and Trace Bra from ALO Yoga. Also, get yourself some Buddha Pants. These pants will make you dance. Better yet, they fold up into themselves and become a super easy-to-pack pouch, taking up no space in your bag, which makes them great for traveling.

Clothes That Make a Statement
Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, part of the excitement of going on an adventure like this is meeting new people. First impressions are a real thing, so why not wear your heart on your sleeve or quite literally why not where your heart on your heart. These super-fun, yoga-inspired tees from Spiritual Gangster are conversation starters, perfect for breaking the ice. Bonus: Do good, while you look good, Spiritual Gangster provides a meal to a person in need, for every item they sell.

Opt for additional coverage from the sun with your favorite hat. Currently, I am slightly obsessed with my Luke Fedora from Yellow108. Sustainably made with salvaged, eco-conscious materials, you can take this hat with you everywhere you go.

Anyone who knows me, knows that if I had it my way, I would be barefoot nearly all the time. It’s just so good. I like feeling the earth beneath my feet and in my opinion, the sign of a good day is dirty feet. Since never wearing shoes may not exactly be practical at all times, the next best thing is a pair of your favorite sandals. I will be packing my favorite pair of Birkenstocks and (not pictured) my brand new pair of Minimalist Earthing Shoes from EarthRunners (they showed up this week and I am already obsessed). They are great for soaking up all that good energy flowing between our feet and the earth. Best yet, they are made in a small factory in the Santa Cruz mountains.

You didn’t think I would actually skip over food, did you? This is important stuff, people. I could actually do a whole post just on food to pack when traveling, but we will keep it light. When traveling I grab simple, healthy snack foods that satisfy me and keep me nourished. Some of my personal favorites for a long road trip are homemade energy bars (check out my extensive tutorial at that link), plantain chips, sweet potato chips, dried fruit and trail mix. Knowing the days will be long and at times energetically draining at a yoga festival, being that I am not a coffee drinker, I can’t forget the tea. I am very particular about my tea when traveling. I really love Organic India’s Tulsi Tea. Tulsi is one of the most sacred herbs in India, infused with healing power, so it only feels appropriate for a yoga festival. Increased endurance and stamina, support for the immune system, relief and protection from everyday stress – it just feels right when traveling, of course it tastes great, too.

How-to Pack for a Yoga Festival

The Extras:

Re-usable Travel Cutlery
Being on the road means lots of meals on-the-go. Whether quite literally in the car on the drive or on the plane, you might also have post-yoga lunch in the grass at the festival from one of the many food trucks and vendors, you may even find yourself enjoying a meal while you are out exploring on a hike, etc. I love this amazing eco-friendly, travel roll-up from Yellow108. Bamboo cutlery, a salvaged cotton napkin and this gorgeous, durable, travel-friendly wax-canvas roll up made by Bradley Mountain, it has become my travel companion.

Daily Greens
For me, these should be under the Essentials. Don’t leave home without them! I have become a huge fan of traveling with these Daily Good Greens from ALOHA. A great way to keep up the healthy regime on-the-go. Without getting too TMI, being away from home always affects my regularity. It just always has. Out of my routines, away from home base, different foods – it can definitely throw my body off a bit. Short of going out and ordering 10 cups of kale or a pound of broccoli, this is the next best thing. I mix it up with a little water before bed each night or into a morning smoothie, if I have a blender and I am set.

Essential Oils
I have really taken to incorporating essential oils into my daily life. I am very motivated and energetically charged by scent. When traveling, I always love to bring along peppermint essential oil, it’s energizing and revitalizing. It’s part of my routine when flying, as soon as we touch down I place a drop into my hands, rub them together, cup them around my face and inhale deeply. AHHHHH! There is nothing like it. Instant energy, refreshed and renewed. I’m  also bringing TerraShield from DoTerra with me. A gift from a friend, this blend is an all-natural, DEET-free insect repellent. This proprietary blend of 15 essential oils, includes lemon, eucalyptus, citronella and lemongrass, and it is also wonderfully invigorating, great for the long busy, active days at a yoga festival.

OK, I realize that if you are still reading this list, you are now assuming this girl is a full-blown hippy. I get it, I have become a walking cliche of a yoga festival-going, yoga teaching, tree-hugger of a girl. I am OK with that. At any rate, I am a big believer in the power and energy of crystals and stones and I tend to utilize them in my daily life, whether at my home or on the road. When traveling, I like to bring along with me the ones that will speak most to my current journey. For this trip, seeking protection on my drive and the courage and power to approach new people and strike up those hard to start conversations, I am bringing: Amethyst: Protection and stability, bringing calm, balance, patience and peace. Divine connection and purification. Chrysocolla: Empowerment of goddess energy, clear communication, elimination of fear based thought. Black Tourmaline: Psychic protection, powerful purification for negative energies and bad vibes. Amazonite: Connection with truth and harmony, within & with others, enhanced communication.

In between classes, workshops and activities, you may find yourself lying in the grass gazing up at the sky, just relaxing. Without the daily grind of life, without the cell phone, you might actually find you even have a little extra time to read. Grab whatever you are currently reading. I’m bringing along The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and the Howl Adventure Guide.

How-to Pack for a Yoga Festival

Don’t Forget:

Backpack, fanny pack, tote bag or cross-body purse to carry the important stuff on your person throughout the day, ID, money, credit cards, phone, etc.


Layers: sweater, sweatshirt, hoodies, etc. Depending on where you are headed but definitely in the mountains, it can get chilly at night.

Journal: your weekend will be full of inspiration, this you can be sure of. Best to come prepared for whenever the good vibes find you.

Mala Beads: DUH!


Festival photos courtesy of Wanderlust.

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