Take Banh Mi: Gluten-free Roasted Pork Belly Banh Mi Sandwich
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 sandwiches
gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free
  • 4 slices Canyon Bakehouse Heritage Style Honey White, toasted or grilled to your liking
  • 4 pieces thick cut roasted pork belly strips (or thick-cut bacon) - see below
  • 4 slices freshly sliced, high-quality gluten-free deli ham
  • Pickled Carrot and Daikon - MAKE AHEAD see below
  • thinly sliced red chiles or jalapeño
  • thinly sliced cucumber
  • fresh cilantro
  • fresh mint
  • Sriracha Mayo - see below
  1. To compose each of your sandwiches, on all four pieces of toasted Canyon Bakehouse Heritage Style bread, smear a thin layer of the sriracha mayo. Then on two of the slices of toasted bread, lay out two slices of ham on each piece. On top of that, to each sandwich add two slices of the thick-cut roasted pork belly. Layer then on top of that, a single layer of the thinly sliced cucumber and the chiles or jalapeño, if using.
  2. Finish with a heaping spoonful of the pickled carrots and daikon, a generous bunch of the fresh cilantro and fresh mint. Add more sriracha aioli to the top pieces of bread, if you’d like. Top with the remaining slices of toasted bread. Enjoy!
Recipe by Tasty Yummies at https://tasty-yummies.com/gluten-free-banh-mi-sandwich/