Between Meals Podcast. Episode 26: Take Back Your Power. You are More than Your Body! with Steph Gaudreau

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No. 26 | Take Back Your Power. You are More than Your Body! with Steph Gaudreau

Beth and Steph chat through their experiences surrounding body image and ditching the idea that our worth lies in our external appearance. We talk through what we see to be the differences in body positivity and body neutrality and share personal stories and turning points in our journey that helped shift our perspectives.

In this Episode We Discuss:

  • the importance of the non-measurable aspects of health changes
  • letting go of the societal rules surrounding food, willpower and our choices
  • embracing making choices from a different perspective
  • the mental and emotional freedom that comes from taking up space, showing up big and focusing on strength vs. shrinking, being small and making choices to “fix” our body
  • negativity as a motivator and why it doesn’t work
  • body neutrality is NOT giving up
  • can you make changes when you aren’t moving from a negative mindset?
  • how acceptance can offer clarity and solution
  • it’s OK to not love all of your body!!
  • it is NOT your job or responsibility to make anyone else comfortable when they look at your body!!!
  • on wearing the damn shorts, understanding cellulite and SO MUCH MORE!!!


A Bit About Steph:

To share a bit about Steph, She’s a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, author, blogger, coach, podcaster, and the creator of the former Stupid Easy Paleo.

Steph Gaudreau’s mission is to help women create bigger, bolder, fiercer lives — by building health from the inside out.

Steph wrote the best-seller The Paleo Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Food for Performance in 2014, and her award-winning book, The Performance Paleo Cookbook: Recipes for Eating Better, Getting Stronger & Gaining the Competitive Edge. Her upcoming book The Core 4, due out in July 2019, shares her Core 4 pillars of health.

Steph has a chart-topping 2x weekly podcast, Harder to Kill Radio, where she talks all things fitness, nutrition and mindset about how to build unbreakable humans. She’s also the creator of the wildly popular health program, the Core 4 Program, and the Women’s Strength Summit.

Steph’s an accomplished strength coach and is the creator of fitness programs like Made Strong, Basic Barbell, and Oly Lifting Basics.

I am so inspired by Steph, her message, her mission and how she shows up in the world and I am so excited to share her here with all of you, because I know you will be inspired too.

>>> You can find Steph Gaudreau at or follow her on Instagram @steph_gaudrea


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