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  1. Dairy-free Eggnog {Paleo + Keto-friendly}

    This Dairy-free Eggnog is creamy, rich, frothy and can be made with or without alcohol for a delicious holiday treat!

    Dairy-free Eggnog {Paleo and Keto-friendly}

    Dairy-free Eggnog {Paleo and Keto-friendly}

    Holiday traditions of the edible and drinkable persuasion, those are as powerful and important as any others. But the traditional, seasonal foods of today, they pale in comparison to those our grandparents enjoyed. Store bought eggnog is generally loaded with tons of sugar and corn syrup, artificial flavors, pasteurized and denatured dairy, theres gums and other stabilizers and who knows what else. Even the vegan nogs at the store, the amount of sugar in there is just insanity and there’s so much non-food products hidden within. For me, it’s just not worth it, even if just once a year, especially when you can make your own and kill it!

    Dairy-free Eggnog {Paleo and Keto-friendly}

    While I prefer to avoid most dairy and have developed a pretty solid vegan eggnog recipe in the past, I realized recently that I was shorting myself on a pretty rad eggnog experience by skipping out on the eggs. Like, why was I doing that? I mean, after all, it wasn’t called “cashewnog” for the last however many decades. Why had it never dawned on me to meet in the middle with my nog, drop the dairy, keep the eggs, sweeten accordingly.

    This homemade dairy-free eggnog has the same creamy, richness of a traditional eggnog, with a really, nice, light frothiness that I prefer to a super duper, heavy cream-loaded nog. Thanks to the separated yolks and whites (inspired by this recipe), it’s simple to make but the texture is perfect every time. It’s the perfect balance of creamy and frothy. This is a really solid base recipe and from here you can play with spices and flavorings. Try a Bourbon Maple version, or maybe a Pumpkin Spiced rendition, add in some pumpkin puree and pie spice, maybe cinnamon liquor in the mix. Or Gingersnap inspired with a little molasses and ginger or gingersnap liquor.

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  2. Crock-Pot® Hot Chocolate {Dairy-free, Paleo and Vegan}

    Disclosure: Post sponsored by Crock-Pot® brand slow cooker & Mirum Shopper, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

    Crock-Pot Hot Chocolate

    Crock-Pot Hot Chocolate

    With the first day of winter upon us and Christmas just mere days away, the comforts and coziness of the season are in full force. All the holiday cookies, seasonally-inspired meals, traditional cocktails and so much more. But for me, nothing brings the taste of the season like some rich, creamy, homemade Hot Chocolate.

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  3. How-to Make French Vanilla Coffee Creamer (Dairy and Non-Dairy)

    Tutorial Tuesdays // Tasty Yummies

    How-to Make French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

    Since I have begun seeing clients as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I am so grateful for my longstanding experiences with and my love for food. I am constantly asked the question “If I shouldn’t eat this, then what can I have, instead?”. I love having answers to this question.

    I firmly believe that changing diet and lifestyle has to come from a place of both education and confidence. If I meet with a new client and tell them to stop drinking several Cokes daily, but don’t explain why, I can’t really expect them to want to make this change. Why would they? They are both chemically and emotionally attached and possibly even addicted. If I can take the time to explain the effects that the high levels of sugar are doing to their insulin resistance, if I can talk through the reasons why high fructose corn syrup is terrifying and explain the affects this one drink can have on their blood sugar, digestion, mineral absorption and so on, I have a much better chance of getting them on board for the long haul.

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  4. Fig Vanilla Bean Almond Milk

    Fig Vanilla Bean Almond Milk

    Fig Vanilla Bean Almond Milk

    Summertime’s sweetness comes in many forms. From the delicious, in-season and abundant produce, to the lush and vibrant flora and foliage and many hours of beautiful sunlight.

    I haven’t maintained a vegetable garden for the past few season’s, mostly due to the incredible amount of time that a garden requires and I don’t always have. But I am also so incredibly lucky that our home has several low maintenance fruit teas, the fig tree being the largest and most producing of all of them.

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  5. Edible Earth Day: Cookies and Milk, the Healthy Way

    Edible Earth Day: Cookies and Milk, the Healthy Way

    For many of us, eating and living consciously is already part of our everyday life; eating clean foods, using clean or homemade beauty and household products, incorporating yoga and meditation. But, beyond an awareness of what we consume, it’s also important that we think of the far reach of our consumption. The results of our actions and our purchases, the energy needed to produce what we consume, our waste and what we are leaving behind.

    Post image for Edible Earth Day: Cookies and Milk, the Healthy Way

    I personally choose to make as much as I can at home for myself, not only because I prefer to know what exactly is in the foods and products that I consume, but I also love the idea of creating less waste, fewer things to throw away or recycle. As much as I can, I try to remove the worry about packages and boxes, cartons or wrapping. To me, the ripples and reach of my actions carries a heavy weight. Buying one box of almond milk, isn’t just about the actual almond milk inside, it’s the carton, the plastic top, the energy needed to produce and of course, all of the unnecessary ingredients being added.

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  6. Pumpkin Spice Latte {Dairy-free}

    Pumpkin Spice Latte {Vegan}

    Pumpkin Spice Latte {Vegan}

    It will forever irritate me how many “pumpkin spice” flavored foods do not contain even the smallest amount of pumpkin. I don’t get it. If it’s just cinnamon and other spices, why not call it “spiced BLANK” instead. Most irritating is the fact that Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes are always fixing to suck me in. From time to time, I find myself in a weakened state, tempted and really thinking about ordering one! Ultimately, I simply remind myself how much sugar (a Grande contains over 50 grams of sugar) it contains. Then I think about the fake coloring (Class IV Caramel Coloring), the creepy “natural” and artificial flavors and the hidden dairy in the syrup by way of sweetened condensed milk (so vegans, you are getting hit with dairy, even if you order it with non-dairy soy milk). The list of reasons not to order one just goes on and on. I myself haven’t had one of these drinks in well over 5 years, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t think about it from time to time.

    Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk

    So, what’s a fall-loving, pumpkin-craving girl to do about all this scary Starbuck stuff? Well, she has to make one for herself. (OK, I will stop talking about myself in the third person now! Sorry.) I opted to first make a tasty homemade Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk, using my tried and true method of making delicious nut milks at home. Though this delicious, seasonally-inspired treat is super amazing on it’s own, in smoothies or as a creamer, it’s even better served warm and added to a steamy latte, like this.

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  7. How-to Make Dairy-Free Ice Cream

    Tutorial Tuesdays // Tasty Yummies

    How-to Make Dairy-free Ice Cream

    I have to say, I have made and had dairy-free ice cream many times before, but it has never as good as this. I received a copy of Dairy-Free Ice Cream: 75 Recipes Made Without Eggs, Gluten, Soy, or Refined Sugar from Kelly Brozyna of The Spunky Coconut and it has forever changed my dairy-free ice cream eating ways! Not only is this book insanely beautiful, but Kelly has us covered on every ice cream and frozen treat you could ever dream of! This cookbook is loaded with 75 amazing recipes, each and every one totally dairy-free and gluten-free.

    How-to Make Dairy-free Ice Cream

    For this week’s Tutorial Tuesday post, I am teaming up with Kelly to give you a quick how-to on making the perfect dairy-free ice cream, plus a simple recipe for classic vanilla. In the Dairy-Free Ice Cream cookbook, Kelly uses her fool proof method to dairy-free ice cream – sharing her versions of classic favorite flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Rocky Road, Salted Caramel, Strawberry, Butter Pecan and more. But, the real treat is the collection of unique and innovative flavors, like White Chocolate Goji Berry, Gingerbread Cookie Dough, Saffron and Rose and so much more. As if all that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find frozen yogurt, sherbet and sorbet and she even shares incredible recipes for ice cream cakes, sandwiches and popsicles, plus there are grain-free cookie bowls, brownies, sauces and toppings and more! All made without eggs, dairy, gluten, soy or refined sugar. It’s incredible really. A summertime frozen miracle!

    How-to Make Dairy-free Ice Cream

    How-to Make Dairy-free Ice Cream

    Below you will find a brief tutorial to get you started making the best ever vanilla bean ice cream, my version of Kelly’s classic vanilla. I am keeping this tutorial super simple and to the point, but, for more in depth information about the various ingredients, notes and tips on freezing, storing, tools and lots more – check out Dairy-Free Ice Cream.

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  8. Summer Berry Probiotic Smoothie

    Summer Berry Probiotic Smoothie

    I am sure you have read plenty of articles and posts about the many benefits of probiotics by now. Rather than carrying on about their many wonderful benefits and why you should be including them in your daily life, I though it better to just share a delicious Summer Berry Probiotic Smoothie that is sure to make your belly happy.

    If you do want to read all about how wonderful probiotics are and all of their many incredible benefits, I encourage you to check out this great post: 3 Tasty Ways to Heal With Priobiotics.  I also encourage you try your hand at making your own probiotic-rich water kefir or my simple homemade coconut milk yogurt – two wonderful ways to easily include more of that beneficial bacteria in your life.

    Summer Berry Probiotic Smoothie
    This smoothie is not only rich in probiotics, from the yogurt and probiotic drink, but I also included other super-food ingredients sure to please your tummy! Ginger, which has long been known to alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal distress, and provide calming, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties. Cinnamon, another digestive aid, known not just for it’s comforting, warming, aroma, but for it’s powerful anti-bacteria properties, its help with reducing bloating, and its help in improving circulation and digestive discomfort. Finally, I added some chia seeds, which is a great way to include healthy omega-3 fats and of course, one of your digestion’s other friends – fiber. Plus, I really love how thick chia seeds make my smoothies!

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  9. Peaches and Cream Smoothie (Vegan)

    Peaches and Cream Smoothie (gluten-free and vegan)

    Smoothies are seriously my favorite, easy weekday breakfast. I wake up, practice yoga and immediately head into the kitchen to throw together a delicious, nourishing smoothie made from whatever I have on hand and it always keeps me full till lunch!

    I almost always have a quart or two of my homemade almond milk on hand for just this reason and I let the fruit and veggies we get from our CSA box determine what the flavor of the day will be.

    We’ve been getting these beautiful, organic juicy, sweet peaches from Tony, our farmer, and they have been an absolute treat, while we are waiting for our own peach tree to do it’s thing.

    This Peaches and Cream Smoothie is creamy, rich and so easy to throw together. I add a small amount of raw honey when I make my almond milk and the peaches we have been getting are quite sweet, so I find no additional sweetener is needed, but you can use your own judgement.

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  10. Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars (made from almond milk pulp)

    Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars - Made from Almond Milk Pulp

    Every week I make at least one quart of homemade almond milk, if not more than that. For a while now I have been taking the leftover almond milk pulp and immediately placing it in the dehydrator and drying it out, then I give it a few quick pulses in the food processor before add it to a jar in the fridge.

    I usually just add it to granolas or cereals, sometimes muffins or other baked goods, but mostly I have just been collecting a ton of this almond pulp flour, waiting to come up with the perfect use for it.

    These raw chocolate chip cookie dough bars are the answer!! I have been making something kinda similar for a while now, with blanched almond flour and I would usually make a single serving in a bowl.  A simple way to handle those sweet cravings at the end of the day. That is, until I came across this recipe on Pinterest, which gave me the idea to make it into bars. Which is also when I thought this would be the perfect use for all of the dehydrated almond pulp.

    Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars - Made from Almond Milk Pulp

    These cookie dough bars are grain-free, egg-free, easily made vegan, they are safe-to-eat raw, and they taste just like the real deal, usually made with eggs and butter. Now, I generally prefer to eat dairy-free, but since I am lucky to not have a dairy intolerance or allergy, I can be  a bit lax on this. Good grass-fed organic butter is one of those things I keep on hand for special uses. If I am having a fried egg, I want it cooked in a teaspoon of butter, grilled corn just isn’t the same without a little melted butter and so on. But generally I prefer to bake dairy-free most of the time. That said, I have found that these bars are amazing and taste most like the real thing when they are made with some good quality grass-fed butter (local if you can find it) and for me, it is a fine time to indulge a little. I can tell you though that they are also insanely delicious with softened coconut oil, which I have made several times and really enjoy, as well. If you are vegan, you can also easily substitute your favorite vegan butter.

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  11. How-to Make Nut Milk

    Tutorial Tuesdays // Tasty Yummies

    How-to Make Homemade Nut Milk

    How-to Make Nut Milk

    I am super excited to share this tutorial with you guys! Many of you have asked for a tutorial on  nut milks, since I started the Tutorial Tuesdays Series. I have been making my own nut milks for quite a few years now. Once I realized just how simple it was, I have made a quart of almond milk nearly every single week.

    I also love making variations on the flavors, at least once a month I make a quart of raw cacao almond nut milk. It’s the perfect sweet treat for me.

    Much like my nut butter post, this is a general overview on how to make nut milks, but really the sky is the limit. If you have a favorite nut – I say MILK IT! As with the nut butters, I recommend soaking your nuts first, but for nut milks dehydration isn’t necessary, so it’s that much easier. Below you will find a chart on soaking times for various milks.

    What Nuts Can You Milk?

    First of all, let’s just get all the giggles out now. Sooo many amazing innuendos when it comes to nut milks. Oh, and guess what? It doesn’t get old. Everytime I pull my nut bag out. A good laugh is had! Anyhow – I myself have made nut milks from almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and pistachios, but from what I understand the same rules apply no matter what nut you choose, so you can create nut milks from any of the other nuts listed below and likely many others, too. FYI macadamia nut milk is amazing, so rich and full of incredible flavor, but literally it may be the most expensive nut milk you can make. I made a batch for this testing and I kinda wish I hadn’t. It was so good.

    A Guide to Soaking Nuts for Nut Milk

    How & Why to Soak Your Nuts

    Why I Choose to Soak: Most nuts, seeds, grains and beans are covered in natural chemicals – enzyme inhibitors and toxins – that protect them while growing, both from sprouting prematurely and also from predators. These nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances are enzyme inhibitors, phytates (phytic acid), polyphenols (tannins), and goitrogens. Once harvested, those same chemicals, the major one being phytic acid – are indigestible to the human body and must be broken down before consumption. When food containing phytic acid is consumed, the acid combines with important minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract and blocks their absorption which inhibits our digestive systems’ ability to break the nut down properly.

    The very simple process of soaking releases these chemicals, helping you to absorb your food’s essential minerals and nutrients. Additionally, by soaking the nuts with the removal of these nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances, the flavor and taste is much more ideal and appealing.

    To summarize: Soaking nuts makes them easier to digest and improves their flavor.


    How-to Make Homemade Nut Milks

    How-to Make Nut Milk

    1) Soak your nuts in filtered water for the appropriate time, drain and rinse.

    How-to Make Nut Milk

    2) Blend your soaked nuts with filtered water, adding in any flavorings you would like.

    How-to Make Nut Milk

    3) Pour into your nut milk bag and squeeze. Separating the pulp from the milk. Read the rest of this entry »

  12. Iced Dirty Chai Almond Milk Latte {Gluten-free and Vegan}

    Iced Dirty Chai Almond Milk Lattte {Gluten-free and Vegan}

    Many of you already know that I generally try to avoid most ALL dairy in my diet, but what you may not know is that I made the switch a long time ago to nut-based milks, even before I stopped consuming dairy in other places. The difference in how I feel consuming a plant-based milk versus regular dairy milk – is incredible. I find myself less bloated, I feel lighter and I can tell that it requires much less on my digestive system to process than cow’s milk dairy.

    Most of you know, I generally prefer to make my own almond milk whenever I can, but there are times when our schedule is just so crazy – when we are traveling, we have house guests or I am just bogged down with work. When life gets busy like that, it usually means stopping to make my own almond milk, just isn’t in the schedule.

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  13. Snickerdoodle Smoothie {Gluten-free and Vegan}

    Snickerdoodle Smoothie - www.tasty-yummies.com - @tastyyummies

    I am not above having cookies for breakfast, I may have done that a time or two.  But, generally I prefer smoothies in the mornings. They are so quick to put together and the variations on flavors and add-ins are really endless. So, why not combine the two and make a smoothie inspired by a cookie? This Snickerdoodle Smoothie is everything!

    Up the street from my house is a smoothie/juice shop that is pretty amazing and so convenient. Meg and I love taking walks there to grab a couple smoothies and to catch up since we saw each other last. Most of the time, I have instant guilt when I spend $7 – $10 on a smoothie that I could easily make myself at home, but it’s a great convenience for when I don’t have the desire to or when I want something a little different.

    In early February the smoothie shop featured a Snickerdoodle Smoothie that I had to try and I instantly both fell in love and also realized that I should be making something similar at home. My version is made with different ingredients, but that same flavor is there. Theirs included Maca which I can’t seem to consume at all and I think they may have also added hemp seeds to it, I honestly can’t recall what was in there. I decided to simplify it to what I had on hand and what I like best. I am just gonna go ahead and say it, mine is way better! There!

    To me, the best part of this smoothie is the flavor and texture from the rolled oats, not something I usually put in my smoothies (since I prefer to limit my grains whenever possible) but a really nice addition. The oats really brings the cookie flavor to life, the texture makes it different from other smoothies and it ends up being a bit more substantial.

    Of course the spices are what really bring the Snickerdoodle flavor to life. I put a lot of cinnamon in this smoothie, both for the flavor and all of the amazing benefits.

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  14. Chocolate Chia Seed Superfood Pudding – Gluten-free and Vegan

    Chocolate Chia Seed Superfood Pudding - Gluten-free and Vegan

    Does anyone else find that they crave chocolate more than ever in February? With all the Valentine’s Day recipes in blogs and magazines and all the treats in stores, I feel like I see the stuff everywhere! Of course, a good quality chocolate treat isn’t bad for you, in moderation, but why not a chocolate treat that actually has tons of additional, wonderful health benefits, even?

    Chocolate Chia Seed Superfood Pudding - Gluten-free and Vegan

    Today as part of my ongoing Restricted Diet series with Free People, I am sharing a super simple to make, raw Chocolate Chia Seed Superfood Pudding that will knock your socks off. The best part about this pudding, besides it being chocolate, is that you can really make it you own. Select your favorite toppings, add some cinnamon or cayenne for a little heat, whip up some coconut cream for topping, the possibilities are endless.

    Chocolate Chia Seed Superfood Pudding - Gluten-free and Vegan
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  15. Energizing Green Smoothie – Gluten-free and Vegan

    Energizing Mocha Green Smoothie

    I am not one for coffee much anymore, now-a-days I only have it when I am craving it, when we have an insanely early morning of travel or when I am somewhere with an exceptional brew – but generally that’s only about once or twice a month, at most. I used to drink it regularly, an every morning ritual type of thing. It was more of a habit than anything. Though, I really didn’t like feeling like a slave to my habit, getting a headache if I just wasn’t in the mood to drink it. These days, I prefer to start my days with a mug of warm lemon water, usually followed by a hot tea with my breakfast, after my morning yoga.

    Last month during my yoga teacher training, by around the second week – the 3 hours of driving to and from Venice Beach during rush hours and the 12+ hour days of being gone, then getting home to cook dinner, study, and get my work done – started really taking their toll on me. It was wildly different than my usual days of working from home, staying in my PJs until 2pm, if I chose. I was trying to take hot tea with me on the drives in the morning, but I realized we didn’t have any good travel mugs and I find drinking scalding hot liquid from glass jars while driving in heavy traffic to be insanely stressful. Since I was also making a smoothie every day for breakfast and drinking that on my drives,  I decided to combine everything into one. An energizing green smoothie to help get my day started right. A little boost of caffeine before our daily 3 hour morning yoga practice and our 6 hours of lectures, was just what I needed.

    Energizing Mocha Green Smoothie

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  16. Creamy Kale Salad w/ Cracked Pepper Polenta Croutons – Gluten-free and Vegan

    I so happy to have Sherrie of With Food + Love  joining us today as our guest blogger, with an incredible, super-yummy looking gluten-free and vegan creamy kale salad with polenta croutons. Sherrie has been an absolute godsend this month while I am away at Yoga Teacher Training, helping me with all kinds of Tasty Yummies related tasks each day. So thank you, thank you, thank you Sherrie!! 


    Creamy Kale Salad w/ Cracked Pepper Polenta Croutons - Gluten-free + Vegan

    Hey guys – I’m Sherrie the girl behind the fresh vegetarian + naturally gluten-free food blog, With Food + Love. I’m both honored + excited to be guest posting today on Tasty Yummies. Beth is one of my most fave bloggers – like, ever, and I’m a pretty lucky to girl to call her both my colleague and my friend. Her style is simple, clean + honest; just the way I like it.

    Creamy Kale Salad w/ Cracked Pepper Polenta Croutons - Gluten-free + Vegan

  17. Sweet Green Smoothie (Banana Broccoli) – Gluten-free and Vegan

    Green Smoothie

    I seriously cannot get enough green stuff right now. I am just craving it. This smoothie is something I threw together with what I had on hand, after we got home from our weekend in Big Bear.

    It is creamy, green and healthy plus it tastes super good, too. Please don’t let the broccoli throw you off, it brings a really nice texture and a unique taste. Though broccoli can be bitter at times, the sweetness from the banana and the honey offset and mask that, so it’s a great way to sneak your greens into a smoothie. (you can always pre-steam your broccoli too, but I don’t find it necessary) If you practice rotating your leafy greens, which is important, broccoli is a nice change of pace from kale or spinach in your green smoothies. Read the rest of this entry »

  18. Dairy-free Peppermint Mocha or Hot Cocoa (Gluten-free with Vegan Option)

    Dairy-free Peppermint Mocha (Gluten-free with Vegan Option) // tasty-yummies.com

    This time of year, I am all about the familiar comforting flavors of the holiday season. Gingerbread, cinnamon rolls, egg nog and of course, chocolate and peppermint, etc. The Starbucks Peppermint Mocha used to be one of my favs, but I just really don’t love all of those sugary syrups and other junk, plus since I prefer to avoid dairy, my only option there is soy milk, which I really don’t like drinking, either. That said, those flavors are the perfect way to get me in the holiday mood. We have been known to go out of our way to get peppermint mochas, just to sip on while we pick out our tree or check out the holiday lights. It’s holiday perfection in a cup!

    Though I am not a regular coffee drinker these days, I do enjoy a cup of joe – now and again. It’s a nice treat once in a while, but I love not being a slave to the caffeine like so many regular coffee drinkers. I only drink it when it sounds good, not because I have to. I find I enjoy coffee and coffee drinks so much more since I tend to indulge only about once a month or so.

    This holiday season, I was determined to recreate the classic Peppermint Mocha, so that I could enjoy it without the junk. Dairy-free, refined sugar-free, made with high-quality ingredients! I am super happy with my homemade version, I like it better than any that could come in a cardboard cup with snowflakes on it. It’s thick and creamy, rich in chocolatey goodness and it has just the right amount of peppermint flavor. Read the rest of this entry »

  19. Pumpkin Chai Smoothie {Gluten-free, Vegan & Refined Sugar-free}

    Pumpkin Chai Smoothie - Gluten-free, Vegan and Refined Sugar-free

    It isn’t even October yet and already I have consumed several pounds of pumpkin! I seriously want to put pumpkin on and in everything right now. Probably my most favorite way to enjoy pumpkin is in smoothies. I like to get creative and play around with adding in different things, sometimes I add in spinach or maybe some protein powder, other times I like to just play around with different spices. With this smoothie I altered the spice mix a bit to mimic the lovely spice combinations in a good chai tea. One of my favorite flavor profiles. The beauty of this smoothie is that you can add in more of the spices you like (or others not listed) or take away any of the spices you don’t care for. You can truly make it your own. Read the rest of this entry »

  20. Fresh Fig & Banana Smoothie (Gluten-Free, Vegan & Sugar-free)

    Fresh Fig & Banana Smoothie (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

    With the excessive amount of figs we are getting from our tree, I am trying to get very creative with all the different ways I can use them. I think making a fig smoothie might just be the best idea I have some up with yet, to enjoy them. A great way to enjoy a few fresh from the tree now while they are in season and it will be a really nice way to use some of the figs I froze whole, later, after the season is long gone and over. This smoothie is creamy and so perfectly sweet, without needing any sweetener at all. You could add some spices like cinnamon or cardamom if you wish, but I really wanted to fully enjoy the delicious but mild fig flavor.

    What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy figs?

    Fresh Fig & Banana Smoothie (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

    This recipe originally appeared on the Free People blog BLDG 25.

    5 from 1 reviews
    Fresh Fig & Banana Smoothie (Gluten-Free, Vegan & Sugar-free)
    Prep time
    Total time
    Serves: 1-2 servings
    • 3-4 fresh figs, washed and stems removed the halved (I used black mission)*
    • 1 frozen banana
    • 1½ cups unsweetened almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds, optional
    • Handful of ice
    1. Add all of the ingredients to your blender, blend until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately!
    2. *This recipe works great with frozen fresh figs as well.

  21. Gingerbread Smoothie – Gluten-free + Vegan

    Gingerbread Smoothie (Gluten-free + Vegan)

    With the lack of time to play in the kitchen right now, I am certainly feeling the loss of certain seasonal flavors and tastes that are quintessential holiday treats for me. So, I have been getting creative when the time allows and enjoying the flavors of the season, however I can.

    I had dreams of creating grain-free gingerbread cookies this year, but there just hasn’t been the time to experiment and play, so instead I created a simple and super tasty gingerbread smoothie to celebrate all of those same flavors, but without all of the mixing, cutting out and baking! It turned out great. The aroma from this simple treat alone is enough to satisfy that holiday hankering for those cute little cut out dudes.

    Plus, you get to really enjoy some health benefits with this smoothie. Blackstrap molasses is just one type of molasses, the dark liquid byproduct of the process of refining sugar cane into table sugar. Blackstrap is my molasses as choice because of the variety of great nutritional benefits that comes with it. Blackstrap molasses is a sweetener that is actually good for you. Unlike refined white sugar and corn syrup, which are stripped of virtually all nutrients except simple carbohydrates, or artificial sweeteners like saccharine or aspartame, which not only provide no useful nutrients but have been shown to cause health problems in sensitive individuals, blackstrap molasses is a healthful sweetener that contains significant amounts of a variety of minerals that promote your health. Blackstrap molasses has a low glycemic index. Plus, because of its high iron content, many use blackstrap molasses to holistically overcome anemia. Blackstrap molasses is also a great source for calcium and magnesium. Potassium is another mineral abundant in blackstrap molasses, and the list goes on and on.

    If you find the bittersweet flavor from the molasses to be a bit pungent, (which can often times happen to those who have taste buds conditioned for years by sugar and artificial sweeteners) or find it lacking as a sweetener, add a bit of additional sweetener of your choice, maple syrup, honey, etc. I personally felt like it didn’t need to be any sweeter. It was just perfect.

    I also couldn’t help but think about how delicious this smoothie would be with a shot of some spiced rum or a good bourbon. Is it bad that’s where my mind goes right now?

    If you are looking for a couple other creative gingerbread recipes, check out my recipes for Gingerbread Granola (gluten-free + vegan) and Pumpkin Gingerbread Muffins with Dried Cranberries (gluten-free + vegan).

    Have you been enjoying the flavors of the season? What’s your favorite holiday treat?

    Gingerbread Smoothie (Gluten-free + Vegan)

    [print_this]Gingerbread Smoothie
    serves 1

    • 1 frozen banana
    • 1 cup unsweetened organic vanilla almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
    • 1 tablespoon unsulphured blackstrap molasses
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1 tablespoon flax-seed meal (or ground chia seeds)
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger (grated fresh ginger would be extra nice)
    • pinch of ground nutmeg
    • pinch of ground cloves
    • dash of all spice
    • 1 small handful of ice
      *additional sweetener, if needed

    Add all of the ingredients to the blender and process until smooth and creamy.  Pour into your glass, top with a little freshly grated nutmeg (or regular ol ground nutmeg will work too). Serve immediately.


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