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  1. Sacred Self Care Guide for December 2017

    Rising River Wisdom School

    Sacred Self Care Guide for December 2017 from Rising River Wisdom School

    In all the world’s’ mythology and culture, there have been wisdom keepers, those who looked to the natural and the hidden worlds as a guide for life on earth. Rising River Wisdom School is an immersive program for those looking to step into their own power and carry wisdom for themselves and the world around them. Below you will find some Sacred Self Care insight for December from some of Rising River Wisdom School’s incredible teachers – we’ve got you covered for setting intentions with the upcoming new moon, to seeking insight from animal guides, card reading and plant medicine plus lots of guidance for mindfully closing out 2017 and entering 2018 with your vibrant well-being in focus.

    Sacred Self Care Guide for December 2017

    New Moon Wishing for December by Michelle Prentiss

    Our Earth’s Moon is no star, but it does reflect the brightest light we can see in the night sky. Its phases are a part of human consciousness, and its movements affect systems on earth and sea. When we align our activities to the Moon’s cycles we find a greater connection to both our bodies and intuitive wisdom.

    A powerful way to become aware of Moon energy is to utilize it for your own personal growth. As Biodynamic farmers do, track the moon cycles with an ephemeris or almanac. Use the New Moon time period to plant the seeds of wishes and desires, and the Full Moon to culminate and release them.

    For example, say you want to begin a new nutrition and movement program. The few days just before the New Moon are perfect for crystallizing your thoughts here.

    Ask yourself – What do I really want? What Do I Need? How do I Feel? (new moons can begin a new emotional/feeling cycle)

    On the day of the New Moon use the energy of new beginnings to create a ritual around your desires. You can write down your wishes on paper or in a journal, light a candle as you hold these wishes in your mind, or join with others to create a ceremony around it.

    We first sow the seeds of our intentions internally, then cultivate them with action as they are revealed with the Full Moon.

    December’s New Moon is at 12/17-18 10:30pm PST

    The New Moon for December is in the sign of Sagittarius, a fire element sign that represents the inner light of spiritual truth, that which keeps us going through the dark of winter. Sagittarius symbol is the Archer and she is concerned with finding meaning and direction on our journey.

    This is a perfect New Moon for setting intentions regarding what you want to attract in your life – as well as creating Sacred Self Care habits and rituals that empower by integrating our bodies needs with the needs of our souls.

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  2. New Year Release Ritual

    New Year Release Ritual

    2016 will go down in the books as an intensely challenging and pivotal year for a great deal of us. If you too are counting down the days to starting over in 2017 with a vow to change and have a better year, let’s reflect on these resolutions and how to make them last. Mentally we need that idea of pressing a magic reset button in hope that we can leave our baggage behind in a four digit number and wash our hands of it.  By the end of the year it’s as if our candle has been burned at both ends and we grasp at the belief of starting over at the stroke of midnight.

    I have learned through my own ritual work with the moon and seasons that everything is on a cycle and having our own practice to mark the beginning and end of them can help you manifest things you want to attract and release that which no longer serves you. The moon expands, gets full and bright and then retracts until its dark only to start the cycle again. In the fall, the leaves die and fall off of the trees, everything retreats and goes within for Winter and emerges with new life and birth in Spring. We are not immune to these natural cycles. It’s why we focus so much on the New Year!  But before we can make room to bring new things into our lives, we must release the old and clear out the clutter. I am going to help you set this intention for release through a simple ritual I have experienced results with.

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