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  1. Between Meals Podcast. Episode 01: Making Intros, Telling Stories.

    Between Meals Podcast. Episode 01: Making Intros, Telling Stories.

    Well, I have talked about it for sometime and we finally made it happen! We have a podcast. Welcome to the Between Meals Podcast.

    Click the player below to listen to the very first episode of Between Meals, right here on the website, you can also easily download it to your device. (no app needed)

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  2. 11 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

    11 Simple and Holistic Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System to Avoid Getting Sick (+ Tips for If You Do)

    11 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

    Simple, holistic tips to fight illness and strengthen your immunity PLUS what you can do if you do get sick, to fight it quickly.

    Go With Your Gut

    I can tell you from personal experience that the very best way to ward off chronic illness, colds, flus, infections, allergies, food sensitivities and controlling / avoiding autoimmune disease is to heal and strengthen the gut! With 70-80% of our immune system’s cells occupying our gut, this is home base for our vitality and wellness. Our gut bacteria helps the immune system’s T cells develop—teaching them the difference between a foreign substance and the body’s own tissues. Without these important immune soldiers doing their job to protect us, the nasties get in, they slip by the troops, invade, wage war, take over and it’s not fun!

    With years of comprised digestion, intestinal bacterial overgrowth and finally being diagnosed with a parasite, I personally spent a solid decade to 15 years, getting terrible sinus infections, several times a year, every year, most times it then eventually evolved into bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. I got every single strain of every cold, flu and stomach bug that passed through town – I even battled the Swine Flu when that was a thing. On top of all of that, I suffered for many, many years with a variety of environmental allergies – ALL of this stopped when I finally healed my gut and prioritized proper digestion. It’s magical really. But, it’s not. It’s simple.

    As you’ll hear echoed many times throughout this article, and if you spend more than about 5 minutes chatting with me at any given time, our gut is vital to our immune health and it’s the control center for our bodies to decide what is friend and what is foe. I highly encourage you to prioritize optimizing your gut, both for the cold and flu season ahead, as well as the future of your overall health and wellness.

    Along with tips on strengthening and healing your gut, here are some tips to Naturally Boost Your Immune System:

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  3. Billionaire’s Bacon – Thick Cut Paleo Candied Bacon

    I am super excited to share this recipe with you for Billionaire’s Bacon – Thick Cut Paleo Candied Bacon. This was recreated and inspired by Villard restaurant at Lotte New York Palace Hotel in New York City, after a recent trip to the city, along with the Hamptons for an amazing Blogger Retreat I attended. Read on for this amazing candied bacon situation, that features a little sugar and a little spice recreated to be paleo-friendly, along with scenes and highlights from our amazing East Coast trip.

    Billionaire's Bacon - Thick Cut Paleo Candied Bacon

    Billionaire's Bacon - Thick Cut Paleo Candied Bacon

    This bacon will 100% make you feel like you’ve struck riches, you’ll totally feel big time. Aptly named this Billionaire’s Bacon tastes as if it were fit for royalty. It’s sinful really. With the original recipe calling for a full cup of light brown sugar, and having tasted it and devoured it, it’s super tasty, decadent and sweet, but maybe too much so for this low sugar gal. So, I recreated this paleo-friendly version, adapted from the original, to lower the sugar but still offer that sweet stickiness, with the multi-layered spices.

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  4. A Guide to Smarter Smoothies

    While smoothies have become a popular meal replacement, snack and all around trendy food, crafted incorrectly you can be consuming a sugar-loaded, blood sugar exploding cocktail. I am excited to share with you A Guide to Smarter Smoothies to hopefully help you understand how to better create the smoothies that are right for you.

    A Guide to Smarter Smoothies

    A Guide to Smarter Smoothies

    If you’ve been reading Tasty Yummies for some time, you probably know that the archives are LOADED with smoothie recipes. Smoothies used to play a much larger role in my daily diet routine, for the longest time it was always my favorite way to start my day. Interestingly at the height of my smoothie consumption, weight loss was definitely a struggle, as were energy crashes and sugar cravings. What I didn’t know back then, but I do know now as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, is that without the proper formulation, smoothies are a blood sugar explosion waiting to happen.

    Every time you consume any carbohydrates and sugar containing foods, it causes an increase in blood glucose. How much so is dependent on the food and the individual. Simple sugars more specifically (monosaccharides), those sugars ending in -ose, sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, galactose, maltose – these are metabolized especially quickly and can often cause a big surge in insulin.

    Our body’s innate intelligence continually monitors the amount of glucose in our bloodstream to maintain balance and homeostasis. When blood glucose levels increase, the pancreas releases the hormone insulin.  Insulin increases the uptake of glucose by our muscle and fat cells; increases the amount of glycogen in our muscle and liver; increases fatty acid synthesis from excessive carbohydrates; and decreases fat breakdown and mobilization from our fat tissue.

    A Guide to Smarter Smoothies

    How Bad Can a Fruit-Loaded Smoothie Be?

    With a spike in blood sugar, a release of insulin and the impending crash, no matter what food is the initial cause, this can lead to immediate hunger, mid-day cravings, energy crashes, lightheadedness, anxiety, etc. Even worse, if the rest of your day’s eating (and most days) continue on the carb and sugar path, you are absolutely creating a long term problem. Whether you are overweight, struggle with weight loss or notice blood sugar issues or not.

    Day in and day out this roller coaster can lead to a slew of health complications beyond obesity, lethargy and cravings. To simplify the worst of it, constant output of insulin is like the boy that cried wolf, your cells stop responding to the insulin that is constantly being produced and they become resistant, meaning without the insulin to transport the excess glucose to your cells for energy production, blood sugar levels remain high and this is can lead to chronic insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and eventually diabetes.

    These days, I personally prefer to opt for (and I recommend to my clients) the prioritizing of nutrient-dense whole foods, rather than drinkable meals, like smoothies or juice. Whole foods offer the opportunity for maximum nutrient absorption, which allows our digestion to work as intended, and assuming these whole foods aren’t loaded up with carbohydrates and sugar – it’s much easier on your blood sugar.

    That said, in the summer I do find myself with a much different appetite and my cravings differ quite significantly from the cooler months. I am not nearly as ravenous for more robust meals, especially on the hotter days. In the summer months I find myself wanting and craving more smoothies than any other time of the year. Knowing what I know now, my approach to creating them has drastically changed, so today I am going to share with you my Guide to Smarter Smoothies.

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  5. How-to Refresh and Hydrate Your Skin with Homemade Infused Face Mists

    How-to Refresh and Hydrate Your Skin with Homemade Infused Face Mists

    How-to Refresh and Hydrate Your Skin with Homemade Infused Face Mists

    Looking fresh faced and glowy in the dead of summer is challenging. With the heat comes the drab makeup and the blah, dehydrated skin. In the sweltering dead of summer heat, nothing feels quite like a refreshing face mist. Spritzing your face with a homemade infused face mist is cooling and refreshing on a hot day, post workout or as a pick-me-up for that mid-afternoon drop off.

    Face mists make your skin less dull and more dewy, providing additional benefits from the botanicals you select for infusing. Traditionally with facial mists that are hydrosol distillations that include the essence of botanicals and endure an involved distillation process. While some store-bought versions use this method, many can also contain synthetic fragrances, alcohol, or other ingredients that can cause dryness and irritation.

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  6. Meal Planning Made Simple


    Tasty Yummies Real Food Meal Plans

    What’s for dinner? Ahhhh the age old question that oftentimes doesn’t have the greatest of answers – if you aren’t prepared and planning ahead.

    No matter what your home and family dynamic looks like; single, power couple, party of five – I think we can all agree that half the battle when it comes to eating better and prioritizing our health and self care, is being prepared. It’s all about having a plan and sticking to it, truly it’s the best and only way to succeed. But, let’s also be really real here, this is always far easier said than done.

    The time and energy it takes to plan out your week’s meals, make the grocery lists, have a system for shopping, the prep and what to do with the leftovers, at times this can feel like a second career. And this is coming from someone who lives, breathes and thinks about food most of her waking hours.

    Lettuce Wrapped Chicken Souvlaki {Paleo and Gluten-free with Dairy-free options}

    Whether you are new to a real food diet, experimenting with gluten-free, paleo or Whole30, perhaps you just want more exciting, nutrient-dense meal options, maybe you just want to think less and cook more – I’m here to offer you the most magical, game-changer of a service that is about to change your life! Real Plans Meal PlanningI have partnered with Real Plans to bring you your favorite Tasty Yummies Recipes built right into simple, customized weekly meal plans.

    Real Plans is the solution to all your meal planning needs with everything you could need to be organized. With options for the ultimate in customization including dietary needs and allergy restrictions along with personal likes and dislikes and adjustable serving sizes, these Tasty Yummies Meal Plans offer the flexibility to suit your own unique lifestyle and family dynamic.

    Each week Real Plans creates a custom plan for you, featuring Tasty Yummies recipes, built exclusively for your family’s size, busy schedule, and ever-changing needs.

    Real Plans provides creative, unique meals to serve your real life. Meal plans that feature recipes focused around whole foods with a side of stress removal. No more constantly needing to reinvent your meals or think on the fly – it’s like we’re literally giving you extra time in your life!

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  7. 5 Steps to Design a Healthy Work Day

    Zucchini Noodle Shakshuka (gluten-free)

    5 Steps to Design a Healthy Work Day

    Many of you know this but some probably don’t, but my amazing hubby Mark, has a very successful daily podcast show called Adventures in Design. Adventures in Design is a fun and unique look into the lives of many creatives from varying walks of life. Rather than the standard Q&A-style interview, with boring regurgitated bios and stock answers, Mark uses his incredible skill set and love for gabbing to dig deep into what makes people unique and he offers them the platform to share their authentic stories with inspiring nuggets of success and failures that have worked for them along the way.

    [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/274666123″ params=”color=000000&auto_play=false&hide_related=true&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

    I am so honored to be back again as a guest on the AID podcast, where I am sharing 5 super simple steps to a successful, healthy and vibrant workday! We chat about nutrition, eating mindfully and simple things you to do to fuel your body for maximum success! Mark even surprises me with some ridiculous on-the-spot nutritional quizzes, keeping me on my toes, as always.

    The first hour of the show is free on Soundcloud (use the player above) and on iTunes and the second hour, where we talk more about the evolution of my brand, my conscious, but challenging choice to put things on pause to educate myself further, plus I even share some social media tips and more – this is for paid Circle of Trust members. Sign up at www.aidpodcast.com

    Note: there’s a little mild swearing, not too much, but it’s how we talk ;), soooo you have been warned!

  8. Rise // A Wild Spirit Retreat // April 2015

    Rise // A Wild Spirit Retreat
    I am super excited to announce that coming this April in Northern California, myself and my girl Vyana are hosting our first-ever retreat as Wild Spirit Retreats.

    Rise // A Wild Spirit Retreat

    April 3-6, 2015 – The Sequoia Retreat Center – California


    Rise is an escape from the hustle

    a plunge into the nourishment of presence

    to walk into our shadows

    hand in hand

    supported by our sisters

    to explore the spirit through yoga, cooking, writing, vision boarding, hiking, bodywork and more

    a place to transform fear into confidence

    hatred to forgiveness

    jealousy to understanding

    to celebrate movement and nourishment

    a gathering to honor the power of being a woman

    // What is Rise //

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  9. Eat It Up: Episode 47 – Buffalo Eats Podcast

    I am super excited to share with you guys, my first ever podcast appearance for Tasty Yummies! I recently sat down with Donnie Burtless of Buffalo Eats for an episode of Eat it Up. We chatted for a bit about how I came to find I had a gluten intolerance and how I came to eating the way I do know, why I started Tasty Yummies, we laugh about me missing weird foods like chicken fingers and lots more. Plus, my hubby, Mark, was on the couch in the recording studio, too and you’ll occasionally hear him give his opinions on fast food (aka prostitutes), changing his diet and food guilt. He was in rare form that night, all fired up about food and eating, it was pretty amazing! {Fair warning, there is a tad bit of swearing in this episode, nothing crazy, just a couple of excited “Sh*ts” and “Fu@ks” – food and eating is some fun stuff, guys!} Really though, I had a ton of fun doing this podcast and loved that Mark was there to lighten the mood for me, since I can sometimes get nervous when being recorded.

    I hope you can take a minute to take a listen to this episode (see the player below) and be sure to check out some of the other episodes of the show.

    Eat It Up: Episode 47 – Beth Manos Brickey (Tasty Yummies)

    [mejsaudio src=”http://buffaloeats.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/podcast-47-beth.mp3″]

    If above the player doesn’t work, use this link or see the original post on Buffalo Eats.

  10. Photo Fun Day Friday

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Me and my sis, Vicky, celebrating her 30th birthday!!

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Jpeg, guarding the paper in our print studio

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Came across this while out driving. I guess in case you want to turn that ‘ol broken necklace into tomorrow’s breakfast.

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    My favorites. My handsome hubby Mark and my niece Teagan!

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Teagan LOVES tomatoes. She eats them like an apple. Girl after my own hear, I love it.

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Mark worked super late on his podcast Sunday night, so these two lazy heads slept in.

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Another beach day with my sis.

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Our beautiful loafy lady, Indie.

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Our new hand silkscreen printed “I Love to Cook” 8 x 10 print.

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Our new hand silkscreen printed “I Love to Bake” 8 x 10 print.
    (these are both part of a new Tasty Yummies inspired line we are working on, more soon)

    Photo Fun Day Friday

    Indie and Jpeg. Mother and son actually having a tender moment together, these do not happen very often!

    Photo Fun Day FridayYellow watermelon from Porter Farms. So so delicious!

  11. Featured in Where Women Cook Magazine

    Featured in Where Women Cook Magazine

    I am super excited to have my chai concentrate recipe featured in the Fall issue of Where Women Cook Magazine. WHERE WOMEN COOK, a quarterly magazine from the publishers of Where Women Create and Somerset Studio, takes you into the heart of the home — the kitchen.

    WHERE WOMEN COOK is all about the women… some famous, some not; some entrepreneurs, some not; some vegetarian, some not; some in beautiful kitchens, some not; and some who create their own recipes, and some who do not … but all who are passionate about all things food.

    Featured in Where Women Cook Magazine

    Featured in Where Women Cook Magazine

    I am so very honored that they selected my chai concentrate recipe and my photos to be featured as a 4-page spread in their Art Bar section, an ongoing section of the magazine that features fun drink recipes — everything from fancy hot chocolates to cocktails to milkshakes.

    Grab a copy of the fall issue of WHERE WOMEN COOK at your favorite newsstand or sign yourself up for a subscription here.



  12. Buffalo News – July Cook of the Month

    Buffalo News - July Cook of the Month

    I am very humbled to have been selected by the Buffalo News to be their July Cook of the Month. I am featured along with a couple of my gluten-free recipes, on the front page of the Taste section in today’s edition (Wednesday, July 18). If you aren’t local, you can see the full article on their website here.

    I am sharing my recipe for Balsamic Strawberry Mini-Tarts with Whipped Coconut Cream as well as a new recipe for a Fiesta Quinoa Salad, plus a little background on my love of cooking, why I started Tasty Yummies and more. Thanks so much to Buffalo New Food Editor Andrew Galarneau and Buffalo News photographer Sharon Cantillon, for coming by my house to chat, and photograph me while I cook, such a fun experience! I could definitely get used to that.

    Buffalo News - July Cook of the Month Photo by Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News

  13. Tasty Yummies’ Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

    Thank you so so much everyone for participating in the Tasty Yummies 2-year Blogiversary Giveaway and thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all of your lovely comments!! Random.org gave me the random #11 for the winner. Congrats to our winner Alex – who will be getting the Tasty Yummies / Hero Design happiness care package of goodies!!  Thanks again everyone!




    Today is the two year blogiversary of Tasty Yummies and I can hardly believe it. When I started this blog two years ago, I never thought it could turn into what it has become today. I started writing two years ago just after I lost 30lbs by changing the way I was eating. So many people were asking me what I was eating, how I had time to cook, etc. – so I thought I would start writing up my recipes to share them with people who were interested. I honestly didn’t think anyone would read all of this, let alone be cooking using my recipes or be inspired to change the way they themselves are eating. It still blows my mind every day when I log in here to read the comments and look at the stats. In the last year the amount of people that visit Tasty Yummies seems to go up every week and I am so incredibly humbled by this.

    In the last two years so many aspects of my life have changed, but one of the many things that will never change for me is my love for creating in the kitchen and all of the delicious, healthy and clean foods that you can cook and bake, when you just get into the kitchen and start playing. I have so much gratitude for all of the wonderful people, like you, that come to this site, click around, comment and even print out my recipes and try them, you continually inspire me to create more. Just last week I received an email from someone who recently found out she can no longer have gluten, she felt lost and confused and didn’t even know where to begin with her new lifestyle. She wrote me to tell me that she had found my web site and had already tried a few of my recipes and she was instantly put at ease and excited for her new journey. The overwhelming sense of pride that consumes me reading those types of emails and comments give me the energy to make cookies at 10:00 at night or spend an entire weekend trying to figure out a waffle recipe that I know can be done. It makes me happy to know that even if just one of my recipes on here allows someone to see how easy cooking and eating gluten-free and clean can be, then it is all worth it to me.

    Tasty Yummies was always meant to be a hobby for me, something I did in between all of the other aspects of my life. Many of you already know this, but my husband and I own our own business, Hero Design Studio, where we specialize in custom design and illustration as well as hand silkscreen printed goods and wares. We are so fortunate to not only do what we love, but to do it with each other. Since we closed our boutique of nearly 5-years ago, just over a year ago and moved our studio home to really be able to focus on our work, I have had even more freedom to create in the kitchen, since it now means just a short walk downstairs. Being that all aspects of my life are more intertwined than ever, I am obviously influenced in many ways from all of my loves. Whether it be design, cooking, yoga, etc – they have all come together in a way, that allows every single day to be a happy one!

    In honor of Tasty Yummies’ two year blogiversary – I wanna share my happiness with you guys. I am giving away a little Tasty Yummies / Hero Design Studio package of goodies. These are just a few things where my love of cooking and creating in the kitchen and the happiness it gives me, has crept in and met up with my love of design, illustration and printmaking! I am giving away all of the items you see below. All are designed and hand silkscreen printed by myself and my husband, Mark.

    And thank you again, from the bottom of my heart to all of you that take time out of your very busy lives to read this blog, to try my recipes, to comment, to share my site with others, etc. It truly means the world to me. Namaste.

    Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

    Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

    8×10 2-color Hand Printed Silkscreen Kitchen Measurement Conversion Print (available in Vintage Blue, Lemon Yellow, Retro Red and Green Apple) 

    Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

    8×10 2-color Kitchen Tools Art Print

    Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

     16 x 20 5-color Hand Printed Silkscreen Poster – “Make Every Day A Happy Day”

    Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

    Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

    Tasty Yummies' Two Year Blogiversary and a Giveaway!

    Kitchen Measurement Conversion Apron (kitchen conversions are printed upside down so you can read them when you are wearing it)


    The winner will receive: 1 – 8 x 10 Kitchen Measurement Conversion Print (in the color of your choice),  1 – 8 x 10 Kitchen Tools Print, 1 – 16 x 20 Make Every Day A Happy Day Art Print and 1 – Kitchen Measurement Conversion Apron. This package is valued at over $75.

    How to enter:

    You can enter up to 5 different ways:

    Comment below: Tell me what makes you happy!
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